Augustine St. Just

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Clan Nosferatu
Position None
Status 4
Domain Nomadic
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Via Noctis 000
Player Brad



Alias(es): The Black Saint, The Bogeyman, Don Carlos Fernando, Clevant "Dogmeat" Jones

Apparent Age: Mid 40s

Concept: Torturer/Monster

Physical description: Unknown, typically covers every visible inch of skin. Height and apparent weight vary dramatically.

Detailed Status: Acknowledged, Feared, Watchful, Resourceful

Character Information

Known History

"What I was before is irrelevant, what I am now even more so. What good are names and histories to we whom rewrite both to keep ourselves hidden from the world? All you need know is that my sire was a holy man and a crusader. He tired of the never ending battle against evil and felt that if perhaps he understood his enemy better he might find the key to their end. So he embraced me and I did not disappoint."


Asmodai, Interrogator Chaplain (Warhammer 40k)
Adelai Nisska (Firefly Series)



Clan Tzimisce
Voudoun Necromancers


Alois St. Just (deceased)


Veldrane St. Just
Alexander St. Just


Germaine St. Just (MIA)
Constantine St. Just (deceased)
Gregorian St. Just (deceased)


I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin
Bad Company - Five Finger Death Punch
Angels with Dirty Faces - All American Rejects
Pray for Death - Cold Mercy


"All sentient beings lie, for all of them have something they wish to hide. Take a man and strip him of all that he owns, kill all that matters to him, and deny him a future in this or any other world. When you have torn away all that surrounds and left him utterly alone in his very last moment, then and only then, will he display honesty." -Augustine on making friends

"Do not fear God, little one, for his mercy is infinite and extends to all but my cursed kind. My mercy, however, atrophied long ago. Confess your sins and I shall usher you into His loving hand swiftly, but continue to lie to me and you will spend an eternity with my full attention. You will meet Him penitent or not at all." -Augustine on religion

"When you want information that you could get just listening in Elysiums, you go speak to my clan. When you want information of actual value, you come to me." -Augustine on Nosferatu

"I think the next time I need to punish someone in my domain I'm just going to leave them alone in a room with Augustine for 30 minutes." -Prince Murray x

"Look at Augustine. He has a half face you can trust!" -Prince Murray x

"Whose side is Augustine on? I think it's pretty obvious, really. He's on Augustine's side. You can count on him to do the thing that benefits him the most. The trick is in figuring out what that is." -Daniel "Mac" McDonald


  • Is often accused of possessing "illegal" disciplines, despite numerous interrogations showing otherwise
  • May be a (very poorly disguised) Sabbat infiltrator
  • Is a self-confessed diablerist
  • Is often used as the Scary Big Brother of Clan Nosferatu
  • Is Clan Noferatu's leading expert on infernalism
  • Was one of only three Nosferatu who participated in the assault on Chorazin
  • Has some sort of coterie with Nakki of Clan Assamite
  • Charges very high prices for his information, but not unless he knows it's worth it
  • Is disliked or feared by most kindred, but considered too useful to kill
  • Has been called the "Shade of the North"