Maryam al-Zarq Amatel Shahid

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Clan al-Amin
Position Safir
Status 0
Domain None
Coterie Ashirra (Sect)
Society ???
Path Heaven 0000
Player Kelly


Maryam al-Zarq Amatel Shahid 2016

Arabic Name Translation:
Mary, the Blue-Eyed Servant of the Martyr

Leah Rossetti

Apparent Age:
Young Adult


Physical description:
Maryam al-Zarq Amatel Shahid appears to be a petite Caucasian female somewhere in her twenties. While she does not give off the monstrous or predatory vibe of the truly Inhumane, she is pale and gaunt, and her features seem to have Sorrow and Grace permanently etched into the places where Humanity used to be. Those in her presence notice a sense of holiness that radiates from her. At times she almost seems to glow, her physical form blurring in an ephemeral ideal as her aura becomes palpable, but the impression fades if one looks too closely.

She typically wears boots and loose, modest clothing beneath a long white linen robe with a large hood. The robe can be buttoned closed to cover almost all of her skin, but in America she tends to wear it open at gatherings and to remove it when moving among the mortal population. Her hair is always covered by a loosely draped scarf, and she wears a black fingerless glove on her left hand.

Her accessories are far less plain than her clothing. She wears a rosary with olive wood beads and a stone cross around her neck. On her right wrist she wears a black elastic bracelet of white tiles depicting portraits of various saints, and a pendant with an engraving of two feathers. On her left wrist she wears a simple black leather band with a St. Benedict exorcism medallion. Other accessories are likely contained in the folds of her clothing.

Detailed Status:

  • Maryam al-Zarq Amatel Shahid is not a member of the Camarilla.
  • Maryam al-Zarq Amatel Shahid is a Safir, or Ambassador, from the Ashirra.

Character Information

Holy Aura

Known History


Mortal History
She was once an American missionary in the Middle East, providing emergency aid at refugee camps.
Spring 2015
Leah Rossetti was brought to Annapolis by her sire and introduced as an Independent Caitiff to Sovereign Prince Rook. Their appearance raised more than a few eyebrows - both were notably stand-offish and devoutly Catholic - but she was *Tolerated as a resident of the domain.
Summer 2015
Leah Rossetti began to travel throughout the domains of the Mid-Atlantic, lending assistance with various investigations. Her methods were somewhat odd, as rather than seeking out direct confrontation, she often went off on her own, only to emerge with unexpected answers or leads. She never raised a hand in violence. Remaining staunchly Independent, she refused to take part in the war between the Tower and the Sword. She was outspoken against harm to humans or even passively aiding those she considered 'of the Adversary.' Scrutiny only made her more aloof.
Fall 2015
Rumors spread of Leah Rossetti's startling influence in the region. She had gained the obvious favor and protection of multiple Princes and other luminaries, and was frequently seen in private conversations with them. Known to be skittish and flighty, she often disappeared for nights or weeks at a time and it was almost impossible to maintain consistent or reliable contact with her. She was *Tolerated in multiple Mid-Atlantic domains and frequently moved between them. She remained friendly and approachable when she was around.
Winter 2015-2016
The impact of Leah's presence in the region was even more profound, although how much of it was her doing was debated in not-so-quiet whispers. Humans were healthier and generally better cared for. Kindred with whom she kept company seemed more peaceful and even more Humane. She helped track down monsters spreading a supernatural virus in Baltimore, gathered information about humans who had made pacts with a demon in DC, held lengthy theological discussions in the court of Philadelphia, and minimized human casualties in Annapolis during various combats. She briefly hosted a visitor from the Ashirra to Annapolis, translating linguistic and cultural barriers.

Lent 2016
On the first Sunday of Lent, Leah disappeared - this time, it seemed, for good. Rumors abounded that she was fleeing for her life, though no one would speak openly of just who, or what, was supposedly hunting her. Some simply assumed she had withdrawn to observe her religion's holy season.

Spring 2016
The individual who returned in April had Leah Rossetti's face and memories, but the resemblance largely stopped there. She returned radiating the Holy Aura of her new Road, and with her third eye open. She stated that she had been reborn in Mecca, and that her name was now Maryam al-Zarq Amatel Shahid. No longer claiming to be Caitiff, she instead called herself al-Amin. No longer Independent, she announced herself as one of the Ashirra, sent as al-Safir, or Ambassador, to the West.

al-Safir Zarq's appearance rippled across the Camarilla's political landscape. She networked quickly, at first re-establishing ties with those in the Mid-Atlantic who knew her before, then reaching out to the Children of Haqim, Clan Nosferatu, and individuals known to be devout. Clans Toreador and Gangrel seemed to already have a rapport with her. She met with several Princes from across the country, and is rumored to have gained the favor of at least one Justicar.

Summer - Fall 2016
The Ambassador continued to travel, making appearances at Camarilla courts and Anarch gatherings alike. It is rumored that she also has connections within the Sabbat. With the rise of the Smoke, she served as a liaison with her Brethren in the Middle East to coordinate information and research. She is rumored to have somehow protected and healed souls of Kindred possessed and ravaged by the Smoke. In the midst of the turmoil, already tense relations with the Tremere reached a breaking point when, upon the leak of House Horned Society's documents to the public, she walked out of a 'diplomatic' meeting with Lucas Morgan in Baltimore.

The more well-connected she became, the more involved she became into researching the daeva. Those around her continued to become more Humane and more religious. The Tremere found themselves less and less welcome in the Mid-Atlantic, particularly when Lucas Morgan and Henry Jones perished. Rumor followed in the wake of such influence over the political landscape, whispers that she somehow controlled or manipulated others for nefarious ends. She spoke of occasional visits back to the Middle East, and always returned from such pilgrimages with new insights.

