Baeddan Stone-Deceased

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Clan Gangrel
Position Deceased
Status 6
Domain Twin Cities, MN
Coterie None
Society ???
Path ??? ???
Player Ryan W


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Real Name:

Apparent Age:


Physical description: The man is 5’6” and hefty, with burn-scars along the right side of his body, blue eyes, dark brown hair, and a trimmed goatee. He is wearing a well-made, tailored black pinstripe suit with a red shirt underneath and no tie. For those that look “deeper” you see that the man has thick fur covering all exposed skin that is not burned, a snout-nose like a vampire bat or possibly a boar, large triangular-pointed ears, and a skunk's tail protruding from under the suit jacket.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Prince Hendrick Kincaid,
Respected by former Prince Jordan Restax,
Trustworthy by Prince Shaharazad,
Defender of the Camarilla by former Prince Chester Black,
Loyal by former Prince Jordan Restax,
Golden Marquess by Prince Adrian Serra,

Character Information

Known History

  • Who hunts in the gray
  • Who slew the giant Gerik
  • Who stood against the Úlfhéðnar
  • Who in his first nights did best a changing narrestreker
  • Who in Svartálfaheim did out-riddle a dark elf
  • Who broke a tide of bleakness with the help of none
  • Who escaped the chain prison of the Úlfhéðnar that held all others tight
  • Who bested the dreaded oksen upon ryggen
  • Who was pinned to the tree for the length of a week
  • Who through wisdom and guile did vanquish the brothers of destruction when all force and demands were for naught
  • Who was thrice stabbed by a Giant's spear and thrice did throw him off
  • Who repelled the twins of darkness
  • Who escaped Munin with all his ills
  • Who stopped the plagues of madness
  • Who for the life of an ally did take the blows of trolls without fear or anguish
  • Who did take the lesser beast of ettall hvem forråde and did curb it to his own


The Net


Sara Durward
Ari Renard (deceased)
Sylphain Delille (deceased)
Curtis Finch (deceased)
Jordan Restax (deceased)
Dralion (deceased)
Marcus Martell (deceased)
Horace Mansfield-Rhumer (deceased)


Despoilers of Elysium


  • Childe of the Connected, Committed and Influential Astrid who was
  • Childe of the Honorable, Esteemed, Exalted, and Respected Egil who was
  • Childe of the Feared, Just, and Faultless Bjorn who was
  • Childe of Thyra who was
  • Childe of Sigourney who was
  • Childe of the unnamed who was...


  • Sire of Bailey the Bold
  • Sire of Ulric van Outen
  • Sire of Thomas S Jordan Esq.
  • Sire of Vivian Hightower.


Character Inspirations

Tyrion Lannister, a Song of Ice and Fire.


  • Creature of the Wood- Tricky Pixie
  • Taglio!- S J Tucker
  • Lil' Red Riding Hood- Bowling for Soup
  • Blood – Gaia Consort
  • Red Right Hand - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds


  • "If anyone is in attendance that should not be now is your chance to leave." To the room at large.
  • “A simple knife or box of bullets didn’t seem appropriate for a childer of Danny Su’ven. Hopefully you won’t need to dent it.” Said to Primogen Tisifiny when presenting her with a silver car bumper.
  • “You seem like a practical man, so I got you a practical tool. Hopefully you won’t need to use it.” Said to Primogen Howell when presenting him with a silver-edged hunting knife.
  • “Now about these oh so helpful people pushing my death. Have any of them volunteered or are they all hiding behind you as the one person that would have a shot at it?” To Prince Waller
  • “If you think that they are anything like animals, you are woefully unprepared for what you are about to do. Animals hunt when they're hungry, flee from fire, pain and humans, and have no need for revenge. These things hunt for fun, they don’t feel pain, they use fire as a weapon, they mingle with humans as well as us, and they most certainly seek revenge.” To Primogen McCoy about his plans to hunt werewolves.
  • "If anything good came from him it is that I will no longer tolerate those that will get others killed with their stupidity." Speaking ill of the dead.
  • “You know, perhaps the middle of Ms. Durward’s party is not the best place to explain the blood eagle.” To an enthusiastic torture expert.
  • "Perhaps I have been long-winded and have lost my point. Clean up your own damned mess. If you need help, ask and be prepared to pay for it. Better to be in debt than dead."
  • “While I appreciate your willingness to help a single mother, I must ask you not to bring babies or children to gatherings.” To Buford Herring.


  • The brands on his arms are self-inflicted.
  • The burn scars on his right side came from Angelic Light that uplifted the humanity of other kindred.
  • A Small mortal dog once beat him in hand to hand combat.
  • Has ties amongst the werewolves
  • He wishes he were a Ventrue...
  • Intends to take Praxis of the Twin Cities.
  • Has become indebted to the Nosferatu Whip Ophelia so he has an excuse to take her out on a date.
  • Betrayed the Camarilla to the Sabbat leading to the death of several gangrel and a malkavian elder
  • Violated 4 traditions and was executed by Prince Howell
  • Has a secret gravestone placed by Alexei Semago to honor the fall of an innocent Kindred.

A Letter on the Importance of Humanity

Ramiro Santos You asked- “Q1: "Why should I support & buttress my own ties with the human's?" Q2: "Wouldn't it be better to stay as close to the beast as reasonably possible, in order to achieve maximum effect for our desired objective?"”

My answer to you is this- Those ties are the only thing keeping you in control of yourself. Your Beast is not some random or imaginary thing. It’s not just one angry thought or viscous impulse. You know first hand the power the beast has, enough to shape your and others visage to something terrifying, but have you also paid attention to its subtle siren calls. “one more drop of blood”, “one body won’t be missed”, “its ok, they were Sabbat, you don’t need to feel bad about the killing”.

Every time you give in to the beast you give it power over you. Your beast wants to consume you. To use your body for its own base ends. If you don’t create a bulwark of your morality you will be sent to a deep corner of your mind to watch as your beast takes your body. Should you and it survive the initial blood orgy that would surely come, you would have the horrific opportunity to watch as your beast kills its way threw everyone you knew and hundreds of others besides. The beast will not blindly attack. It will use every trick of stealth you possess to kill, escape and kill again.

Those you leave behind will have to hunt down the monstrosity you become and kill it. Having seen your prowess I think it likely that kindred will lose there lives “hunting & killing an aggressor against the Camarilla” that your beast would be. Do you think that a masquerade breaching monstrosity, killing Camarilla Citizen after Camarilla Citizen would “achieve maximum effect for our desired objective”? You must balance your duty to end threats against the Camarilla with your duty NOT to be a Threat to the same.

If you have strong ties to your humanity you have ties to Humanity itself and that is our greatest asset. For all your strength, speed, stealth and longevity Humanity could wipe you out in a heartbeat. If you use what ties you have you can turn that power against the Sabbat. You can turn Humanity against those that don’t understand or fear its power.

Throw out your morals and walk close to your beast if you wish Ramiro but if it gets its claws into you there will be no coming back.