Tatiyana Krajnik

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Clan Assamite
Position Sovereign Prince
Status 6+4+2
Domain Savannah, GA
Coterie Tea Generation X
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Lane


Tatiyana Krajnik

Alias(es): Yonna, Her Might, Blue, Murdock, Tatiyana Dragomirov, The Huntress, Temptress, Seneschal Conscience, Tanya, The GM, The Calvary, Lily Munster

Real Name: Tatiyana Ivanovna Krajnik

Apparent Age: Late Twenties, Early Thirties

Concept: Security Consultant

Physical description: A slight, athletic young woman with very Eastern European features that make her look exotic in the Americas. She has milky white skin covered in multiple tattoos and short hair that is usually dyed a shocking range of colors, from cobalt blue to lavender and everything in between. She has a penchant for big expensive earrings, luxurious fur coats, and for keeping her nails perfectly manicured. A vain individual, she is almost always masked to hide the growing number of scars and imperfections that she sports. Her wardrobe is more haute couture than utilitarian - if Bond can do his job in a tuxedo, she sees no reason to limit her own choices to combat gear.

Rumor has it that she lost an eye some time ago and replaced it with a magical item. Most are too polite to bring it up.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Alexander Cromwell, Prince of Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Influential by Dr. Miles Wescott, former Primogen of Savannah, Georgia
  • Resolute by Oscar Diggs, former Prince of Savannah, Georgia
  • Wise by James Frederick Krieger, former Prince of Savannah, Georgia
  • Heroic by James Frederick Krieger, former Prince of Savannah, Georgia
  • Formidable by Carson Creed, former Prince of Athens, Georgia
  • Exalted as Prince of Savannah, Georgia
  • Well Known as Prince of Savannah, Georgia
  • Famous as Prince of Savannah, Georgia
  • Distinguished as Prince of Savannah, Georgia
  • Dignified as Dignitary of the Camarilla
  • Venerable as a Sovereign Prince of the Camarilla

Character Information


Known History

Yonna is a Child of Haqim of Ukrainian heritage who is known to be the childe of Blake Weston, a loyal member of the Johannesburg domain. She comes from a strong military background and has spent many years working in both national intelligence and a private "security" firm. When asked, she will say that she was merely a soldier in the Army. She rarely elaborates on which Army.

Since coming to America she has acted as the Primogen for the Children of Haqim in Athens before moving to the domain of Savannah. In Savannah she was the first choice of Prince James Frederick Krieger for the position of Seneschal - a decision that has earned both her and the former Prince no small shortage of questioning from their respective clans. However, when both Prince and Seneschal surpassed the two year anniversary of a peaceful reign, they seemed to have proven their detractors wrong.

During her tenure in America she has become known for both her martial prowess and as a voice of calm reason within the domain. While her former Prince jokingly referred to her as 'Seneschal Conscience,' it was a nickname that she was proud to bear.

After acting as Seneschal for close to three years, Tatiyana took Praxis of Savannah in July 2013. Although her reign has not been calm or uneventful, she has held a strong administration and leads her people well. These nights she uses her position within the Camarilla to lobby for greater rights for the Children of Haqim within her chosen Sect.

Yonna was granted the title of Sovereign Prince in August of 2016 by Prince Tegyrius of Dubai.


White Stockings (Beliye Kolgotki)
Divide by Zero



Her beloved best friend, Harpy Silhouette
The James Rhodes to Aaron Beckett's Tony Stark
Borislav Ivanavich
Evelyn Landrake
The Peter Venkman to James Frederick Krieger's Egon Spengler
Miles Wescott
Maximillian Rowlands
Joshua Klein
Raymond Cooper
Rishi Massoud
Victor Davenport
Brother Ezekiel Boshnovich
Sebastian Han
Oliver Freigh
Charles X. Taylor
Alexander Draco Remus IV
Isabella Rodriguez
Col. Lennox Landrake
Stefan Panna


None living.


Blake Weston




That's highly doubtful.


Character Inspirations

  • Ellen Ripley of 'Aliens'
  • Nikolai Luzhin of 'Eastern Promises'
  • Michael Corleone in the first 'Godfather' film
  • James Bond in 'Quantum of Solace'
  • Fiona Glenanne of 'Burn Notice'
  • Frank Martin of 'The Transporter'
  • Léon of 'The Professional'
  • Liz Sherman and Captain Ben Daimio of BPRD & Hellboy Comics (not the movies)
  • Lee Christmas of 'The Expendables'
  • Bryan Mills of 'Taken'
  • Isabelle of 'Predators'
  • The James Rhodes to Aaron Beckett's Tony Stark
  • Jordan O'Neil of 'G.I. Jane'
  • Mia Wallace of 'Pulp Fiction'
  • Cougar of 'The Losers'
  • Aurra Sing from the Star Wars universe
  • Clarice Starling
  • Melinda May of 'Agents of Shield'


Disc I - Huntress

Disc II - Temptress

Angel of Death



"You know what this is? 671 grains of diplomacy."

"Oh please. I didn't torture that man!"

"War, that's a pain that never goes away, it's when you can't even look at the world anymore because all you can do is calculate where a sniper would most likely settle in. It’s when you hate seeing the sun. It's the trees and the earth that are always with you and which smell of scorched gun powder and blood." — Yury Klavdiev

"Please stop trying to incite trouble with the Tremere! I have to work with these guys." - Said to several of her clanmates on multiple occasions.

