Victor Martini

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Clan Toreador
Position None
Status 5
Domain Atlanta, GA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Christopher


Victor Martini
-character picture-

Victor Martini, Kabir Rekhi

Real Name:
Dwight Hamilton (known to the Kindred of Europe)

Apparent Age:

world traveler
high class degenerating to "goth"
seer of "death"

Physical description:
(see side picture)

Detailed Status:
Acknowledge by Alessio Rinaldi, Prince of Ravenna, Italy
Refined by Blanche Dubois
Steadfast by Pierre Mandeville, Prince of New Orleans
Notable by Pierre Mandeville, Prince of New Orleans
Praised by Antoine, Marquis of Lafayette, LA

Character Information

Known History

Remy & Martini

Victor Martini was born December 7, 1919 in New York City, New York raised in the riches of high society. Victor's mother, being from France, taught him the French language and the wonders of the French culture. Victor attended Trinity-Pawling Boarding School with the love of his life Michael "Remy." Martini spent his youth attending Broadway and going to the movie theaters. It is rumored that Victor had a sister, who he was very close to.

Due to his love for culture, Martini was swayed by the Toreador Elder, Mikyra Von Driskel, to travel the world and study art. Mikyra took Victor to France to start his studies of culture and art of sculpting, but World War II swiftly made its way there. With clan Toreador going into hiding in France, Mikyra had no choice but to ghoul Martini to assist with Prince Villon's Court. Victor was told to leave behind his mortal life; therefore his family received a notice of his death. It is rumored that Victor was part of the French Resistance preserving art and was in Court attendance with his domnitor at the Louvre when the Russian Brujah attempted to claim Praxis.

Mikyra along with her coterie, The Curators, utilized Victor Martini in retrieving items from different countries. Martini has spent at least a decade in each of the following countries following his time in France: United Kingdom, India, China, Japan, Egypt, Greece, and Italy. Victor became knowledgeable in each culture, their primary language, and can recreate stone and bronze statues based on their cultural style. It is rumored that Airis Mal spent time with Martini in some of these locations.

Summer of 2005 in Italy, Victor created a stone statue that retold the forgotten story of Broderick Kliest which awakened his memory of who he is and the losses he had suffered. Victor left that night with Mikyra, Broderick, and a few other Roses and was gifted with the embrace. Martini spent his time with Broderick Kleist from party to party while Mikyra left the country to continue her collections. It is rumored that Victor acquired an unusual face mask that is linked to the Giovanni during his stay in Italy.

In October of 2008, Victor created his second work of a Greek woman, who looked related to Victor, being kept by Hades. Shortly after his presentation, Martini was granted Acknowledgement and returned to the United States of America with encouragement from Broderick. Due to New York City being held by the Sabbat, Martini moved to New Orleans, LA to further his studies and integrate himself into the social network of Kindred Society. It is rumored that the women in the Greek statue was Victor's sister and that she lived in New Orleans.

Wedding that Almost Was

Broderick Kleist arranged for Beau Cotter & Airis Mal to accompany Victor to New Orleans. During his time in New Orleans, Victor Martini spent most of his time researching and attempting to fix the backwards political system of the Louisiana Hegemony along with educating citizens the meaning of status and prestation, while supporting the safety and entertainment of Elysium through his coterie. Victor quickly earned the respect of its citizens and due to the machinations of Prince Mandeville served both as Harpy & Primogen of New Orleans. Despite his couth relationship with Mandeville, Martini has openly questioned the humanity of Prince Mandeville for he breathed constant Camarilla deaths through his rulings. With loss spiraling around him, Victor moved to Atlanta, GA in hopes to regain his artistic inspirations. It is rumored that Prince Mandeville threaten to kill Victor and broke prestation with Victor which caused Martini to move.

Since Victor has been in Atlanta, GA, he has been a Lesser Harpy and been highly involved with his artistic endeavors for clan Toreador. Victor has been seen spending a lot of time with David Blanchett, Rachel Dubhan, and Lilyanna Salvatore. Martini was recognized by Katherine de Montpellier for the elaborate decor during Prince Villon's Fete and was seated among them. It is rumored that Victor is still being haunted by death.

July 30, 2011, Victor Martini and Michael Remy were to be wed. "Death" murdered Remy on the alter which sent Victor into 'torpor' temporarily. Victor has not been the same since. . .

