Roxanne Maddox

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Clan Ventrue
Position Steward
Status 5 + 1
Domain Annapolis
Coterie None
Society Ivory Legion
Path Humanity 00
Player Gabriela


Roxanne Maddox

Alias(es): Roxy

Real Name: Roxanne Maddox

Apparent Age: 29

Concept: Bodyguard

Physical description: Roxanne Maddox stands about 5'5 and has a prowling gait. With stormy blue grey eyes, olive skin, and black hair, her classic Italian features lend a severity to her stoic demeanor. She tends to dress in a way to reflect her professional nature.

Detailed Status:
- Acknowledged

- Feared given by Tom Anderson of the Old Dominion

- Loyal given by Prince Nelson Barrington of Old Dominion

- Valiant given by Sovereign Prince Rook of Annapolis

- Valorous given by Sovereign Prince Deems of San Francisco

- Valorous as a member of the Ivory Legion

Known History

Roxanne Maddox is no stranger to gang warfare and turbulence. Spending most of her time between New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Atlantic City has made an urban commando of the feisty young lady. Either way, her newest post in St. Augustine Florida is a curious assignment, decidedly lacking in glitz and glamour that marks her previous residences. Whether it's the Big Apple, the Big Easy, or now, St. Augustine, she's going to get done whatever she needs to do.

October 2019

- Part of the St. Augustine delegation to a gathering in North Virginia. Roxanne was also part of the team that recovered the Toreador Primogen for Prince Oliver.

- Named a Deputy under Sheriff Ames Underhill of the domain of St. Augustine.

February 2020 - Named Sheriff of St. Augustine by Prince Charlotte Cartwright

March 2020 - Attended a gathering in Baltimore where she was recruited into the Ivory Legion and spoke before the gathering to give a brief eulogy for Sovereign Prince Christine Strauss.

July 2020 - Was honored by Lord Tiberius to assume the mantle of Primogen of Clan Ventrue in St. Augustine.

February 2021 - Personally dealt the deathblow to two packmates of the Abomination Annalise Rowlands.

March 2021 - Moved to the domain of Annapolis.

December 2021 - Became a Steward under Keeper Morgan Trevani.

January 2022 - Hosted her yearly NYE party to wild success, with Justicar Lotharius himself making an appearance

June 2022 - Reduced in status by 1 and demoted within the Ivory Legion for unclear reasons.


Ivory Legion


Corkie Pelligrino

Alec Finch - Deceased

Sheniver Dubois

Tobias Boon

Nasir al Din

Adrian Waters

Morgan Trevani

Alicia Knight

Tom Anderson


Fuck around and find out




Character Inspirations

Charon, Ares, and Cassian from John Wick 2

The Godfather 1 & 2




"Come With Me" - Puff Daddy feat. Jimmy Page

"Killing Strangers" - Marilyn Manson

"Ich Will" - Rammstein

"The Hills" - The Weeknd

"Whispers in the Dark" - Skillet

"Got Your Six" - Five Finger Death Punch

"#1" - Nelly

"Die Another Day" - Madonna

"In For The Kill" - La Roux Skream Remix


"Shut up and fight me."

"We are the clan of Kings. In leadership, we also serve... And it's not always what we want but... it falls to us to do what must be done."

"I'd rather not get staked with my own olive branch."

"Ash the fuckers."

"Does it hurt? Feeling your being flake and ash into the dust of time? How does it feel? That final burn, knowing you failed to aspire and instead pass into little more than faded royalty..." - Roxanne whispering in a Kindred's ear as he ashed.


  • Roxanne once defeated an alien monstrosity with a snoot boop.
  • Roxanne has enjoyed a rapid rise in the ranks of the Ivory Legion. I'm sure nepotism has nothing to do with it...
  • Roxanne is cursed to never speak before raising her hand.
  • Roxanne once locked toreador in a room with barrels of paint, just to see what would happen.
  • Roxanne almost always has a spare grenade in a pocket.