Natasha Taylor

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Clan Toreador
Position Deceased
Status 4+1+3
Domain Twin Cities, MN
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Jessica M


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  • Artemis (Stage Name)

Real Name:
Natasha Taylor

Apparent Age:

The Famous Dancer

Physical description:
An attractive woman, standing just over 5', with striking green eyes. She is usually seen wearing a short leather skirt and a purple blouse, but has been seen more recently in a black dress. She frequently wears earrings that appear to be red roses with a matching necklace. Her long auburn hair is worn loose, and appears incredibly well-kept.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Natasha was first seen arriving at the Twin Cities domain as an associate of James Carlson in Autumn of 2010. She accompanied him to every gathering he attended, ever vigilant of her surroundings. When not accompanying him to Elysium, she spent her evenings working at his Burlesque clubs in Elk River and Minneapolis. Later, she managed to attract the attention of a stalker who kidnapped her, James managed to recover her after little inconvenience to himself. Several months later a prostitute of similar appearance to her began to cause problems for her, and the domain.

Finally, as a result of numerous kidnappings and some strong, subtle hinting on the part of the Twin Cities Domain, James Carlson requested rights of Progeny over Natasha. Two weeks afterward, Natasha made her first appearance at Elysium as a vampire. On her first night, she managed to frenzy on the then Seneschal Digger and attacked him while on Elysium. As if that wasn't enough, she ghouled someone while under the Accounting of James Carlson. The individual, Luke Delmando, made a fool of himself during court. Shortly after this James Carlson was executed, and the ownership of Luke transferred to Archon Takashi.

The ownership, er, instruction of Natasha was also passed on to Takashi. For mysterious reasons, Takashi was not long in holding the Accounting of Natasha. It was quickly shuffled off onto Sylphain Delille, who continues to hold it... For now.






James Carlson (Deceased)


None, perish the thought.



Character Inspirations

  • Padmé Amidala (Star Wars)



  • "I may not be the brightest penny in the jar, but I'm certainly the prettiest."
  • "It's okay James, sometimes I don't realize when I'm being insulted either."
  • "Why is it they tell us we're not to speak to the only person who's bothered to talk to us all night?"
  • In response to someone asking if they were her friend, "I guess you must not be, because if you were then you would be dead too."


  • She still bound James Carlson from being his ghoul.
  • She still is a ghoul, and is just trying to pretend to be a vampire.
  • She caused her Sire to lose his Esteemed status the first night he brought her on Elysium after gaining right of Progeny over her.
  • Ophelia has agreed to some sort of tenuous alliance with Natasha, which includes not picking on her.
  • Her quality is such that she will thrive, despite being put under the accounting of first James Carlson, and now Sylphain Delille.
  • She's got a stalker.
  • She seems to have a knack for attracting the attention of all the wrong people.
  • Impressed now-Prince Rachel Eiken on her first visit to Winona.
  • Has never been under the Accounting of any one individual for longer than four months
    • All of the individuals whose Accounting she has been placed under have been executed systematically.
      • Sylphain died too
    • All of her allies go missing too...
      • Even the people who start to learn from her humanity seem to die. Alexei Semago didn't kill someone because she rubbed off on him and he died that very night.
  • She's cursed.
  • John Cutter seems to see her as an enemy.