Dawn Kane

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Clan Brujah
Position Seneschal
Status 4+1+3
Domain Twin Cities, MN
Coterie Unnaturals
Society Ivory Legion
Path Humanity 0
Player brifrost77@gmail.com



Alias(es): Dawn Halliwell, The Dusk Crusader

Real Name: Dawn Kane

Apparent Age: Late Twenties

Concept: Biker Gang Queen

Physical description: 5'10", short black hair with shaved sides, heavily tattooed.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged - (Prince Doctor Abner Baker Junior of Knoxville TN)
  • Brave - ("The Dread" Thomas Charles Montgomery of the Twin Cities MN)
  • Brave x2 - (Prince Dr. Adrienne Stratton of the Twin Cities MN)
  • Resourceful - (Prince Dr. Adrienne Stratton of the Twin Cities MN)
  • Valorous as a Legionnaire of the Ivory Legion
  • Cherished as Seneschal of the Twin Cities Domain
  • Esteemed as Seneschal of the Twin Cities Domain
  • Trusted as Seneschal of the Twin Cities Domain

Character Information

Dawn is a brash, violent, impatient and often flippant die-hard supporter of the Camarilla. Often describing herself as a "grunt" for the Ivory Tower, Dawn generally scoffs at the more social aspects of the Tower's structure, believing that its not the world where she belongs. She instead haunts the battle lines where the Camarilla and its enemies draw closest, "fighting in the trenches so the politicians and the artisans don't have to."

Though in human society she runs a number of criminal enterprises, to the Tower she is a soldier to the core, and will not hesitate to throw herself into dangerous situations to defend the Camarilla's interests. She is frequently seen in the middle of the fight, drawing attention away from others with a spiked chain in one hand and a hand-cannon revolver in the other. When the situation allows, she fights while riding a motorcycle, capitalizing both on the mobility and the attention the loud engine draws her way.

Known History

Before her embrace in 1989, Dawn was the co-leader of a biker gang with her husband Warren. While small, the gang made a name for itself with a sort of Robin Hood attitude, supporting the homeless population with their various gains. They were also among the first biker gangs to begin the trend of showing up to court cases for matters of child abuse, protecting the kids from having to interact with their abusers outside the courthouse. While the gang's name has long since changed, Dawn still seems to maintain this philosophy with the humans she commands.

She doesn't talk about the night of her Embrace to many people, but what is known is that her Sire embraced both her and Warren in the same night, and it is believed that neither of them would have survived the night had he not done so.

Dawn went through her accounting with Warren in Knoxville, with both of them becoming acknowledged after several years. The Clan Primogen (their Sire) held a party in honor of the couples' success, but the party turned bloody when Sabbat attacked the bar where the party was being held. Warren, it turned out, had betrayed the Sect in favor of joining the Sabbat, and had leaked the location of the party so that the rebels could attack it. Warren left with the Sabbat, leaving Dawn badly injured and their sire dead.

Dawn spent a number of years in Knoxville after this, hoping to clear her name of the stigma attached to it through her estranged husband's actions. Eventually she decided to pack up and leave, moving north to the Twin Cities where she was welcomed into the Domain. She resides there now, assisting the Tower as she can while keeping hawkish vigilance for any sign of her traitorous broodmate, venomously promising to kill him on sight.


The Unnaturals - A 'Fixer' coterie based out of the Twin Cities focused on protecting the Domain from threats that can only be resolved through violence that was formed and sponsored by the Brujah Primogen.



  • Warren Kane


Cameron Rodgers, Former Brujah Primogen of Knoxville TN (Deceased)




  • Warren Kane

Character Inspirations

The Boss - Saints Row Series
Jason Todd - Batman: Under the Red Hood
Jack - Mass Effect Series
Dani Rojas - Far Cry 6


"Bat out of Hell" - Meatloaf
"Knights of Cydonia" - Muse
"Born to be Wild" - Steppenwolf
"Prisoner's Song" - Dropkick Murphy's
"Raise Hell" - Dorothy
"The Trooper" - Iron Maiden
"War Pigs" - Black Sabbath
"Bad Reputation" - Joan Jett


Bri OOC!

  • "Fuck. Waiting."
  • "Fucked up situations call for fucked up solutions."
  • *Ripping open an elevator door* "Security key cards are for bitches. When I say this is my floor, it's my goddamn floor."
  • "I'm going to start hitting you now. I do not think I am going to stop."
  • "Listen, I take fuckin' pride in the fact that somewhere out there there's a Ventrue who made a visual dictionary and my mugshot made it next to the word "uncouth".
  • "I don't care if you have a bunch of darkness demons from the darkness dimension, These hands can summon punch energy from the punch dimension and I fuckin' dig my odds."
  • "I'm a grunt. I've dedicated my existence to fighting anything that comes at the Ivory Tower. I'm here to do get my ass covered in gore and viscera so that you have the luxury of sitting in your art gallery thinking that the Camarilla exists through the strength of your puppet strings alone - and that's okay. I'm fine with that. But don't you DARE call me fuckin' lesser just because I get my hands dirty."


  • The reason she still goes by Kane instead of defaulting to her Maiden Name is because she still loves Warren, even though she won't admit it.
  • She hates Anarchs more than the Sabbat.
  • There's no way that someone who revels in violence and chaos as much as she does is really as die-hard a Camarilla Loyalist as she says... right?
  • She dreams of becoming an Archon someday.