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Clan Ventrue
Position Keeper of Elysium
Status 6+4
Domain Baltimore, MD
Coterie None
Society Society of the Hague
Path Humanity 0000
Player Tina Knight


Alicia Knight - Player Photo

Ginny the Ghoul
Virginia Burk (Fame 4 - Sketch artist @ Crafts x5)

"Real" Name: Rosemary Alicia Knight
Apparent Age: Mid to Late 20's
Concept: Underestimated...?

Physical description: Alicia usually looks the same, at least since she changed her appearance upon her embrace. Usually found wearing a dark suit with an offset blouse, low heeled rockport dress shoes or Mary Janes round out the outfit. Her hair is usually in a French twist, pony tail or otherwise pinned up. For jewelry she almost always wears the same thing. A torc around her neck with a plus (+ versus cross) pendant and several silver chains that disappear down her shirt, many silver rings with sparkling smaller diamonds and some matching earrings less noticeable in a darker stone. She is of average height at 5'5" and while decidedly pretty she seems not to notice, so other than occasional dark lipstick she opts for minimal makeup. How she carries herself depends on who she is with at the time. She looks high humanity but doesn’t always act like it.
(Gorgeous x3 (6 appearance related traits) - Natural Leader, Enchanting Voice)

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged - Wilhelm Waldburg Prince of Berlin, Germany
Resourceful - Fiona MacGregor, Prince of Philadelphia
Dutiful - Luther Rommell, Former Prince of Baltimore
Instrumental - Fiona MacGregor, Prince of Philadelphia
Treasured - Evelyn Landrake, Prince of Baltimore
Irreplaceable- Evelyn Landrake, Prince of Baltimore
-Honorable Keeper of Elysium
~Esteemed member of The Hague
~Dignitary and Luminary of the Camarilla (*Dignified and *August)

Character Information

Alicia Knight - Player Photo

Until recently you might have thought that no one knows Alicia Knight fully - even those closest to her.... Whether that is because of her tainted beginnings due to her former regnants or Sire that she no longer remembers, or her increasing difficulty to be what is needed of her without changing remains to be seen. But it has taken a toll on her and it might only be her humanity that keeps her where she is and why she now clings to it so desperately. But who can be sure...?

In her early nights she had an uncanny ability to get into tight spots over the stupid stuff and out of them with guile and patience, and was generally otherwise rarely heard from. Then for a long time, it seemed like she'd "Been there done that" and just kept to herself unless she was helping someone, or working on whatever the issues of the Domain had been. She was deeply involved in politics for a little while but it seems like she's stepped completely from the spotlight since stepping down as Seneschal. Still after being kidnapped by an infernal minion, trekking (sailing) through the bowels of hell for a “shard”, and standing on the front line in Baltimore’s fights against The Fallen and his infernal demons, she appears unscathed... Whether it is politics or some other motive, she has once again taken on the position of Keeper of Elysium. With a history like that, who knows what the future holds...

Known History

Alicia Knight - Actual IC

Some might remember her as "Ginny the Ghoul" - A quiet and resourceful Elysium regular that caught the attention of more than one Ventrue while in the "employ" of a local Toreador...
Embraced by Marshall Duran who was destroyed for "Crimes against the Camarilla" she was left to fend for herself in a world of many enemies and few allies. Her known history is long and while dotted with trials and betrayals, she has always called Baltimore home. Alicia is friendly and quick with a smile and always seems happy to lend a hand wherever she is...




Omitted intentionally


Benjamin Miller
Blue River


Marshall Duran

Marshall Duran

Successful Childer

Xavier Knight


Character Inspirations


Alicia Knight - Glitter 2014

The Current Soundtrack
I told you I was mean - Elle King (Courtesy of Scarcrow.)
Wrong Side of Heaven - Five Finger Death Punch (Truth!)
The Light - Disturbed (Because we all need a little hope.)
A Little Wicked - Valerie Broussard (Aren't we all?)
Throne - Bring me the Horizon (pretty much says it all...)

