Richard Thomas Jackson

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Clan Ventrue
Position Primogen
Status 4+2
Domain Twin Cities, MN
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Christopher Keeler


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None Known

Real Name: Richard Thomas Jackson

Apparent Age: Late 20s

Concept: Business Investor

Physical description: Richard is an approachable individual, endeavoring to be polite and courteous to everyone that he speaks too. His voice carries a hint of a southern accent. He is a larger man, which he blames on the extravagant life style he was able to live before his embrace. This story is usually accompanied with a wry smile. His hair is shoulder length, and always tied back. He takes meticulous care of his appearance, and ensures that his glasses are always cleaned, and his hair is controlled. He is always seen wearing a suit. Most notable about his though is the steady gaze when he looks around. His eyes are a pale gray and there is a deep strength and power to them.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledge by Dr. Abner Baker Jr, Prince of Knoxville TN
Honorable by James Abbot, Prince of the Twin Cities
Loyal by James Abbot, Prince of the Twin Cities
Resourceful by James Abbot, Prince of the Twin Cities

Character Information

Known History

Richard Thomas Jackson was embraced on March 3, 1869. Previous to this, his family owned a Plantation in Virginia, and he has repeatedly mentioned that he served as an officer in the Army of Northern Virginia.

From his embrace, he had a rapid climb to power and prestige, but for some reason this was halted. The reason he usually states is Black Thursday. Through some means, he was able to make a comeback from this after the depression ended and was able to grow his wealth significantly up to this point. He moved from Knoxville to the Twin Cities. The reasons he gives for this are varied.


None Currently


His sudden move to the Twin Cities means that he has to rebuild relations


None known


Daniel Murphy


None Known



Character Inspirations



Charles Martin: So have you ever been to New Jersey?
Richard Thomas Jackson: The closest I have come was Pennsylvania.
Charles: I've spent some time there. When was this?
Richard: Oh, some time ago.
Charles: What brought you there?
Richard: The Army of North Virginia.
Charles: Well yes. Some time ago indeed…