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Court of the Twin Cities

Domain of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area, Minnesota.

Court Officers

Primogen Council

  • Ventrue: Todd Eiken
  • Brujah: Kiera Aden
  • Malkavian: Becca
  • Toreador: Charlotte St Laurent
  • Nosferatu: Pip

Out Of Character

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Storyteller E-mail-


Laws of the Domain

1. Entering the store known as Magus Books is punishable by Final Death Any Kindred that is found to have enter Magus Books shall be put to death for endangering the safety of my Domain.

2. Anyone who attempts to gather information on the owner of Magus Books shall receive Final Death as punishment Any Kindred that tries to find where the owner of Magus Books lives or attempts to trace him in any way shall be put to death for endangering the safety of my Domain.

3. No Kindred shall cause harm to the Hmong population of the Twin Cities To end the issues that were plaguing St. Paul, James Carter, formally serving as Seneschal, has negotiated that no Kindred shall harm the Hmong population but neither will the magic user Pau Xing harm any Kindred. Any who attempt to harm the Hmong shall meet Final Death by the hands of either James Carter, or my own hand.

Rules for Formal Court