David Blanchett

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Clan Toreador
Position None
Status Deceased
Domain Atlanta, GA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Roddy


Davy and Sybil together soon after their wedding, a perfect picture of Kindred bliss.

Alias(es): Davy

Real Name: David Blanchett

Apparent Age: Early 30s

Concept: Mad Musician

Physical description: Davy is just below average height, swarthy with a perpetual smirk. His attire started out as jeans and button-up shirt with an M&M tie (the blue one, playing the sax). Now it's extremely dependent upon his mood. Davy has been seen in everything from full suit and tie to a bizarre black shirt that looks like something from the Hubble Telescope.

Detailed Status:

All of Davy's status was posthumously stripped.

Toreador Prestige (Toreador Only):

  • Loyal
  • Devil's Bane on the Saxophone
    • Granted for winning a musical duel
  • Talented Composer
  • Talented Music Theorist
  • Fearless
    • Granted for fighting on the lines at the Battle of the Potomac against Hadrian's infernal hordes

Character Information

Known History

Davy, the music running through his head. (Sketch courtesy of Sean Carter)

Davy's history is peppered by compositions of incomparable beauty and mistakes of incomparable consequence. His time in Atlanta has seen him rise, fall, rise again, and fall again. He's served time as Keeper, Lesser Harpy, Whip, and Primogen. The last of those he kept for a number of years before his incomparably consequential encounter with a wizard as mad as he in Middle Georgia.

He is none-too-popular these days in Georgia, or even amongst large swaths of his clan. Of course, he's lucky to still walk the nights having broken the First Tradition in as spectacular a manner as he did. Between demons, supremely Elder Malkavians, and mad mages, Davy's next "project" may very well be his last.

Of course, all of this has to be worth it, doesn't it? His musical skills are second-to-none. He has performed on his saxophone for many a luminary of the Camarilla (and the courts of other supernatural denizens of Atlanta, it is rumored!) and his compositions have brought blood tears to the eyes of hardened killers. If Davy has gone mad (and he most certainly has), then it has had a purpose and yielded dividends for those able to appreciate what he can do.

Of late, Davy has taken a more active and direct hand in Camarilla affairs, both local and abroad. He was granted standing by a Prince for journeying into the Shadowlands to release a key ally in the fight against a particularly nasty infernal entity; actions like that are one of many things he would have sneered at but a short time ago. He also volunteered to assist a team in taking down a pack of Sabbat stragglers, leftovers from a recent halfhearted siege. When the eyebrows went up at his volunteering, his only response was "I'm going in case you all fail."

The Star Chamber, Davy's focus of inspiration

Davy is keeping up his artistic endeavors, however, organizing a series of musical flash mobs in Atlanta for the holiday season. He has also expanded his interests into other fields, such as high-level computing. A number of people who have been involved with Davy's projects are familiar with his unique recording studio, which he dubs "The Star Chamber." Based upon technology formerly employed at the now-destroyed Retreat in Cincinatti, this unique room allows for the transposition and conversion of multiple forms of sensory input, most notably light and sound. Many of Davy's more abstract compositions are created here, allowing those who understand a glimpse not only into his creative process, but also some unique moments in history (like the first moments of Planck Time after the Big Bang).

In addition, Davy has publicly asked both members of his clan and outsiders for assistance with projects that, upon first glance, seem to have absolutely nothing to do with music. Given Davy's propensity for finding "underlying pattern manifolds" and "existential pylons," it should come as no surprise that Davy is able to twist the mundane and banal into music with which he can share his insights into reality itself. That this may be the same process that has resulted in Davy's more spectacular failures is only half the story, as it has also yielded piercingly beautiful music. To date, the cold equations have balanced in his favor.

...until they didn't. Davy's madness got the better of him, and he met his end in December 2014, but not before causing a massive Masquerade breach.


The happy couple.

I'm not in a coterie.

That said, Davy is happily married to Sybil Chandler of Baton Rouge.


  • Sybil Chandler-Blanchett - "My dearest wife. I'd best mind my manners; being married to a Tremere, the doghouse might just be a fireball."
  • Katherine Morgan - "Wild. Untamed. To capture her in song would be a dream made manifest upon God's green Earth."
  • Simon Random - "Wilder. Even more untamed. Just the way he likes it."
  • Joshua Klein - "Damn smart; he's smart enough to take up with me when I'm ridin' high and to drop me when I ain't. I wish more Kindred had his good sense."
  • Amanda Desrosiers - "Her tongue doubles as a Ginsu knife. I don't like bleedin', but some things need cuttin' down from time to time."
  • Lilyan Townsend - "I'd pull a sword for her; damnedest thing is that her job is to pull one for me!"
  • Victor Martini - "Little brother."
  • Antonia Petrella - "Turned funny, but damned good at what she does. It's always best to be on the good side of the one signin' the checks."
  • Julius Cole - "I reckon she understands me, if anyone does. Her hands have made my dreams come alive in visions of metal and wheels."
  • Evelyn Landrake - "All that glitters ain't gold, but I still think of Evie when it does."
  • Janet Blackthorne - "Like a twisted Emily Post. Watching her tussle is always fun."
  • Tatiyana Krajnik - "Ain't never fought beside her, but I wouldn't balk if I had to."