The Road So far: (Previous but still worthy)
Carry on my Wayward Son - Kansas
Away from Me - Evanescense
My Heart Belongs to Daddy - Marilyn Monroe
Anywhere - Evanescence
Love Doesn't Frighten Me - Blondie
Show me the Way - Styx
Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Lorde



"My Sire, Marshall Duran, is little more than the blood that made me - I hardly knew the man." - 2003

"If you mean boons we can discuss that, if you meant boobs, well mine aren't for sale, they're priceless." - 2012

"To be perfectly clear - I do not want your job, nor is it my intent to undermine or question your authority. However, I do not mistake service for servitude, or confuse duty with dispensation." - 2012

In discussing disappointing childer with two princes, a former prince and an elder Malkavian - "Don't embrace boys." - 2012

Lucas Morgan: "Did you call me a Psychopath?"
Alicia: "Yes. You are a Psychopath. Why would I lie?" - 2012

While discussing her involvement in the recent Praxis attempt with (Prince) Luther Rommell - amidst a room of Gangrel itching for her blood... (Turns OFF Majesty) "I've said my peace, if you want your pound of flesh, we can step outside." - 2013

"Black Spiral Dancers? You mean the werewolf version of Setites?" - 04/2014

"If I ever run into Ben Miller, one of us is unlikely to escape alive. I'm fairly certain that someone is me, but such is the nature of our existence. Besides, everyone needs a nemesis." 2016



  • Is her sire's childer… and/or Is a Follower of Set, just like her Sire.
  • Was never really Acknowledged.
  • Thinks the Justicariate/inner council is just another "shadow coterie".
  • Is really a Toreador and/or is really Aurora Snow.
  • Knows more about the Toreador than most Toreador.
  • As a ghoul - was sold to the Giovanni by Gonovin Landrake after she killed his child.
    • (Rumor has it, he paid off the equivalent of a Life Boon with her.)
  • As a ghoul - was sold to Emory Hannalore because if it has value Ventrue must possess it.
  • Was once banished from Baltimore and Washington DC.
  • Only knows one joke and isn't "that nice."
  • Favorite t-shirt reads "Bite This."
  • Kindred she sketches often die shortly there after - coincidence?
  • Is one of the few people that actually liked Lucas Morgan, finding him efficient.
  • Has a love childe with Vincent Velario, and if its true she got her Mother's good looks.
  • Betrayed her clanmate Samantha Hart in the middle of a Praxis just for the promotion!
    • (Owes Luther Rommell a Life Boon for not killing her as a result of said Praxis.)
    • (Owes Evelyn Landrake a Life Boon for keeping Luther Rommell from killing her as a result of said Praxis.)
  • Does NOT want to be Prince. (And her family loves her for it.)
    • Does NOT want to be an Archon. (And her family loves her for it.)
  • Secretly despises her family.
  • Is known to have associated with the Sabbat.
  • Is part of a secret Camarilla Society.
  • Is only part of a not so secret society called the Camarilla.
  • Only has two goals, to outlive her enemies and prove she is not her sire.
  • Was called a Ventrooper and promptly beat the shit out of the Brujah that said it.
  • Once rampaged a warehouse full of specters because she was the only one that could get in.
  • Drank the Kool-Aid of a local cult, but at least it broke her attachment to the Setites.
  • Swam in a river of warm blood, and saved some for later.
  • Ran a guy over with her car twice, and got humanity once.
  • Went inside a Genie Lamp and wound up in Atlantis.


  • Was kidnapped by an infernal entity and held captive until her retainer happened to find her.
  • Went to hell for a “shard” while visiting the Old Dominion, and lost or left some things behind.


  • Sent a playlist to Megan Markle, her pet name for the Fallen Angel Merrick plaguing Baltimore.
  • Was on the front line for the fight against Cyberblade, and whispered something to him as he died.
  • Went on a Quest in a Dreaming and not only remembers, but has proof.
  • Was on the front line for the fight against Merrick, actually landing the final blow on the Fallen Angel.
  • Missed the boat at Glitter & Gloom after paying the price of admission...
  • Finally succeeded in proving she ‘hardly knows Duran’


  • Smokes a mean cigar, and loves to share.
  • Go-go-go-Godzilla!


(insert rumors please!!!)

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