Lilyanna Salvatore

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Clan Toreador
Position None
Status 5
Domain Middle Georgia
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Sarah


Artist Rendition of Lilyanna (Credit: Sketch Zula and Mat Marshall, 2010)

Alias(es): Lily, ~L

Real Name:

Apparent Age: Early to mid-20s.

Concept: Was originally "The Brooding Poet", now is more like "Goth Party Girl"

Physical description: Tall and leggy, with dark hair down to her waist and very Italian features.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Robert de Rainault, then Prince of Milledgeville Georgia
  • Diligent by Sophia de Rainault, then Toreador Elder of Milledgeville Georgia
  • Steadfast by Arich Dolen, then Prince of Carrollton Georgia
  • Cherished by Scott Daine, then Prince of Atlanta Georgia
  • Trusted by Brian Faulkner, Prince of Middle Georgia
  • Incompetent by the word of Harpy Joshua Klein of Middle Georgia (Ending April 1, 2018)

Character Information

Known History

Lilyanna was embraced in Atlanta, and fled after its fall to the Rebellion to find safe haven in Milledgeville. After Milledgeville fell, she helped establish the Domain of Carrollton, which was the staging ground for the retaking of Atlanta. Since then she's been in and out of the political scene, rising to such positions as Harpy and Seneschal before flitting out of the limelight for a year or two, only to return later and take up a position again.

Lilyanna was also the person responsible for the Title Honorific of His Unseen, then Enigmatic Former Justicar Igor Illyovich Ctarinov

On April 1, 2016, Marzio Rosselli of clan Nosferatu claimed the praxis over Middle Georgia ending a long and glorious reign by Sovereign Prince Brian Faulkner. Lilyanna was Sovereign Prince Faulkner Seneschal at the time. Many commented on the close and long-standing relationship between her and Brian Faulkner. Sovereign Prince Faulkner had been absent for several months and was described a being "despondent" by an admired and trusted member of the Camarilla when last seen. Lilyanna had also been absent. There was no overt violence in the paxis claim and many eagerly await to hear good news about Brian Faulkner and Lilyanna Salvatore.

A seneschal has one real job - to rule when the Prince is not present. This job requires that the individual who holds it be present - in the very least, when the Prince is gone. Lillyanna Salvatore was, for the last stretch of Faulkner's reign, unable to do this. As such, I find her *Incompetent. She shall carry this stigma until April 1, 2018, or until such time as she has proven to me that this is unwarranted.

Sarah as Lily


The Unforgiven (disbanded)


Sarah as Lily (Silhouette Studios 2012)



Damon Morello


Caleb Salvatore


Crispin Shore

Character Inspirations


Sarah as Lilyanna (Silhouette Studios 2012)

  • Possession - Sarah McLauchlan "The night is my companion, and solitude my guide, would I spend forever here and not be satisfied?"
  • Fear - Sarah McLauchlan "And I fear I have nothing to give, I have so much to lose."
  • Supermassive Black Hole - Muse "I thought I was a fool for no one, oh baby I'm a fool for you."
  • Sister of Night - Depeche Mode "Sister of night, with the loneliest eyes, tell yourself it's alright, he'll make such a perfect prize."
  • Criminal - Fiona Apple "Don't you tell me to deny it, I've done wrong and I want to suffer for my sins."
  • Bring Me To Life - Evanescence "Bid my blood to run, before I come undone, save me from the nothing I’ve become."
  • Misery Business - Paramore "God does it feel so good, cause I got him where I want him now."
  • Rev 22:20 - Puscifier "Cause nobody ever survives, prayin' to stay in her arms just until I can die a little longer."
  • World/Inferno Friendship Society - Addicted to Bad Ideas "I wasn't always a monster, I was a prince, now so broken, so addicted to bad ideas and to drugs and to all the beauty in this world."


Lilyanna to Prince Brian Faulkner about the local Sabbat baddie : "Just promise me you won't challenge him to an honor duel or anything."
Faulkner: "...I can't promise that."
Lilyanna: ::facepalm::

Habeus: "She's the Calliope Van Horne of the South."

Kaiser: "...wait, are you playing hard-to-get with the Sabbat?"
Lilyanna: ::shrugs:: "It's working."

Lilyanna to Victor Martini at his doomed wedding as they waited on the missing groom: "Don't worry, the Prince and Seneschal are handling it. I'm sure everything will be fine. Years from now you'll look back on this night and laugh. DRINK MORE WINE!"

Catrina Sue, approaching Lilyanna (who's wearing her "killing outfit") and Prince Brian Faulkner: "Is everything alright?"
Faulkner: "Nothing's alright when Lily wears that dress." He pauses and looks Lily over once. "Well, some things are right."

Lilyanna: "Everyone wants something from me, Davy. It's just how this world works. What I need to figure out is how much of myself I'm willing to give, and to who."


Sarah as Lily.
  • She was Bloodbound to Jon Sebastian.
  • She is actually a Follower of Set.
  • She has been known to "box" troublesome Toreador.
  • Has all of Jon Sebastian's brood wrapped around her little finger.
  • She was engaged to Piers Calvin.
  • Clan Brujah once cried out for blood when another Toreador wrote and insulting poem about her.
  • Lily is fun at parties. Some feel that she isn't anything more than a pretty party girl.
  • There are rumors that she's been Blood Bound more times than even she can remember, but the Tremere always get her out of them.
  • Lily actually wrote all of Anne Rice's most popular novels, but uses the supposed author as a front in order to maintain her privacy. The series of "vampire" novels was a project designed to further muddle the myth of the vampire in popular culture, and to act as an aid in covering masquerade breaches.
  • Lily didn't write anything by Anne Rice. Her alternate mortal persona is actually Stephanie Meyer, and she knows there are Harpies who would strip her Status for this if they knew.
  • All of Lilyanna's boyfriends end up dead within 6 months.
    • It may be that she's just cursed with bad luck and an insatiable attraction to drama.
    • It is also possible that a secretive elder has a crush on her and is orchestrating the deaths of all rivals until he can work up the nerve to ask her out.
    • She has recently started dating Brian Faulkner. The citizens of Middle Georgia have started the countdown until something happens to him.
      • He may have moved on to greener pastures...whether or not this is better for his survival has yet to be seen.
  • She seems to be the only sane Toreador left in the Atlanta and Middle Georgia domains.
    • Sane? Perhaps; but measures of sanity are hard to come by amongst the Toreador of Georgia...
  • Has a habit of being stood up by Ventrue Princes.
  • Has been seen running in the company of her broodmate and several other Toreador lately. Wonder what they're up to?
  • Lilyanna is a burnout; she's one of those Toreador that cannot create, so she's jealous of the ones that can. And her idea of throwing a party is doing so at the behest of a Caitiff. Eww.
  • She convinced Brian Faulkner to run away with her and abandon Middle Georgia.
  • She killed Brian Faulkner and is now in hiding.