Winter - Spring 2017
The Ambassador continued to travel and network, establishing closer ties with other Faithful. At gatherings she was more frequently seen speaking quietly with people off to the side than participating in public discourse. She was seen speaking often with the Nosferatu, and more frequently still with the Assamites. Danger, it seemed, was catching up to her. She survived an assassination attempt by the Anarch Gargoyle Svin Doyle, who most believed was dominated by a Camarilla Tremere. Some of her more religious allies met with scandal as they struggled to balance their beliefs with their duty to the Camarilla. Most notably, when the Thunder Kings attacked Brother Ezekiel's monastery, she was outspoken against them and Brother Ezekiel abdicated his praxis. She attended a round-table discussion about the daeva in Brazil, where tension was observed from both sects regarding her presence.

Lent 2017
She spent the entirety of Lent back in Ashirra territory, withdrawing from politics to observe the holy season. Even once she returned, her availability was limited during Ramadan as well.

Summer 2017
Summer saw the Ambassador frequenting gatherings in the Mid-Atlantic again, and traveling often to visit with other dignitaries. Whatever she had experienced in the holy lands had changed her, and she increased her efforts to connect with other Faithful. These efforts saw long-anticipated reunions and unexpected alliances. At a large Anarch celebration, she survived yet another assassination attempt during which the fortress where she was havening was burned to the ground. As rumor and commentary spread about the risks associated with offering sanctuary to this al-Amin, she herself has made no public statement and her appearances have become more scarce. It is not yet known how the Ashirra will respond.



The Sect to which Maryam al-Zarq Amatel Shahid claims to belong is so obscure that few have heard of it.
Arabic Translation: "The Brethren"
OOC: This term requires very specific Lores to recognize. Please check with your ST.


The significance of this role is unclear, leaving many questions about appropriate respect, formality, and etiquette.
Arabic Translation: "Ambassador," also "Envoy" or "Emissary"
OOC: This is comparable to the new 'consul' position, but not officially recognized.


The name of the Clan to which Maryam al-Zarq Amatel Shahid claims to belong is so obscure that few have heard of it.
Arabic Translation: "The Virtuous Ones"
OOC: This term requires very specific Lores to recognize. Please check with your ST.





"My only enemy is the Adversary."


A few have met him.
Maryam refuses to speak of him.


None Known


A few have met him.
Maryam refuses to speak of him.




"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
- Jeremiah 29:11

"We live in a world where it takes courage to have Faith. Our sight is so accustomed to the darkness that we would extinguish even a single flame for the momentary discomfort while our eyes adjust, before we think to look and see what it illuminates."

  • "Where have you been?"
  • "You are Hope."
  • "This changes...everything."
  • "You have truly been the face of God for me tonight."
  • "Okay. SHE scares me." - Jenny Talia

Maryam: "I'm sorry - I was going to to warn you..."
Prince Pagan: "That's okay, I've been around Catholics before."

On the Salubri antitribu: "The Furies are, at best, a tragic reminder of what they can never be again, and at worst, a deliberately twisted mockery of our once-noble purpose. They are told they have no place to belong, driven mad by anger they do not understand, and sent to die on a battlefield not of their making - the only home they know. They have lost their way."

On the Tremere: "They are afraid that I might be what they have been told I am, and they are afraid that I might not be. It is heartbreaking, for those who know no better. Only the guilty are guilty. As more and more of them are implicated in infernalism, however, the more difficult it is to resist the temptation to dismiss them all. I will not be a hypocrite."

On the Camarilla: "I remain at the threshold. I have not yet gone back to the Holy Lands to tell my Brethren that their doubts about the West were justified, because I see the potential for faith to bolster this Community. I continue to be grateful to those Princes who offer hospitality and protection, and within their Domains I will be a guest worthy of their courtesy. The Ivory Tower's aversion to Cainite history and its policies allowing for the practice of infernalism - particularly by the Tremere - are more difficult for me to explain to the Mullah. Even so, I would not be here unless I believed we could all do better."

On the Anarch Movement: "Their loosely-structured network of close-knit Communities, and all the variety that comes from such a framework, is familiar to me, and their regard for human life is admirable. I have been welcomed in many Anarch territories and I always learn something new when I am there. Their fierce dedication to free will often prevents them from submitting to the will of Heaven, and their insistence that they are permitted to behave as they wish has led to some unnecessarily unpleasant social interactions. For the most part, though, their 'live and let live' attitude allows for personal relationships to form with those who have an interest, without troubling those whose ways are different...I am still trying to understand why they are angry with me when I do not shout."

On the Sabbat: "The Ashirra are not at war with the Sabbat. We recognize that their society is built on faith, and that it is made up of individuals. That said, their practices are evil, their governance structure is a deliberate mockery of the Holy Catholic Church, and their beliefs are heretical. I prefer to avoid them when possible, and to approach rare interactions with a great deal of caution."


  • Dat third eye tho!
  • Infernal - It's the only real explanation.
  • Can cure infernalism - She cleanses the soul.
  • True Faith - as a vampire?
  • Diablerist - She's obsessed with souls.
  • Mukhtar Bey's childe - F'ing Caitiff...
  • Hunted - You do not want to know.
  • Protected - You do not want to know.
  • Persecuted - You do not want to know.
  • Sabbat - They're the religious freaks after all.
  • Possessed - Rebirth? Right...
  • From Mecca - Wait, is that possible?
  • Holds everyone in thrall - but how?
  • Pawn in the jyhad - but whose?
  • Angel or Jedi - check out that robe
  • Why now? - After all this time...