Current News: Victor has been working with other Toreador on the infernal & uninvited issues.


unknown name (disbanded)- Beau Cotter, Julius DeLeon, Airis Mal, Victor Martini, Penemu Summers
Goal: assist with the entertainment and safety of Elysium


Beau Cotter discussing with Martini

Boomer (Brujah)
Olivia Reed Brannon (Child of Haqim)
Beau Cotter (Gangrel)
Alex Summers, Dr. (Malkavian)
Penemu Summers (Malkavian)
David Blanchett (Toreador)
Rachel Dubhan (Toreador)
Susanna Angel LaRouge (Toreador)
Masako Hara (Toreador)
Lilyanna Salvatore (Toreador)
Cassandra Sumner (Toreador)
Vincent Velario (Toreador)
Airis Mal (Tremere)
Julius DeLeon (Ventrue)
Rowan Hulett (Toreador)

Michael "Remy" (Nos.)


The Spirit of Death


Broderick Kleist, black and white photographer and diplomat, rumored to be of Parisian lineage
Mikyra Von Driskel, European sculptor and curator, Victor's domnitor, rumored to be of Beshter/Michael's lineage.


Rumored to have embraced an architect

Popular Works of Art

Victor Martini
sculpting outfit

Death's Gamble (Crafts x4) '09

5 Peice Bronze Statue Set 8 inches tall.

The "Legs" of the playing table is a jester's head with his hat. Resting on top of the hat is a "wooden" board with the Post-Katrina search symbols on it. In the spot of the "X" that marks deaths in the house: the number eight is present. The table has some cards and chips on it randomly about.

Four Gods of Death represented here are sitting in a chair playing poker. Yama - Hindu, Chinese, & Japanese Buddhism - Tibet version: Heavy Set, four arms, two legs, three eyes: Top left hand: Two Pairs; 10 of Hearts and 10 of Diamonds; 9 of Hearts and 9 of Diamonds; Back of Card design: a Wizard's hat Top right hand: Two Pairs; 2 of Spades and 2 of Clubs, Q of Hearts and Q of Spades: Back of Card design: Swords Bottom left hand: One Pair; Jack of Spades and Jack of Clubs; Back of Card design: a Rat Bottom right hand: no-pair; Back of Card design: a Fist

Anubis - Egyptian - head of a jackel: Pushing 5 chips fowards with his left hand, his right hand holds: One Pair; 2 of Diamonds and 2 of Clubs; Back of Card design: two dice showing snake eyes

Thanatos - Greek - winged naked version with a sheethed sword: Smashes a cane on the playing table with his right hand, his left hand holds: a Flush; highest card is a Jack of Diamonds which is on top, the picture on the card is a leprechan smiling, the back design of the card: Dollar sign

Azrael - Arabic & Judeo-Christian - winged robed version with a scythe Folded his cards infront of him face down. Back design of cards are flowers. Holding a scythe in his left hand. At the tip of the scythe, the King of Hearts has been penetrated at the face making the face unrecognizable. Drinking from a martini glass in his right hand.


Pygmalion's Dream - Cruxshadows
Sparkling Angel - Within Temptation
Get This Party Started - Shirley Bassey


Roxy and Victor
NOLA Gala 2010

"Sonny Frost, I do believe you owe me a boon; therefore don't you agree with me that you were incorrect with your judgment? Just a slight overlook in the assessment of Hassam's actions" ~ Victor

"Victor, you deserve to sit up here with us" ~ Katherine de Montpellier at 2010 NOLA Event

"Victor always did like to 'top' the Ventrue" ~ Michael Remy

". . . a brown paper bag. . ." ~ Rachel Dubhan, in response to Victor's relationship problem with Remy

"For being rude to me and my company, your handsome self shall model for me in a traditional Greek Olympian pose and then I shall consider putting in a good word for further hospitality" ~ Victor

"Why limit happy to only an hour? Cheers!" ~Victor


Has a lover in every country he has vistied
Giovanni of Italy are seeking him
Has hired an Assassin, Outlander, Rabble, and/or Warlock to be his bodyguard(s)
Has fae allies in New Orleans
Is a mortal relative of Harrow
Adpoted a child with Remy
Weapon of choice is riding a Tremere into battle
Sent by the Parisian Court to spy on the Hegemony of Louisiana
Raided Lilyanna's wardrobe