Erdota Urmen de Corazon

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Clan Toreador
Position None
Status 6+4
Coterie None
Society M.U.T.E.
Path Humanity 000
Player Kim Santos




None publicly known.

Real Name:

None publicly known.

Apparent Age:



Stylish Gitano

Physical description:

Brown skin, dark hair and eyes, 6' tall. Wears loose social clothes, silver heart necklace and two rings (gold and silver)

Detailed Status:

Reconocido by Alexandria Prince of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Predominante by Alexander Cromwell Prince of Johannesburg, South Africa

Bien-Enchufado by Jadiel Uchôa Ex-Prince of Fortaleza, Brazil

Gallardo by Jean Paul de Lamare Ex-Primogen of São Paulo, Brazil

Leal by Demether Tsarovich Ex-Prince of Sorocaba, Brazil

Protecteur by Jean Paul de Lamare Ex-Primogen of São Paulo, Brazil

Digno since 2014 (Honorary)

Dedicado member of M.U.T.E. since 28/03/2018 (Honorary)

Augusto since 2021 (Honorary)

Toreador Only

Loyal, Brave, Devoted, and Venerable

Relevant Merits:

Prestigious Lineage: de Corazon

Good Reputation: Masquerade Exemplary


Natural Leader

Character Information

Known History

Native of Navarre - Spain.

Erdota by Alexandre Rodrigues

Spent a few years traveling through Portugal and Johannesburg.

Has good contacts within the Media and has used them to safekeep the Masquerade more than a few times.

Was Elysium Keeper of São Paulo 2010-2011.

Dux Bellorum of São Paulo during the Sabbat attack known as Zona Cero.

Prince of São Paulo from 2011 to 2012 when he vanished after an airport explosion.

Reappeared in 2015 without too many explanations of his whereabouts.

Praxis in Fortaleza’s Domain on August, 2019.




Archon Minerva (dead)

Archon Aetius (dead)

Cassandra Sumner

Igor Cole

Archon Rachel Dubhan

Seneschal Maria Eduarda de Alcântara Vieira (dead)

Seneschal Rafael Vila Real Tudor (dead)

Marcellus Renano

Seneschal Fernando de Aragão Lindberg

Prince Ryan Easley (dead)

Prince Calton Kalmir

Seneschal Ladslaw Marjorie

Archon Lilyan Townsend

Archon Hagnar Faur

Harpy Viktor Romanov

Archon Major Christopher Winters

Scourge Sophie De La Vega

Prince Ariana Arpad (dead)



Don Alejandro de Corazon


Dominique de Corazon, Archon Minerva (dead)

Raziel de Corazon (dead)


Valkirye de Corazon

Melissa d'Patuelle

Alec de Warwick (Deceased)

Character Inspirations

Rafael de Corazon - Toreador

Countess Elizabeth Bathory - Eternal (film)


Corazón Libre - Rafael Amor

Gitana - Shakira

Vega Theme - Street Fighter 2

To the Artist - Jerry Jeff Walker

Te Dejo Madrid - Shakira


"Helmet of Darkness with Thorns!"

"All I'm saying is that the word "camarilla" only entered the English language in mid 19th century and there was only one person who was Spanish among the founders and “camarilla” is a Spanish word… guess who came up with the name?"


Suspected to know Obtenebration.

Rumored to have direct contact with Rafael de Corazon.

Enjoys antagonizing Archon's servires.

The guy you go to when you want to learn Advanced Disciplines.

Already saved a Tremere Regent, twice.

A puppet of the most powerful clan of the Camarilla.

Hides incredible fighting skills.

Washed his hands of being part of Fortaleza's Court.