"That kid can't be intimidating - he's 12 years old and a cripple!"

Silhouette - "Vhat about the dog? Are they the type of people who vould torture a dog?"
Yonna - "...let's take the dog."

"This is a house of God! You can't throw me out of here you son of a bitch!"

Silhouette - "I don't know if you've heard yet or not, but your clanmate Olivia died this weekend. I'm not sure if I should offer you condolences or breakdance."
Yonna - "I'll order a case of champagne!"

We obviously need to tone it down a bit
Running round town spending time like it’s counterfeit
Everybody catching hay fever like sinuses
Step in my arena let me show y'all who the highness is
You might say I could be doing something positive
Humbled head down low and broke like promises
Soaking and broken in a joke like comics is
Not enough paper to be paying folks compliments
But when that paper got low so did my tolerance
And it ain't no truth in a dare without the consequence
Listen if it not for these hood inventions
I'd just be another kid from the block with no intentions
On the dock of that bay serving a life sentence
Even if I'm going to hell I'm gonna make an entrance
-"The OtherSide" by The Roots

Yonna Cat

"Sil, calm down. Your voice is giving me cramps."

Yonna - "I, of course, have been petitioning for Right of Destruction since coming into the position of Seneschal, but for some reason His Majesty doesn't seem comfortable giving me carte blanche. I'm uncertain why, really - I'm not that dangerous."
Krieger - "Yes, you are."

Yonna - "What the fuck is wrong with your citizens?"
Krieger - "...Yeah. They're yours too."
Yonna - "I feel like we're parents, and our kids went off to college and we just found out they did Girls Gone Wild videos."
Krieger - "...it does kind of feel that way."
Yonna - "And I'm just left to wonder where we went wrong."

"Nooooo, Yonna, you don't need to be flirting with the Theurge."

Sil - "If you could have world peace or marry Daryl Dixon, where would you go on your honeymoon?"
Yonna - "Australia."

"I am the queen of every hive. I am the fire on every hill. I am the shield over every head. I am the spear of battle. Who but I am both the tree and the lightning that strikes it."


Stabbity stab
Former Seneschal
  • Her unnatural blue hair color is the result of being in the city of Prypiat during the Chernobyl disaster.
  • Is descended from the mortal blood line of Czar Nicholas II. Given this relation, she has been dubbed "The Last Empress."
    • As the last descendant, she carries secrets of the imperial throne that could re-write the accepted history of Russia.
  • Is a renowned hunter in her homeland. Is in constant search for a rare, Great Siberian Bear known as the "Beast of the Ukraine."
  • As a skilled soldier and sniper, she has participated in some of the most famous (and some of the most secret) assassinations in history.
  • Surprisingly, given her familiarity with pop-culture and her decidedly modern fashion sense, Yonna is around a century old. She served as a pilot during World War II, and under a different name, is credited as one of the finest aces of her unit.
  • She became Seneschal only because "Scourge" didn't flow with her name.
  • Is Bratva.
  • Wants to kidnap an Archon for style lessons.
  • Yonna rarely lets her reserved demeanor slip, but when she does, she gets VERY, VERY, VERY rowdy...
  • Killed a Carthaginian with little more than a spear.
  • Her ghouls once included a party-girl, a Lieutenant from a prominent Russian mafiya, an assassin, and a former member of the Order of St. Joan.
    • Alas, her sire seems to have poached the assassin who was in her service...
  • Is the very model of a modern Major-General.
  • Yonna sleeps in bubble wrap to save time doing her makeup and hair.
  • Has been known to lead Silhouette around Elysium with a laser pointer.
  • She bathes in the blood of her enemies to keep her skin flawless.
    • This rumor led to a visiting Nosferatu giving her the gift of a gold-plated bathtub.
  • Her bones are bonded with Adamantium.
  • She is both the irresistible force and the immovable object.
  • Yonna owns a giant, stuffed bear that she moves from place to place to both surprise and annoy her friends.
  • Is a very skilled rapper who can spit hot rhymes when the mood strikes her.
  • Her complexion is utterly flawless because she is made out of stone. She was carved from a single slab of marble and brought to life through sorcery.
  • Has a head for every occasion!
  • She has stared into the abyss and it stared back into her...
  • Has racked up more frequent flyer miles in one month than any Child of Haqim on the planet!
  • Yonna does not sleep. She waits.
  • Nothing goes over her head. Her reflexes are too fast.
  • Was officially recognized as a Sovereign Prince of the Camarilla by Prince Tegyrius of Dubai in August 2016.
    • She is the first Child of Haqim to ever receive this recognition.
  • Winter is worried that Yonna is coming.
  • Once used her status and position to get a winning hand during a "Cards Against Humanity" game.
  • (COH Only) Yonna is a member of the Sisterhood of Erinyes and is known for her wisdom in dispensing justice.
  • (COH Only) In addition to being one of the highest ranking female warriors on the continent, Yonna was named a Master of Tactics by the Council of Scrolls.
  • (COH Only) Yonna has been named Aspirant to Gaius Marius Marcellus Invictus Magnus, Councilor of the Seat of Fire and Steel.
  • (COH Only) Yonna has been named a member of the Sharif in service to Caliph Rashad.