The Dead Man's Hand

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A disbanded shadow coterie whose influence once spanned the entirety of North America.

Known Members (includes past and present):

Rumored Members:

...many others

Known History



...and many others who vanished quietly into the night....


Cowboys From Hell - Pantera: The group's official theme


  • "I have noticed a disturbing trend, especially among the younger Kindred of North America, to gather into groups comprised of several Clans for the sake of mutual protection and benefit. Some of these groups even give themselves names and symbology to show their unification... These named coteries further appear to encourage the breaking of Tradition and continued disobedience to the Elders—behavior I find distastefully similar to that of the Sabbat rebellion. I encourage the strongest of scrutiny upon any who would divide their loyalties by joining such a named coterie...."
- Justicar Petronius, at the 2001 Springfield Conclave

  • "As a result of this conclave, Shade is a person of interest. The Camarilla is aware of shadow coteries which are operating and are a threat to the principles and the purpose of the Camarilla, and we will be investigating them. Kindred with insight should come forward to report on the shadow coteries and any individual members. If anything should happen to those who come forward, the incidents shall also be added to the list of crimes being compiled."
- Justicar Maris Streck, at the Judicial Conclave of Tobias Hunter

  • "It seems that it is time to call for a Conclave to determine the fate and status of Shade. The Camarilla, as has been pointed out, is based on law and tradition. This will give those that would speak against him their chance to do so. Additionally, it will give those that would speak on his behalf their opportunity as well."
- Jordan Restax, deceased


  • The Dead Man's Hand has disbanded, holding its final meeting in 2010.
  • The Dead Man's Hand still exists, but has gone underground.
  • At one point in time, every Prince in Wisconsin was either DMH, or on their payroll.
  • At one point in time, every Prince in the Midwest was either DMH, or on their payroll.
  • It was a rule that every member of the Dead Man's Hand would have their heart removed and placed in a specialized vault controlled by Shade.
  • Various Justicars have covertly employed the Dead Man's Hand from time to time to do their dirty work. This may be true, given the number of former members who have been quietly made into Archons.
  • A number of Archons in various Justicarial offices were secretly double-agents for the DMH.
  • The leadership of the Dead Man's Hand would kill any member who showed signs of disloyalty, or attempted to leave the group.
  • The survivors of the Dead Man's Hand are close to completing a plan to resurrect Shade.
  • The survivors of the Dead Man's Hand are close to completing a plan to resurrect Tasha.
  • The Dead Man's Hand was a secretly sanctioned arm of Clan Giovanni.
  • The Dead Man's Hand are cats paws in a Setite plot to overthrow the Camarilla.
  • The Dead Man's Hand absorbed everyone that was left when the First Family fell.
  • The Dead Man's Hand was nowhere nearly as powerful as people thought--but no one was willing to take them on directly for fear of individually losing their unlives. Hence they persevered merely on reputation, rather than actual ability.