Raymond Cooper

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Clan Gangrel
Position None
Status 4
Domain Savannah, GA
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Adam


Adam as Raymond Cooper


Coop, Ray JC

Real Name:

Raymond Cooper

Apparent Age:

Mid Twenties


Survivalist/Conspiracy Theorist

Physical description:

Middling height, with close-cropped hair. Exhibits a scruffy beard when he hasn't felt like shaving that night. A muscular individual, with arms covered in simplistic tattoos of military or "old school" theme.

Raymond Cooper

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Asher Sinclair, former Prince of Savannah, GA in 1975.
  • Adamant by word of former Prince Oscar Diggs of Savannah, GA as of December, 2010
  • Loyal by word of James Frederick Krieger, Prince of Savannah, GA as of March, 2011 (On loan to Silhouette)
  • Fearless by word of James Frederick Krieger, Prince of Savannah, GA as of February, 2012

Character Information

Known History

Drawing A Bead

Served in the Army during the Vietnam Conflict. Embraced after returning from war.

Travels the continent from time to time, but has recently settled semi-permanently in the domain of Savannah, GA.

Has bounced between the positions of Sheriff and Gangrel Primogen in the Savannah domain.





Bartholomew "Bat" Fenwick





Character Inspirations

  • "The Ultimate Survivalist", Henry Rollins's character from the movie "Wrong Turn 2".
  • "The Hunted".
  • "Into the Wild"
  • "Hatchet"
  • "Call it Courage"
  • "Blind Fury"
  • "Predators" (Adrian Brody's character)


  • Falling Away From Me - Korn
  • Never again - Nickelback
  • Drunk Daddy - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
  • Johnny Come Lately - Steve Earle
  • Animal I Have Become - 3 Days Grace
  • Paranoia - Elsiane
  • Howl - Florence + The Machine
  • The Voice - Celtic Woman
  • Unforgiven - Metallica
  • Rooster - Alice in Chains
  • A Country Boy Can Survive - Hank Williams Junior
  • War Pigs - Black Sabbath
  • The Garden of Gethsemane - The Nightwatchman


When standing over a mortal he had just ripped the guts from: "Well... I dunno, lick his stomach. I gotta go."


Raymond Being Raymond
  • Was known as "Brigade" (or "Brig" for short) during the Vietnam Conflict. He earned the nickname when he held off an onslaught of Vietcong from within the confines of a company brigade.
  • Actually a genius on par with men such as Stephen Hawking, but never went back to university studies after Vietnam. Some social awkwardness caused by his intellect, plus regrets over this road not taken, make it a touchy subject. Sometimes, it is just easier to play dumb.
  • Was dishonorably discharged from the Army after the war due to repeated criminal charges of extreme, unnecessary violence.
  • Has aspirations of becoming the Gangrel Justicar
  • What's that smell?
  • Is much more of a gentleman than he initially lets on, a product of his being raised in a more genteel age.
  • Infrequently appears in the dreams of a Ventrue Primogen.
  • Said Ventrue now feels uncomfortable looking at Ray.