Eli Manfred

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Clan Samedi
Position Unknown
Status 6
Domain Columbus, OH
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Nathan Ross


Eli Manfred. Artist Rendition

DJ Eli

Real Name: Eli Manfred

Apparent Age: 30 year old corpse left in desert for 5 years

Concept: DJ to the dead

Physical description:Usually seen amongst mortals with a gas mask on for his performance. In Kindred society he is usually wearing a jacket or hoodie with the hood up, and a black fedora on his head. He usually carries a cane around that is rumored to be a potent magical item. Constantly masked so that people are not offended by his visual presence

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged, Stalwart, Versado, Feared, Loyal, Exalted.

Character Information

Known History

Eli announced his arrival to Columbus well ahead of ever stepping foot in the Domain. This show of respect for the Traditions allowed him to garner enough standing to be considered for citizenship before ever actually setting foot in Prince Valentines Court. Since his acceptance in Columbus he has remained a figure that is constantly in the background of Court, and seems to have an almost supernatural view of events that go on around him. People rarely know what is going on with him.



Baron Samedi


Baron Samedi






None known

Character Inspirations

1 part 90's Raver
1 part of any major film's Club scene
2 Part's Machiavellian revenge schemes
Mix well with Heroin
Let sit in the Club one night realizing that every DJ is unseen but controls the atmosphere in the room.


"Velvet Pill (Jagged Scar)" - Velvet Acid Christ
"Going out West" - Tom Waits


"Uuuuhhh...errrr....Well... That might be a bad idea....errr...Why?...welll.... Just dont..."

"errr...No.... I cant verify this information.....but its true..."


  • Eli Manfred hates Baron Samedi
  • Eli Manfred loves Baron Samedi
  • Eli Manfred is Baron Samedi's favorite Childe
  • Baron Samedi hates Eli
  • Eli prefers to drop Mask when feeding to terrify his victims
  • Eli Manfred is Baron Samedi
  • He cast knowing stone on Redlisters for fun.
  • Eli built the Cathedral of Flesh
  • Eli believes that techno is dead music because it doesn't require being a musician to make, and playing it satisfies part of his Path, Bone.
  • Eli doesn't like the taste of blood except under specific circumstances
  • Anytime Eli is Dj'ing his personality changes dramatically
  • He sometimes plays marathon sets to empty clubs just to see what happens
  • He hates the Giovanni and keeps two of them in his basement at all times
  • He once took on 2 Giovanni Daggers and lived
  • Works for Donovan Giovanni
  • Has Bloodbound Donovan Giovanni
  • Is the Scourge of Columbus
  • Claims his biggest regret is not performing at the Heavens Gate going away party.
  • Had a bullet proof turntable commissioned because he hopes to break out spinning in an active warzone.
  • Johnny Gwynn owes him 4 questions.
  • Works for the Prince of Cleveland.
  • Spies on the Camarilla for the Giovanni.
  • Eli Manfred spies for the Gangrel and the Nos because they all share a similar curse.
  • He is the best dressed individual in the Columbus, Ohio court.
  • Rumored to be the inspiration for the California Raisins.

Quotes about Eli

"It's unfortunate I didn't have the oppurtunity to kill Eli myself. I've always wanted to become a sire and Manfred is such a catchy name." ~Donovan Giovanni

"Eli? Well...he keeps to himself, takes care of his buisness, helps when asked, I don't know what his actual motivations and goals are, and he doesn't seem to have every dead thing out there aching to take a spectral crap on him. The Giovanni could learn a lesson or two from him, I think" -Randall Scott