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History and OWbN Atlanta Information


  • J. Benison Hodge, Malkavian: ? - 2001

Atlanta fell to the Sabbat during their East Coast campaign, during which time it was the Diocese of Atlanta.


  • Isabella Mussolini, Lasombra 2001(?) - 2004(?)

The Domain of Carrollton reclaimed the city of Atlanta from the Sabbat under Prince Jon Sebastian in (late 2004 or early 2005).


  • Jon Sebastian, Brujah: 2004(?) - 2005(?)
  • Scott Daine, Ventrue : 2005 (?) - April 1, 2006
  • Charles McMillan, Ventrue: April 1, 2006 to present


  • In OWbN Atlanta, Atlanta has the 9th tallest statue in the United States, standing at 15 meters (just over 49 feet) tall. The piece features a woman holding a sword and olive branch and is in downtown.
  • It is not uncommon for those with special gifts to see wraiths out in the open as the Atlanta boasts a sizable Necropolis.
  • Due to unknown powers, the landscape on multiple planes has changed.
  • Feeding grounds and clan territories are largely defined by this map.
  • The Domain of Atlanta includes much of North Georgia.

Prince's Edicts

  • Hospitality must first be managed through the Seneschal with pertinent information passed through the Harpy.
  • Those with Setite Sorcery are forbidden in the Domain of Atlanta.
  • Those who wish to visit locations in Midtown other than the Elysium must first speak with Clan Tremere to ensure safe passage.
  • Evidence from any ongoing investigation is not permitted to leave the domain. It is to be submitted to your nearest officer. Violators stand to lose Tolerance or Hospitality.
  • Members of Clan Giovanni, in recognition to the efforts made to amend past transgressions, are hereby allowed to petition for Tolerance within the domain.


City Rumors

Eerie moon.jpg
  • Sabbat, Anarchs, and other societal dregs reside and concentrate in nearby Conyers. There's been talk of cleaning it out, but is the effort worth it?
  • Atlanta is a necropolis. There's a lot to unpack with that statement, and just about every association that comes with that word is true of Atlanta.
  • Midtown is dangerous...or maybe the Tremere just want everyone to think it is to keep the best rack for themselves.
  • The Fox Theatre isn't dangerous. That's a Tremere political stunt played over the Toreador.
  • Werewolves run the zoo.
  • Atlanta's mages regularly masquerade as lupines. No one knows why.
  • The Prince McMillan's edict about the Giovanni was rescinded on May 20, 2017. They are again welcome in the city, provided they follow the Traditions.

OOC Information

Whispers of Atlanta generally plays on third Saturdays. Check the Facebook page for up-to-date scheduling.

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The current Head Storyteller is Roddy Carroll . He can be reached at woast (at) .

The current OWbN Council Member is Leland Bridges . She can be reached at woacouncilmember (at)