Jed Adams

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Clan Tremere
Position None
Status 5
Domain Northern Virginia
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Vincent Ireton


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Jed Adams

Apparent Age: 30

Concept: Chameleon

Physical description: Jed is a 6ft tall short hair well built guy. He always seems to be friendly and approachable.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Prince Brendis Kinsley of Munster
Knowledgeable by the word of Archon Raymond Laskey
Loyal by the word of Former Prince Dragoon of Greater NY
Steadfast by the word of Former Prince Luman Gunn of Washington, DC
Well-Connected by the word of Archon David Rhumer

Character Information

Known History

Resident of Northern Virginia
Former Prince of Annapolis
Former Seneschal of Annapolis
Former Primogen of DC




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The Sabbat
Brian Dannington (Dead)
Mike Swan (Dead)


Unknown to even Jed





Character Inspirations



"Let's see if my HOA and your HOA can do business." - Jed Adams

"Jed Adams is like a Rugby Player with crazy magic. Just think for a second how dangerous that can really be." - Johnathan Gwynn

"Man he went for the swan dive." - Dicky Redman

"It's been said that you can’t fight Jed when he has taken the floor from beneath you." - Raymond Laskey

"Jed, darling, when I said 'no you can't have rite of destruction, but make it look believable', I meant 'go kill him and say he insulted your mamma or something and I will look the other way'...silly, silly boy..." - Felix Hunter

"Wait. Jed is a Tremere? I was positive he was a Brujah!" - Vincent Velario on taking Jed as his Seneschal

"Jed Adams has the great potential to succeed where other Tremere have failed, because he has yet to be seduced by his own greatness. He still discerns his place in the grand order, and seeks to evolve to a higher state of being to the betterment of the Clan, rather than at its expense. - David Rhumer, Archon to Justicar Streck:"

"Jed does know he's a Tremere, correct?" - Janet Blackthorne


"The Sabbat have come close to killing Jed twice."

"Jed has come close to killing the Sabbat twice"

"Some say Jed recently submitted a £20,000 expenses claim for some gravel for his moat."

"Jed is not in fact a normal Tremere!"

"Jed is actually a Nosferatu construct sent back in time and controlled by shrecknet to infiltrate clan Tremere."