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Clan Gangrel
Position None
Status 4
Domain Twin Cities, MN
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Sarah S



Real Name:


Apparent Age:

Early 20's


Lost wall flower,

Physical description:

5'4" average build, short brown hair, greenish eyes. Wears jeans most of the time, though owns a skirt that Miss Priscilla deemed "practical." Not terribly aware of what is fashionable or not.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

D has spent all of her young unlife between South Africa and Norway as she saw fit and has recently come to Twin Cities. Once at the Twin Cities she was made Assistant Keeper while the Keeper Nekoj was away. It was supposed to be a "squishy" job but has been a great deal of drama of late. After being offered the job and turning it down the Domain saw two Keepers come and go in two weeks, when it was strongly suggested she take the job this time she accepted her fate.

On Dec. 30th 2011, D went to Saint Cloud with other residents of the Domain to fight against the demon Dragal. She was one of the lucky few who returned.

Since then she has served as keeper for two princes but stopped filling that role with Prince Syprus Herring. Since then has not been seen at gatherings as much. She will show up occasionally with her clan mates.




Edgar Lockhart
Razi Massoud
Mark deceased
Tiago Rangeldeceased
Elliot Aunder deceased







Character Inspirations


"Facade" Jekyll and Hyde musical
"What is Eternal" Trans-Siberian Orchestra


"I'm looking for whose in charge here" ~Sabbat in Elysium
"Oh shit, that's me." ~D when everyone else of authority was in a meeting with the Prince


  • "D" is short for something but she doesn't know what.
  • The Toreador, Miss Priss especially, have decreed that she is practical.
  • She Died at Midwinter.
  • Alexei Semago is trying to get close to D so that he can kill her and get final revenge on Baeddan Stone.
  • Betrayed former-Prince Sylphain Delille in a fight against now-Prince Alexei Semago. That's why she was brought to Elysium in a body-bag.
  • Is slowly and quietly being groomed to take Praxis from Alexei Semago. Alexei has made her part of his inner circle and does not realize the danger.
  • Is far more dangerous then she appears.
  • D has risen apathy to an art form.
  • Anyone who becomes an ally of D's dies.