Dr. Herbert Kaufman-Deceased

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Clan Ravnos
Position None
Status 0
Domain Twin Cities, MN
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Ryan Waldoch


One small example of his work

Doc. Flowers

Real Name: Dr. Herbert Kaufman

Apparent Age: 45

Concept: German botanist turned floral designer.

Physical description: 5’6”, hefty, Dr. Kaufman looks Human, often wears business casual, and always has a boutonnière, usually corresponding with the season.

Detailed Status:

None, Still Under the Accounting

Character Information

Unexpectedly thrust into the Kindred world Dr. Kaufman chose to experience all that it had to offer without sacrificing his humanity. Taking Chances and making friends Kaufman is moving forward into the unknown and is in for more than a few surprises along the way.

Known History

Born August 19th 1976, in MN Herbert Kaufman was brought back to Germany by his parents soon after. After the death of his father in 1988 Herbert’s family moved to India. Herbert then attended college at the University of Minnesota, eventually gaining a PHD in Botany. He later went on to open Kaufman Flowers a small but thriving floral design store. He was embraced August 20th 2011 in the Twin Cities. On September Second 2011 Herbert was introduced to the Twin Cities as Geoffreys Childer.

On the Night of September 2nd Dr. Kaufman was introduced to the Twin Cities Court as Geoffrey Noble’s Childer.

During his time in the Twin Cities he has done many things. He has brought light to the darkness with his Flashlight app on his iPhone. Without even a screwdriver, he stopped the Elysium's security system from beeping at the Seneschal. Dr. Flowers convinced a Nosferatu that flowers are desirable, love is real, and she too could be the next big winner. Thousands of dollars of flowers have been sold by him with only a boutonnière as an example. He defeated a raving maniac (smelling of Safari and bent on killing James and Natasha) with only kind words, a bottle of whiskey, and a shoe. Wile surviving an explosion and in the midst of saving the Sheriff and another from the same fiery fate, He parted a sea of angry extreme Right-Wing Black Metal fans by yelling at them. Dr Kaufmann drives a Mini. He's been chauffeured by a Toreador of higher status from the Twin Cities to St. Cloud to Owatonna and back again. He appears to perspire. Once using only a permanent marker, dim lighting and a surprisingly elaborate costume he arranged for the escape of several kindred from a magically protected building. Keepers World wide swoon over his clean up of the Saint Cloud Library Breach. His deft floral arrangements have earned him fame in international botany circles. All of this he has accomplished, and he has not yet been Acknowledged.

The Doctor is an avid follower of Rumors, News and Famous people especially Famous Kindred.



He has been looked over by many individuals besides his sire including, Ophelia, Sylphain Delille, Maeve Cahill, then Seneschal Digger, Primogen Tiago Rangel, Primogen Howell and Razi Massoud, Prince Alexei Semago and due to a small miscommunication Turquoise. . Of course, first and foremost he is under the Accounting of his sire Geoffrey Noble. Natasha Taylor and he seem to share a bond as they are both still under the accounting. Being a big EWW from even before the embrace Dr. Kaufman was thrilled to meet Diego and even happier when he was asked to work on a landscaping project for him.


People who are needlessly or thoughtlessly cruel. Locally that includes Digger and Charlie. This doesn’t mean they aren’t fun to banter with however.


Geoffrey Noble


Wile being a kindred for less than a year dose not preclude him from having Childer he has not made any.


Dr. Kaufman has no Broodmates. That being said he and Natasha Taylor where turned within a few weeks of each other and that has, at least to him, created a bond.

Character Inspirations

Lance Schlenker



  • Click here for accent
  • “Anger is a road not worth traveling down. It’s rocky and does not lead anywhere.”
  • “It’s called counter-intelligence, and it is very important”
  • “The Voodoo Lily is in and it smells terrible. I really think you will like it.”
  • “Well there’s your problem.”
  • “Problem fixed.”
  • “Yes I can make 700 Lily arrangements by this weekend but are you sure you don’t want some carnations or begonias?”
  • When asked if he could make a wreath- "Of course. I can do anything from a traditional Christmas wreath to a Festivus circle of strength."
  • "Sarcasm is anger's ugly cousin"
  • “call me when you have hybridized an orchid”
  • "If Prince Howell has taught me anything it is this, Marry a Toreador."
  • A back and forth Between Doc. Flowers and Natasha Taylor in a loaded SUV.
    • Doc,- Here you can play Sudoku on this screen.
    • Natasha- What’s Sudoku?
      • Doc- how about go.
      • Natasha- Go where?
        • Doc- Chess?
        • Natasha- that’s where you jump the other pieces right?
          • Doc- Connect four.
          • Natasha- o I like that one the boys always let me win!
            • Doc- Tic-Tac-Toe it is.


  • Geoffrey is passing off a Ghoul as his childer.
  • Digger will never let him near one of his computers again. Ever.
  • Dr. Kaufman’s now ex-wife slept with Joseph Hanover before he made it big.
    • The Doc has no idea.
    • The Doc has pictures.
  • He and Natasha Taylor want to make clothing out of flowers. They think the smell will make demons run away.
  • Dr. Kaufman has a business relationship with Kevin Mason, the Camarilla turncoat, and these business deals may still be happening.
  • Alexei Semago has taken a special interest in Dr. Kaufman, he is hoping Herbert will be as skilled a killer as his sire, Geoffrey Nobles.
  • He's sleeping with Natasha Taylor.
  • Is being punished by Prince Alexei Semago for helping then-Prince Sylphain Delille try and kill Alexei.
  • Betrayed former-Prince Sylphain Delille in a fight against now-Prince Alexei Semago.
  • Has a secret gravestone placed by Alexei Semago to honor the death of an innocent Kindred.

OOC Information

  • Chronicle- Obsidian Towers
  • ST Contact Information- obsidian-sts@owbn.net.
  • Contact as Character Creation Narrator - goat1of4@gmail.com