Rowan Kames

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Clan Malkavian
Position None
Status 0
Domain Twin Cities, MN
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Lin McP


Rowan at the 2011 Midwinter gathering in Milwaukee, WI.

Alias(es): None known

Real Name: Unknown; presumably Rowan Kames

Apparent Age: 24-25

Concept: Trauma Victim/Empathetic Dreamer

Physical description: Rowan is a shorter, athletically-built girl of Caucasian descent; easily mistaken for a mortal, she has grey eyes and longish brown hair that she almost always wears in a bun. She dresses in student clothing or business casual when on her own, but wears business formal and 'dressy' stuff at public events and Kindred events. She speaks in a British (Recieved Pronounciation/Estuary English) accent.

[Blush of Health]

Detailed Status:
None; currently under the Accounting of Harpy Rachel Violet Eiken, Clan Ventrue

Character Information

Known History

Rowan arrived in the Twin Cities mid-August; since her initial encounter with the Camarilla, she has been under the Accounting and/or protection of several Kindred (about a dozen, by her own count) across two domains, transferred from one to another by convenience, misfortune, or necessity. Her Accounting was initiated by Primogen Thomas Charles Montgomery of Clan Ventrue, and is currently held by his Childe Rachel Violet Eiken, Harpy of the Twin Cities.

She claims to have been born in England and have a degree in modern history; judging by her actions in public, it would be safe to assume she's telling the truth. She has been known to do such things as mumble poetry, correct other peoples' grammar, debate the Latin root-words of English derivatives, and discuss British political practices with unsuspecting bystanders. Recently, though, she has taken to trailing off in her speech and not speaking at all- something that has come to annoy several court members who take this as a sign of extreme shyness- not a good trait for a proper Kindred, in the eyes of many. Especially when she starts getting shaky or jittery during tense conversation; of course, Aleister Blackwell seems to think it's cute...

Rowan recently attended the Midwinter gather in Milwaukee, but seemed to have social difficulties throughout the gather, including several exchanges of company between Kindred who knew her. When asked, she has stated that she wasn't prepared for how many Kindred were in attendance. After returning, she seems to have grown more sensitive to visions (mostly those shared by her 'cousins' and Fiona "Fifi!" LeStrange) while needing more time to recover from them than anyone else. She has also been seen in a couple neighboring Domains, notably Winona and Cedar Falls, Iowa; she has been in the company of other Kindred from the Twin Cities while visiting, but who knows the reasons she travelled to those area...


None known


It's complicated...


It's complicated...




None admitted to



Character Inspirations

[As a player, I like to put up plenty of stuff so that other people might come across something they can use ;) ]


  • Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman
  • The Abhorsen Trilogy by Garth Nix
  • How to Spot a Fox by J. David Henry
  • Fox Woman by Kij Johnson
  • The Victorian Studies Reader, ed. by Kelly Boyd and Rohan McWilliam
  • Arthur Dent from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
  • Powers of Two by Tim Powers
  • Postmodern Magic: The Art of Magic in the Industrial Age by Patrick Dunn

TV and Movies:

  • Bernard Wooley from Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minister and Campbell Bean from Takin' Over the Asylum
  • Cities of Boston and London and visible culture from both The Boondock Saints and Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes
  • Motoko Kusanagi (problem-solving skills and post-'Project 2501 incident' mindset- not badassery or fighting abilities), Togusa, and the Tachikoma units from the Ghost in the Shell movies and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
  • FLCL
  • ...and yes, Doctor Who

Art and Stuff:

  • Alponse Mucha/Art Nouveau and watercolors by the Orientalist painter John Frederick Lewis
  • Steampunk/Cyberpunk fashion and "found materials" jewelry and artwork
  • The insides of metaphysical shops and independent bookstores
  • A good cup of Tetley(TM) tea, milk and two sugars


Side 1: Waking Nightmares

Side 2: The Price of Sanity


  • "I am willing to admit, I deal with certain mental health issues, but I am NOT CRAZY!"
  • Lowers her head and shuffles around a bit, mumbling very quietly: "...I'm sorry..." (does this a lot)
  • "Should I stay here?"
  • "I'd love to... Someday, maybe- if I live that long."
  • "Eventually, I will break you of this shyness." -Prince Morgan Wynn Howell
  • "Everything's going to be okay, allright?" - Fiona "Fifi!" LeStrange, typically followed by comments about how Rowan doesn't need to follow her
  • "Are you refusing a gift from an Acknowledged member of this court, young lady?" -Primogen Sylphain Delille, said with a smile at the Halloween party
  • "You know, my Sire never taught me what to do when faced by Werewolves, or Wretched, or gang fights, or Aztec cults, or huge Astral cats that want to eat you... you're getting a lot more training in your Accounting than I ever did..." -Former Primogen Kevin Mason
  • "Ask her to help you, she sounds intelligent." -Archon Leonius Agrippa


  • Is entirely too shy and seriously needs to be treated to a Chippendales show.
  • Has in fact been threatened with a trip to Chippendales, but misunderstood the phrase "and this bar will have a stage in the middle" and thinks the main show is a music event.
  • Was taken shopping by Keeper Miss Priscilla Howell for "retail therapy" while in the care of Miss Priscilla and Prince Morgan Wynn Howell.
  • Went to Cedar Falls, Iowa to talk to Archon Zio! about a crush she has on Fiona "Fifi!" LeStrange, and how they can split up Fifi! and Aleister Blackwell.
  • Is too curious for her own good, and is on the Prince's bad side for continually wandering around Elysium unsupervised to go "exploring."
  • Does her best to hang out with all the other clans but her own. That's because she's either a clan imposter, or a very rare Sane Malk. The question is which is worse...
  • Doesn't expect to survive the Accounting process, and might unconsciously wish that she doesn't.
  • Her "visions" only got worse after the 2011 Midwinter, where she met a lot of other Malkavians, including Lady Kavia Black.
  • She doesn't like mirrors.
  • Has been away in Germany studying for her Presentation to Prince Morgan Wynn Howell.
  • Rowan isn't in Germany, she is dead. She got caught attempting to betray Rachel Eiken and Rachel killed her for it.
  • Rowan and Fifi are having sleepovers, it is all part of her plan to split up Fifi and Aleister.