Johnathan Gwynn

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Clan Giovanni
Position Sheriff (former)
Status 5+1 (formerly)
Domain Washington, DC
Coterie The Consortium
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Rojir McCrady


Has left the Camarilla, returning to the Giovanni Clan.


Alias(es): Johnny Gwynn, Johnny G, Johnny Giovanni, Johnathan Giovanni that guy that used to be a Giovanni, Gaston le Baton.

Real Name: Johnathan Young

Apparent Age: 22

Concept: Diplomat

Physical description: Johnathan is 5'11", well built (but not overly muscular). His eyes show warmth even when his demeanor suggests otherwise. He is usually wearing casual clothing with very comfortable shoes.

Distinguishing marks include a number of tattoos. Barbwire around his wrist (streetwise challenge appropriate), Tribal Symbol on his right tricep (garou lore appropriate), and an arabic symbol on his back just below his collar line (linguistics: Arabic appropriate). He also has a scar on the back of his neck where it appears a blade cut into him (new within the past few years). thumb\right

Natural Leader, Enchanting Voice.

Detailed Status(Former Status):

  • Acknowledged by Hugo Valentine, former Prince of Columbus, OH
  • Trustworthy by word of Luman Gunn, former Prince of Washington DC
  • Loyal by word of Prince Kelly, Prince of The Lehigh Valley
  • Efficient by word of Adrian Florent, Prince of (then)Northern Virginia
  • Exceptional by word of Katja Nothing, Prince of Chicago
  • Feared as the Sheriff of Washington DC.
  • Notorious for being a Giovanni Outcast

Character Information

Known History

  • Is an American. Left the U.S. sometime mid 20th century.
  • Returned to the United States in Washington DC in 2000.
  • Claims to have been a prisoner at Ryker's island for 3 years, for a crime he didn't commit.
  • Formerly the Giovanni's World Ambassador to the Camarilla.
  • Was sold for a dollar to the Camarilla via the Nosferatu, and given to Justicar Art Morgan of Gangrel as a gift.
  • Accounted by Gangrel Elder Garmen Lilly.
  • Has addressed Justicars, and is rumored to be owed several boons by them.
  • He is the Current Giovanni Ambassador to all others.





  • Unknown to most




Character Inspirations




"He's not a caitiff, he's just a masochist."

"He's not a caitiff, he's clanless. There's a big difference."

"Oh look, the Anarchs are slumming with Johnny G."

"You want to talk to ghosts? I don't mess with that, I just ask Johnny."

"He's like the MacGyver of souls"

"I loved Johnny and thought of him as family, and never really worried about Johnny's well-being - not because I didn't care about him, but because I was extremely confident in his ability to survive pretty much everything he got himself into Johnny was literally the only one I never worried about - ever" -Felix Hunter

"The Giovanni touched me." -Bianca Rambaldi, after Johnathan brought her out of Frenzy. :)

"I am having a tough time with this, and I am caught in a storm of conflicting emotions. I don’t remember a time when I was so flummoxed or … frustrated. Bear in mind that Johnny is a friend and long time co-investigator. We’ve saved one another’s lives, or at least damned close, on many occasions. We’ve studied together and worked on ways to strengthen our occult understanding of the complex hermetic architecture of the District. We’ve watched one another’s backs and fought all kinds of enemies side by side." -Evangeline Luna, regarding Johnny's Accounting.

"Hi, I'm Johnathan Giovanni" (all smiles happy), "Oh? know you're family slaughtered mine."-Isabella Visconti. (Awkward silence) "Hey we aren't all bad! (smile)"-Johnny.

"Johnny is a artisan of deception who has much of the world fooled that his silk is of Necromancy, where information is his true weapon and power." --Zachariah Datillo

"The only things I know about this guy are things you all tell me. And since he never comes near me, I really haven't kept up." - Slink X

"Johnny is my ::counts on fingers:: 4th dad!" - Jackie Gifford :D

"Calling Mr. Gwynn a Caitiff is a nice legal fiction, but not exactly accurate." -Carter Johnson

"Take Sinatra, now take away the attitude. Now put him in a family he hates and desperately wants to get out of. Finally, add something no Giovanni has - a sense of humor." -JR Lake

"Johnny Gwynn is going to sing at Nonclave Friday night at the salon, and he asked me what I wanted him to sing. I told him I had no clue what he could do, and he said that he takes requests from Toreador. Soooo, what do we want him to sing?" -Harrow "What's his specialty? Is he more lounge or classical?"-Keiran Rylie "Does over the top count?"-Isabella Visconti

"Oh, how the mighty have fallen! *laughs* " --Tiffany Cole, Archon

"I'd shank his Dean Martin ass, but he'd probably sing me into liking him. I hate liking people." -Glim

"If he dresses anymore fly, I'm pulling out my slut clothes and letting him pimp me out." -Glim

"You put zombies in my yard! You cheated!" Lady Elizabeth of York

"Which Johnny Giovanni is this? I've heard that three of them have died." - Jack Sebastien

"Don't you mean Johnny Not-A-Giovanni?" - Jack Sebastien

"Oh, if she's fucking Jesus, she's going DOWN"

"Johnny knows. Of course he knows, that's what Johnny does."


  • It is rumored that he worked for Justicar Morgan in some capacity as yet unknown.
  • It has also been said that he will kill folks for breaking their word.
  • It is said he still works for agents of the Camarilla in some capacity.
  • It is rumored that Petronius owes him a significant debt.
  • It is rumored that he has been to Hell at least once.
  • It is said that he is secretly gay.
  • It is also said that he was almost sired by Toreador.
  • The Dollar he was supposedly exchanged for? Not really the cost. Yeah. Try third world countries.
  • Is engaged in a cold and vicious blood feud with Jack Sebastien.
  • People wonder why he is still walking and talking.
  • He travelled throughout America on some sort of mission. He's spent a suspicious amount of time in the Southwestern US.
  • Johnny never finished High School, and thusly, has limited knowledge of basic subjects.
  • Johnny has great difficulty with modern technology.
  • His dead brother follows him around.
  • He is married to Lilyan Townsend.
  • He killed Camarilla members, and fled to avoid prosecution.
  • It is rumored he engineered his own departure from the Camarilla. Meaning, he had to persuade the Justicariate to let him go, the Giovanni clan to accept him back, and depart in safety.
  • His wife Lilyan Townsend has made him a cuckold by using his friend Saul Good.