Dr. Josephine Lee

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Clan Ventrue
Position None
Status 2
Domain Bloomington, IN
Coterie Classified
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player J.Clark


Josephine Lee

Doc Lee, Josie/Kitten, or Sir.

Real Name: Josephine Lee

Apparent Age: Mid twenties

Concept: Woman with a past.

Physical description: 5’11 without heels, olive skin complexion, long dark hair, cut nightly depending on event . Often seen in business dress, though has been known to travel long distances barefoot in more casual garb. Has a thin scar along her left shoulder blade, and a light one that goes along her left eyebrow.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged
  • Influential by word of Brian Faulkner, former Sovereign Prince of Middle Georgia.

  • Ventrue only: Position In Directorate: Inquire through pm
  • Ventrue only: Holds a Dignitas, use lore to find out which

Character Information

Known History

She was once seen as a woman who held little back. Accomplished with a rifle, she once could fire off political remarks as fast as she could shoot. Clashes with the rebellion led this typically well manned and observing lady into a fierce opponent.

Due to prior clashes with the rebellion she was oft to assist other domains when they suffered under the weight of their presence. Once valued for her ability to critique and form a PR campaign, she seems to have left these projects to the wayside.

Every shining example has a rumor to follow, and Dr. Lee is no different. This typically well put together Ventrue has been rumored to flee at the slightest inclinations of infernal and lupine influences. In fact, it is believed that she would rather face a Sabbat pack (again) than deal with the suspicions of the aforementioned threats.

The Primogen left her position in Savannah due to undisclosed reasons. Some believe it was out of fear that something was stalking her and her clan mates in the domain, others think it was a poorly planned political maneuver to escape responsibility. Whatever the reason, she lost standing due to the public perception of her actions, and she has not since sought to contest it. For a time she moved frequently throughout the domains of Georgia. It was arguable this was to make her trail hard to track, though others believed her former home of Middle Georgia catered better to her wanderlust.

Recently she made a failed bid for the Harpy seat of Griffin Georgia. When requested to meet with the Primogen of the domain on the matter, a series of unfortunate incidents, one right after another, kept her from being physically present in the domain. After the discovery of betrayal of a former ghoul, Dr. Lee was hit especially hard.

After a lengthy silence Dr. Lee has since reemerged in the domain of her sire, Charles Unsworth. After he took Praxis of Bloomington, Indiana she made her way to his side and has been quietly assisting him in his projects. The once cocky Primogen has become very quiet.

OOC: Most likely to respond to IC e-mails M-F from 11am-8pm EST.


Ask and she will tell.


  • Charles Unsworth -"There are no Kings who act unkingly. Merely only pretenders who should be culled."
  • Cotton -"A quandary, a conundrum, and someone I call friend."
  • Chiton -"You cannot have one without the other, my nights would be poorer spent without her infrequent company."
  • Danny Storm -"Stability and excellence, I look forward to his future accomplishments."
  • David Blanchett -"I shan't reflect on the past. What is done is done....but dammit if the man wasn't...wasn't a friend...and I hate him for that!"
  • Joshua Klein -"The only day I will lose hope for Georgia is the day that Malkavians like Joshua Klein no longer call this place home."



The Pretenders.

Thomas Cowell-Her heart was broken with the news of his betrayal.


Charles Unsworth


Now accepting applications.


She would rather not think about it…

Character Inspirations

Claire Underwood



  • Because fuck you, thats why.
  • "What I can give you is my dedication, my innovation, and tenacity. Should this be insufficient, or my sword unwelcome, I request that you do the kinder thing and kill me. I am no King without purpose."
  • "I quit."
  • "Shhhhhhhh, no one is listening to you anymore."
  • "They want to interview ME? I am Ventrue. I am a corporate monster. Bring it on."
  • ((to her))"You are officially the scariest person in this room."
  • "This is my status stripping dress."
  • "Oh, we're dating now? I should alert the other paramours."
  • "Asking is always free."
  • ((to her))I brought you the ashes of the Lasombra you killed.
    • That was very thoughtful of you...
    • ((to her))Yeah now you can show your clan mates back home why you should never piss Josephine off.
    • I'll bring it to the next clan meeting.
  • "Alright everybody, the buzz word today is gas leak, lets move out."
  • Now is not the time for snark, now is the time for wisdom, because when we must take action, petty words will not be our swords and shields-Missive to her clan mates.
  • Griffin Visitor: Where are your boys?
    • Dr. Lee: Excuse me?
    • Griffin Visitor: Your boys, don't you usually have two men flanking you at any point in time?
    • Dr. Lee: I have so many I don't bother keeping track of all of them.
  • “That man makes my teeth itch.”
  • "Ah, so you are a man who concerns himself with the sexual congress of other men, my sire told me of men like you."
  • Ventrue Only: "Eiren says 'what'?"


  • Isn't dead, she disappeared to raise her illicit Anarch childe.
  • Has died.
  • Is now a subject of Bloomington, Indiana.
  • Attempted to gauge the validity of her Hospitality in Middle Georgia. After several evasive answers from the administration, she was told it was best to leave.
  • Is slumming it with the Anarchs.
  • Has been banished from the domain of Middle Georgia.
    • Was not banished, was strongly encouraged to leave.
    • She hasn't been back since the Prince changed. Maybe she had other reasons for leaving.
      • Like moving to Indiana to be the Prince of Bloomington's secret lover.
  • Spies on members of the administration.
    • Isn't spying, just gets really out there pieces of information she does not know what to do with.
  • Her resting bitch face is actually a Dread Gaze gone wrong that is now permanent.
  • Has the entire Griffin Domain on speed dial.
  • Stole the ghoul of Jon Sebastian.
  • Has been seen wearing Simon Random's hat.
  • Her teeth may itch, but she's ignored them long enough to get in over her head.
  • Is romantically courting a priest.
    • She may have lost her best friend because of this.
  • Outsources her trolling.
  • Survived being attacked by five Sabbat.
  • May have gotten overly cozy with the Sabbat since then.
  • Has all her ducks in a row.
  • Assaulted a priest.
    • That same night she left a lipstick stain on his collar and a kiss on his cheek.
  • Is best friends with a Nosferatu.
  • Allegedly killed a man with her bare hands and a high heeled shoe.
  • Has never participated in a "Ventrue Toss."
    • Nor does she care to.
  • Carries a pistol named "Sympathy." It is called that because she, herself, has none.
  • Only one person has ever heard her truly laugh. Immediately afterward, she removed the moment from their mind. Some things should never be known.
  • (Nosferatu Only) Is currently the model for a 3D image being fashioned by a Nosferatu who can't seem to understand that she is not an anime or hentai model.

  • (Ventrue Only) In disgust she quit reporting to the Southeastern Lictor after being his constant scapegoat.

Has a temper...