Alexander P. Keefe

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Clan Ventrue
Position Deceased
Status 6+5+3
Domain Lewiston/Auburn, Maine
Coterie None
Society None
Path Humanity 00
Player Jason Hebb


Alexander P. Keefe, as seen at the Atlanta gathering, September 2012


Real Name: Alexander P. Keefe

Apparent Age: Mid-30s

Concept: Quiet Politician

Physical description: Keefe is known to wear suits, often preferring various shades of purple. Quiet by nature, Keefe is a stocky man who exhibits the noble bearing inherent in his bloodline.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by word of former Prince Alaric Dragoon
Influential by word of former Prince Alaric Dragoon
Indispensable by word of former Prince Vivian Davenport (Victoria Rowlands)
Dedicated by word of former Prince Vivian Davenport (Victoria Rowlands)
Respected by word of former Prince Anya
Unshakable by word of Primogen Caighlin Holmes

Dignified as a Dignitary of the Camarilla
August as a Luminary of the Camarilla
Respected as a Scion of the Camarilla

Exalted, Famous, Well-Known, Distinguished by virtue of being Prince of Lewiston/Auburn
Venerable as a Sovereign Prince of the Camarilla

Character Information

Known History

Keefe was embraced in May of 1755.  In 1955 Keefe was promoted to Seneschal of the Domain of Portland. He has spent most of his unlife cultivating his powerbase in Maine and Connecticut, and served as Prince of Lewiston/Auburn from March, 2011 to his death in May 2018.

Keefe was murdered in Santa Rosa, California in May 2018 while still sitting Prince of Lewiston/Auburn, Maine with not Blood Hunts or Rights of Destruction over him. His killer remains at large.


Clan Ventrue



  • Keefe tries to maintain a careful, cordial balance with the powers that be.
  • Mr. Holmes


  • His sire is deceased and not known outside of Clan Ventrue.
Alexander P. Keefe circa 2005, when he was still Senechal of Portland



Character Inspirations

Alex P. Keaton of Family Ties fame with some West Wing thrown into the mix.. 


  • Ave Maria - Schubert
  • Princes of the Universe - Queen
  • The Planets, Op. 32: I. Mars, The Bringer of War - Holst


  • Feel free to add any memorable quotes you may have.

Upon meeting Oliver Freigh for the first time at Midwinter 2015, Sovereign Prince Alexander said, "Are you a also bishop? [The Sabbat] seem to have a lot of respect for you, or perhaps fear?"


  • Alexander Keefe is completely asexual.
  • Keefe had a quiet rivalry for dominance with the late Victoria Rowlands.
  • Keefe keeps young children in a basement somewhere in the Northeast.
  • Keefe is the puppet of the Nosferatu of Hartford.
  • Keefe is the puppet of a powerful Midwestern Ventrue.
  • Keefe is the puppet of the Tremere of Lewiston/Auburn.
  • Keefe made the hit list of a large number of Sabbat at the 2011 Grand Masquerade in New Orleans.
  • Keefe and other princes thought that they would have more fun on Burbon Street than at the Grand Masquerade with the Sabbat.
  • Keefe is a stabilizing force for the masquerade across North America.
  • Keefe has been kidnapped by the Giovanni.
  • Keefe has been kidnapped by Anya.
  • Keefe has been kidnapped by his own clan for political reasons.
  • Keefe is not missing he just waiting until Anya takes credit for his death along with other Ventrue in the North East.
  • Keefe is not missing. He and Kathrin Braddock have both been in a coke filled haze for the last two weeks. That is why neither one of them have been to court lately. Never buy coke from Ryan Easley a Fae again.
  • Keefe killed Anya for fighting with Andrea McDermott and was pretending to be her for the November gathering. He now secretly runs Hartford under the guise of Anya.
  • Kills his own clanmates when they make the clan look bad.
  • Keefe stood by when the Domain of Portland was burning in the wake of the multiple bomb explosions to talk with Giovanni rather then help out his fellow Ventrue Prince.
  • Keefe is by nature, a Beta and lacks the capacity to be a true leader.
  • Keefe was born with six fingers on his right hand, but you can't tell because he had the extra finger removed via Vicissitude by a Tzimisce.
  • Is infernal, isn't infernal.
  • Keefe secretly loves affection and enjoys hugs from behind.
  • Keefe died at the 2018 Kublacon by Cyril Armitage.
  • Keefe is not dead, he is just working for higher powers.