Borislav Ivanavich

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Clan Nosferatu
Position Seneschal
Status 6+2
Domain Tampa, FL
Coterie None
Path Humanity 00
Player Steven


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The Siberian Express, Death From Above

Real Name: Borislav Ivanavich

Apparent Age: 27

Concept: Russian Spy

Physical description: He stands at six foot with a wiry frame. His face is rarely ever seen from behind his black mask. His appearance is constantly shifting to adapt to the situation. Normally Borislav is only seen dressed in black tactical gear with boots held together by duct tape.

Detailed Status:

                   Acknowledged by Prince Heinz of Bonn, Germany
                   Loyal by Saladin, former Prince of Tampa, FL
                   Fearless by Pinger, former Primogen of Tampa, FL
                   Feared by Jack Caster, former Prince of Bradenton, FL
                   Valiant by Leroy Issacs, former Seneschal of Tampa, FL
                   Unrelenting by Hazzan Marwan, former Prince of Bradenton, FL

Character Information

Known History

Borislav arrived in Tampa the summer of 2008. By next month he was made the Sheriff after discovering a Sabbat Elysium, walking in, and breaking the walls down. This action set the tone for the rest of the time Borislav has spent as sheriff and sometimes scourge of Tampa. His detractors call him reckless and dangerous while others call him efficient. Princes have asked him politely not to return to their domain after burning down and blowing up sections of the city in pursuit of the Rebellion or the infernal. Other Princes have awarded him status for his zeal.


When he finds someone who can stand to be around him for more than a few hours at a time, he'll find a coterie.


The line between asset and liability can be thin.






Character Inspirations

Ivan Drago from Rocky IV


One - Metallica

I Ejaculate Fire - Dethklok

Awaken - Dethklok


Shadows can't grab you if you are on fire.


  • Is just another alias of Pinger.
  • Burned an entire city block to the ground in Bradenton to fight a single Sabbat pack.
  • Has a bad habit of setting himself on fire.
    • This is actually one of his favorite tactics, despite the fact that his comrades often end up as collateral damage.
  • Has been in the presence of God multiple times. Still a devout atheist.
  • Is actually a Follower of Set.
  • (nosferatu) Borislav was raised by a group of Niktuku in the wilds of Siberian Russia.
  • Recently Borislav has taken to ending all of his text message with smiley faces. This is incredibly terrifying to those who know him.
  • Is also known as "The Siberian Express."
  • Is sponsored by Kingsford Charcoal.
  • During his mortal life, Borislav registered a 2,150-psi punch.
  • Has an absolutely great sense of humor. You should try him sometime.
  • Since being "reborn," he is now known as "Borislav the White."
  • Was close friends with Grigori Rasputin. In November of 1916, the two had a falling out. Rasputin was murdered the following month and Borislav still regrets not having been there to save the Mad Monk.