Brian Faulkner

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Clan Ventrue
Position None
Status 5
Domain Middle Georgia
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player James Davey


James as Faulkner, Atlanta Gala 2010

Alias(es): Sajid S'Allah Al'Din

Real Name: Known only via Ventrue records

Apparent Age: Early 50's

Concept: Barely restrained zealot

Physical description: Faulkner stands ramrod straight at 6 feet tall. His frame is narrow but solid, and he moves with a certain grace that marks him as an athlete. His skin, though scored by his mortal age, is immaculate. He wears his hair shortly cut.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Robbes du Montagne (deceased)
  • Influential by Prince Robert de Rainault (deceased)
  • Cherished by Prince de Rainault (deceased)
  • Connected by Prince de Rainault (deceased)
  • Heroic by His Celestial Imminence, the Tai Pan, Robert Pedder
  • Incompetent by the word of Harpy Joshua Klein of Middle Georgia (Ending April 1, 2017)

* Courageous by Primogen Lee, Middle Georgia Stripped April 2, 2016

Character Information

Known History

Brian Faulkner

Faulkner, though rumored to be approaching Elder age, only received his Acknowledgement in 1999, ostensibly at the behest of his Sire. Sent to the war-ravaged domain of Milledgeville, Georgia, he quickly distinguished himself among his peers.

He served as Primogen of the Ventrue there for nearly 3 years, abdicating the seat under circumstances that aren't widely known. When the city fell to the Sabbat, Faulkner stayed behind with a small party of volunteers to protect the retreat of his fellow citizens as they relocated to Carrolton, Georgia.

Thereafter, Faulkner vanished for 6 years. During this time, only those closest to him have any insight as to his actions or agenda, though it is widely rumored that during this time he participated in a clandestine war of attrition with the Followers of Set.

Recently, Faulkner has reappeared in Georgia, serving as Primogen of the Ventrue clan in Atlanta for a year before seizing Praxis in Middle Georgia, the same domain in which he first appeared.

It has also come to light, through the actions of the Harpies of Atlanta and Middle Georgia, that Faulkner has until recently borne a separate, status holding identity. This name, Sajid S'Allah Al'Din, is associated with a coterie of individuals known to have directed a small-scale war against Followers of Set and Infernalists.

On April 1, 2016, Marzio Rosselli of clan Nosferatu claimed the praxis over Middle Georgia ending a long and glorious reign by Sovereign Prince Brian Faulkner. Sovereign Prince Faulkner had been absent for several months and was described a being "despondent" by an admired and trusted member of the Camarilla when last seen. There was no overt violence in the paxis claim and many eagerly await to here good news about Brian Faulkner. Harpy Joshua Klein stripped Sovereign Prince Faulkner in a unrelated prestation issue on April 2, 2016.

We sit at a precipice, with many dangers surrounding us; When Faulkner was Prince, we made little headway on many of those problems. It is difficult to say whether this was by design, or by some egregious error in communication. However, I must find that for the last bit of his rule, Prince Faulkner showed that he was *Incompetent. He shall carry this stigma until April 1, 2017, or until such time as he has proven to me that this is unwarranted.



  • Simon of Georgia (deceased)
  • Kate of Georgia (deceased)
  • Arich Dolan (deceased)
  • Robert de Rainault (deceased)
  • Kagemaru (whereabouts unknown)
  • Alex Pompeii (deceased)


  • Alex Pompeii (deceased)
  • Followers of Set


Stefan Amperan


Rebecca Calais


none known

Character Inspirations


  • Wagner
  • Beethoven
  • Stabbing Westward


"We just want HIM." -Leader of a pack of Setite sorcerers, promising to spare the lives of several incapacitated Camarilla members in exchange for the surrender of Sajid

"You're right, Archon Sebastian. My people took your sticks." -exchanging jibes with Jon Sebastian regarding the European invasion of Constantinople

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  • Was given the ashes of a Lasombra as a Praxis gift by a clan mate who wished to show him what they could bring to the domain.
  • He was a member of the Schutzstaffel.
  • One of his ghouls is a Mossad agent, who had tracked him down.
  • He has been a member of various sects, including the Sabbat.
  • He is homosexual.
  • He likes little girls.
  • He has a strange obsession with Sandra of Clan Tremere.
  • He cares more about younger Kindred than older ones.
  • He tolerates no Kindred older than himself in his Domain, and has been known to quietly grant Right of Amaranth to promising youngsters that catch his eye.
  • Some think that becoming Prince has made him paranoid.
  • He may have stopped hating Setites. His rumored change of heart is believed to be because some of his allies converted or because some of his allies now have his heart in a jar.
  • Brian Faulkner has been known to "honor duel" members of the Sabbat, especially as his scandalous other persona.
  • He has proposed talking to the Sabbat and asking them nicely to leave. He was probably joking, but it is hard to tell with him.
  • He is now in a romantic relationship with his Seneschal, Lilyanna Salvatore.
    • Their relationship may be a bit rocky, since he made of an excuse to be absent to get out of taking her to the "Prom Dance" at the 2012 GA Gala.
    • In fact, he manages to be absent every time there's dancing involved. It's not very subtle.
      • It could be that he's set his sights elsewhere. There is a new attractive Ventrue in town that quite quickly took over the Primogen seat...
  • His normally non-existent German accent becomes extremely exaggerated when he's intoxicated, though very few have ever had the chance to see him drunk.
  • He is dead.
  • He did not "step down" from his Praxis. Instead he was abducted and is currently staked in a remote location known only to those who hold him prisoner.
  • He did not step down from his Praxis. Instead he has fully embraced his former Sabbat persona and has rejoined his pack, traveling north to Montreal.