Alec Finch

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Clan Ventrue
Status 6+3
Domain Griffin, GA
Coterie Unknown
Society Ivory Legion
Path Humanity 0
Player Roddy


Professionalism and experience. Illustration done by Keri Svoboda

Alias(es): None publicly used

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Mid-to-late forties.

Concept: Consultant

Physical description: 6' even, about 180 lbs, short salt-and-pepper hair. Wire-frame glasses, business dress with slacks, dress shirt, and black sport coat. Tie optional, usually green. Leather laptop bag. Wears a lapel pin that looks like a scaled egg; this replaced his formerly ever-present American flag.

Personal Status:

  • Acknowledged by James Branderson, Prince of Kansas City, KS
  • Resourceful by Prince Jennings of Mounts Clair, ND
  • Respected by Elder Churchill of Griffin, GA
  • Well-Connected by Prince Marzio Rosselli of Middle Georgia
  • Devoted by Primogen Jan van Rheinlander of Griffin, GA
  • Persistent by Seneschal Ferro Romono of Griffin, GA

Honorary Status:

  • Valorous as a Legion Centurion
  • Dignified as a Dignitary of the Camarilla
  • Respected as a Scion of the Camarilla

"Someone else picked it out for me." Prop created by JessicaScissorhands.
"This seems more appropriate for you." - Charles McMillan

Dignitas (Ventrue Only):

  • The Equerry
  • The Sword
  • The Serpentine Egg
  • The White Cross

Directorate/Clan Prestige (Ventrue Only):

  • Eiren of Georgia
  • 2 Clan Prestige

Character Information

Known History

"They have chosen to join their sacred honor with our own, to bring certain destruction upon the enemies of the Camarilla." Illustration by Artie.

Alec was in Griffin in its first nights as a Camarilla domain, but disappeared soon after. He has since been seen in Savannah, Athens, Atlanta, and Middle Georgia.

He presents himself as a strict rationalist with survival of the Kindred race as his first and guiding principle. Alec speaks at length about the problems of limited resources and marshaling them towards ends that will get the most return on investment, while playing down his stake in financial matters and markets. Instead, he speaks "from a security perspective," gladly explaining risk management theory to any who will listen.

Alec strongly advocates prestation and the use of boons to settle debts in Camarilla society. He has spoken at gathers in Macon, Athens, and Atlanta about what he sees as pillars of the Camarilla, coming down harshly on those he believes weaken the boon economy. Alec has taken his points to the international Camarilla forum, writing on the necessity of Kindred getting paid to fight off a growing movement of citizens volunteering services "for the good of the domain."

With this perspective and background, Alec stripped three of his fellow Ventrue (a Keeper, a Prince, and a Sovereign Prince) over their allowance of a self-described "mummy" to live in Atlanta and Griffin as a "ghoul." He quickly lost his primogen seat, but recovered by becoming Deputy Sheriff and enlisting in the Ivory Legion.

Alec continues his efforts to protect the Masquerade not only by addressing issues himself, but by putting his expertise on the market and hosting salons, giving lectures, and holding informal conversations on the topic. He has made public offers to instruct Camarilla Kindred in skills commonly needed to address these kinds of situations. There is no need for a one-man war. If all Kindred bear responsibility for keeping the Masquerade, Alec is determined to see to it that they have the right tools...and no excuses.

His consulting background never too far from the foreground, Alec advises Princes, Sheriffs, and others on tactical issues, stressing the need for coordination and discipline. On multiple occasions, he has been given field commands in operations against enemies of the Camarilla like Sabbat, lupines, and hunters. He strives to lead by example and is not afraid to put himself on the front lines against such foes, but often works with younger members of Camarilla domains to instill military values in them, sometimes to the point of actively recruiting for the Ivory Legion among those same younger Kindred. His work as Servire to Archon Dubhan saw him mostly in Griffin, and he has since moved on to his next assignment, working again as a Servire, with Archon Hannah Martin.

After a year under Archon Martin, Finch has been tapped by Prince [Aribella Jones] of Griffin, GA to serve as Seneschal.

He is often seen working with young Kindred who've found themselves serving in Camarilla positions, explaining the ways of the world and advising them how to work towards prosperity and stability. His modus operandi leans strongly towards collaboration: those who show themselves willing to invest in themselves and put in the work have find Alec always willing to lend a hand to help them reach their goals. Those who want anything handed to them usually receive colder receptions...if they're lucky. Should such entitled attitudes impede what he sees as his duties to the Camarilla, Alec demonstrates calculated ruthlessness in addressing such dissidents, with relatively minimal consideration for who it might offend. Those with more standing should know bettter, after all.

Alec Finch's time as Seneschal ended abruptly when Prince Jones met Final Death, and he met it himself shortly thereafter while destroying a Sabbat pack with perfect Masquerade cover.


Ivory Legion


Yes, he probably is this mad at you. Illustration by Sheryl Westleigh.


  • Ephraim the Mummy
  • Dr. Ion
    • Now Jack the Lasombra since his forced Embrace


  • Bradley Standish


  • None known


  • None known

Character Inspirations

Illustration by Artie.



  • "Someone else picked it out for me." - Alec, to Petra Grunwald-Cole when asked about his new lapel pin.
  • "Raise your standards."
  • "My name is Alec Finch. I'm Ivory Legion, and the Prince has seen fit to give me command of this mission. You will follow my orders. You will not hesitate to do so. We will march together to hell's teeth itself, and if you run, I will get Right of Destruction and cut you down myself. Do you understand me?"
  • "To Camarilla justice. Long may it reign." - a toast with Cora Giovanni.
  • "I'm not afraid to speak truth to power. There is no greater form of respect."
  • "We do not defeat our enemies by becoming them."
  • "I won't argue that he wasn't an ass, but he was also one of the most honourable Ventrue I have ever known. His loss is indeed a loss to the Camarilla. I will miss him." - Rachel Dubhan


Views from outside. Drawn by Dora Jay.
  • An affair turned foul is the cause of his departure from each domain he has left.
    • (Ventrue only) Hence that shiny new Serpentine Egg?
  • Alec Finch would steal from an orphanage if it would get him a quick buck.
    • But moreso because he was an orphan as a child, and still hates the places.
  • Betrayed his Prince and the Ventrue by publicly airing dirty laundry considering the "ghoul" Ephraim.
    • Just an excuse to strip his more accomplished clanmates of status to elevate his own position.
      • Of all the Archons around to be servire to, why would the Ventrue go with a Toreador with a long history of antagonism towards his clan? Hmm...
  • Alec was allegedly involved in the disappearance of one of his Georgia clanmates. Was destroying the standing of the local Ventrue not enough?
  • Punted spectres back into the deadlands through a painting.
  • I am Prosymnus.
  • Finch seems to be almost single-handedly managing the Legion. Makes one wonder where the Imperator and Legatus are with Finch running the show, hmm?