  • Attacus Frost - "The biggest, blackest diva. It'd be bearable if he had any real passion or skill he could crow about."
  • Lester Crane - "You've got to cut the weaker players loose. There ain't room for a kazoo in the orchestra that is the Camarilla."
  • Brian Faulkner - "Perfect order's perfect silence. Rests matter in music, but there's got to be sound or you might as well be dead."
  • Lilyanna Salvatore - "You've got to wonder if the blood in her veins is hers or Faulkner's."


Not publicly known.


Davy has no publicly known childer.


If Davy has any broodmates, no one knows about them.

Character Inspirations

The Devil and Davy Blanchett (J. Saltarella, 2010)


Songs of Shadow and Light. (Jessica Howell, 2014)

On the Road...

Into Babylon

Magnum Opus


Davy, socializing, plotting, both?
  • "I'm not saying you shouldn't do business with Davy Blanchett, I'm saying that you can't handle doing business with Davy Blanchett." - a business associate to a former Prince
  • "I speak proper English, not this strange dialect you seem to have picked up!" - Rachel Dubhan, to Davy
  • "When one is truly dedicated to their art, all else pales in comparison. That is the essence of Clan Toreador." - Davy, to Prince Charles McMillan
  • "Patterns of wind and water, falling from darkness but not into the light." - Davy, context unknown
  • "Davy, do you play with your food?" - asked of Davy as he toyed with a neonate in Elysium
  • "Nuance. Complication. Truth with a capital 'T.'" - Davy, on Humanity, to a very bestial Harley Draven
  • "Blanchett? He's a snake in the grass...but I think he's on our side." Zack Burke
  • "Sybil's Tremere; I would never dream of asking her to give up her magic. Why on earth should I give up mine?" - Davy, to Sigmund Brandt's request that he give up his mistresses before getting married
  • "I have long maintained that Malkavians do not have the market cornered on insanity. Oh, hello Mr. Blanchett!" - Joshua Klein, as Davy walked up
  • "I asked him why I shouldn't just put him in a box. I'm still not sure that his answer was satisfying..." - Lilyanna Salvatore
  • "He is one of those pathetic cases in which his genius is so entangled with his insanity that it becomes incomprehensible to anyone not living in his crazy made-up world" - Amanda Desrosiers


Something very much like this, indeed.
  • Had the rumor of his status stripping sold away to other kindred under the strictest condition that they do not tell Aaron Beckett why it happened.
  • Had all but one status stripped away.
    • For completely disregarding the Masquerade for his own benefit.
    • Still feels like he's won.
  • Had an exact duplicate made of himself.
  • Davy faced the Devil in a musical duel...and won.
    • Davy is an infernalist. It turns out that duels don't always end like they do in songs.
  • Some feel that Davy is completely out for himself, and doesn't care about his Clan.
    • Or any other clan for that matter. His disregard for the Masquerade will doom us all...
  • Loves to talk about himself, and then his music. Ask him about the Christmas album he plans on making this year.
  • Davy knows Necromancy, taught to him by the Baron Samedi, to whom he was introduced by Simon Random. That's how he finally got rid of the ghostly children that tailed him at Elysium...unless they were already bound to him, that is.
  • Using Telepathy on Davy is inadvisable. His music dominates his thoughts, as it would dominate the mind of any to hear it in such a pure way.
    • Using Telepathy on Davy is inadvisable simply because he's crazy. You don't want that to rub off on you.
      • Davy's not "simply" crazy. He's gone utterly mad.
        • His crazyness is reaching levels so dangerous that his allies are slowly moving away in order to avoid getting consequences from whatever fallout he will inevitably face
  • Davy was trapped in another dimension.
    • It wasn't another dimension, it was an Elder Malkavian's mind.
      • The after-effects have been "interesting."
  • Is now happily married to a Tremere.
    • He still very publicly has several mistresses around the globe. Wonder how the women feel about each other?
      • It is rumored that they not only don't care but have also participated in orgies.
  • Davy's chickens have finally come home to roost.
  • Is not a Setite apostate. He's too insane for the Followers.
  • Yep. Still crazy.
    • Was he always this sadistic, though? I think he's getting worse...