Razi Massoud

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Clan Assamite
Position None
Status 4
Domain ???
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Lin McP


Character (kinda)

Alias(es): Razi
Real Name: not publicly known
Apparent Age: very early 20's
Concept: Warder (was Masquerade Cleaner/Priest on the Battlefield)

Physical description: Razi looks like a shorter, athletically-curvy woman with dark auburn hair and grey eyes. Going on appearance, she's a mix between Spanish, North African/Arabic, and Eastern European. Her accent is a soft Turkish; when traveling to other domains, she's been seen to wear a loose head-scarf, sometimes with a pair of headphones hidden under the folds.

Appearance: 3

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Mustafa of Istanbul, Turkey
  • Dedicated by former Prince Morgan Wynn Howell of the Twin Cities
  • Brave by former Prince Morgan Wynn Howell of the Twin Cities
  • Resourceful by Prince Zphonco Davinovich of Milwaukee, WI

(CoH Only: Aspirant Sister of Dragons)

Character Information

Quiet and curious, Razi is almost never without a small notebook and her string of glass prayer beads, which see several dozen turns over the course of any gather night. She is trained as a Rabbi and is willing to speak with whomever needs her services. Likewise, she prefers to listen to the conversation, rather than be the focus of it. When at gathering, she actively tries to be helpful in whatever situation she finds herself in. In less-than-friendly situations, she becomes protective of those around her, doing her best to get non-combatants out of dangerous areas. Lately, however, she's been seen to loosen up at times from her normal overly-polite mannerisms; some are hoping it becomes a permanent change.

Known History

Razi first showed up within the Camarilla many years ago in Istanbul, joining her family members in Prince Mustafa's court and seeking Acknowledgement. She remained there until March of 2011, when she relocated to the Twin Cities to escape the "Arab Spring" discontent. Initially, she was seen mostly with other Children of Haqim, such as then-Prince Morgan Wynn Howell and clanmates from the Winona and La Crosse domains. Her Probationary sect standing was removed by Justicar Maris Streck in June 2011 after an official visit to Cardiff, and she began working more closely with the other residents on several different matters.

She was named as one of two Lesser Harpies to Alex Randal in early December 2011. On December 30th, she entered into combat with infernalists and their demon masters in St. Cloud with a combined force of Camarillians and Sabbat; she was one of only seven Court residents to make the return trip. Both Harpy Randal and the second of his Lessers, a Nosferatu called Katarina, were both killed in action, making her the only surviving link to the Harpy records, which she passed on after a month to the new Harpy.

She was seen being escorted (almost exclusively) by Primogen Alabastor Haroukin of Baltimore at the 2012 Midwinter Ball, presumably as his date for the event.

After the ceding of Praxis by former-Prince Howell, Razi became the only Child of Haqim within the domain; after two months and (two Praxis seizures), Razi gave notice of vacancy with no forwarding domain. She has not been seen or heard from publicly since.


I think not.


Children of Haqim (by no means an exhaustive list):
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A few others she gets along reasonably well with:
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  • demons
  • the infernal

After her experiences thus far, she's learned that paranoia can be useful. She doesn't claim specific Kindred enemies per se, but she certainly gets watchful.

The Massoud Family

Rohan Massoud

Rishi Massoud

Rue Massoud
Roland Massoud
Others unknown



Rohan's Broodmates:

Rishi's Broodmates:
Reva Massoud
Nadia Love

Reva's Childer:
Rani Massoud
Rashne Massoud

Nadja's Childer:

Character Inspirations

[As a player, I like to put up plenty of stuff so that other people might come across something they can use ;) ]

  • Gulseren, my Research Methods professor from Turkey
  • My good friend Wren, who's Jewish and Puerto Rican: "...both at the same time."
    • In LARP terms, Wren's like a real-life Zio!, but as a straight woman with less glitter. I kid you not.
  • Hana Tajima Simpson, someday maybe
  • Delenn, G'Kar, Lyta Alexander, and the Rangers from Babylon 5
  • Tex, Church and Grif from Red vs. Blue
  • The Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  • Billy Covington from Air America (Rishi is Gene Ryack)
  • Spike Spiegel and Ed from Cowboy Bebop and Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (Knockin' on Heaven's Door)
  • Samurai Champloo
  • Riza Hawkeye from the Full Metal Alchemist series
  • Tali'Zorah and Thane Krios from the Mass Effect game series
  • Door and Hunter from Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere
  • Jewish Folktales; selected and retold by Pinhas Sadeh
  • Lilith's Cave: Jewish Tales of the Supernatural; selected and retold by Howard Schwartz, Illustrated by Uri Shulevitz
  • The abundance of cultural tidbits and folk music I've picked up on over the years
  • That darned military upbringing of mine...
  • My personal interests in history, religion, spirituality, environmental studies, and politics


Stance Punks- No Boy No Cry
Lauryn Hill- Everything is Everything
Green Day- 21 Guns
The Replacements- Can't Hardly Wait [Demo Version]
Stealers Wheel- Stuck in the Middle With You
Linkin Park- Waiting for the End
Moby- Extreme Ways
Gogol Bordello- My Companjera
They Might Be Giants- Istanbul, not Constantinople
Asian Kung-Fu Generation- Blue Train
ZZ Top- La Grange
Ellen McLain- Cara Mia [aka Portal 2 Turret Opera]


DJ Dain- That Long Train Ride
Massive Attack- Dissolved Girl
The Seatbelts- Hamduche (feat. Hassan Bohmide)
Nujabes- Imaginary Folklore (feat. Clammbon)
Dmitri Kabalevski- Op. 26, The Comedians: Comedian's Gallop
Radiohead- I Might Be Wrong
Blues Image- Ride Captain Ride
Poets of the Fall- Roses
Two Steps from Hell- Little Ben
Mumford and Sons- Hopeless Wanderer
Joe Hisaishi- Mononoke Hime: Tabidachi Nishi He (Journey to the West)
Corvus Corax- Qui Nous Demaine
Counting Crows- Raining in Baltimore
Gackt- Tsuki no Uta


The Seatbelts- Green Bird (feat. Gabriela Robin)
Garmarna- Paso
The Seatbelts- Fingers
Yoko Kanno- Smile
The Pillows- Black Sheep
Murray Gold- Doctor Who: The Impossible Planet
Puscifer- Momma Sed
Fountains of Wayne- Sink to the Bottom
The Pixies- Where is my Mind


  • "The only thing that could've made that funny was if you had some dice on hand and found an enchanted ring."
  • "Wait... safe word for what?"
  • "You're Jewish, but you don't act like a Jew. I like you... you know what, I'm going to print you up some pamphlets." (Sigurd "Bloodhammer" Skraelholm, aka Varg (deceased))
  • "If we didn't know any better, we'd think she was pursuing her own agenda :)" (Alex Randal (deceased))
  • "Gods above and below..."
  • "I haven't asked what the hell happened yet, but then again I've been sober enough to see what's been going on when it did."
  • On being (or becoming?) a Massoud: "Well, it's not a Hellmouth... sure, why not."
  • "I wouldn't say I was running from anything... ...I would rather think I'm looking to be somewhere I'm freer to be useful."


  • She's a seer and an oracle.
  • Eiken only likes her because of her Sire.
  • She doesn't get the whole "all Assamites are Muslim" thing.
    • Had to correct a Nosferatu on the subject, promising him none of her Clan-mates wanted to kill her for her religion or vice-versa.
  • Oh yeah, she's Rishi's kid alright... she just needs something to trigger his kind of crazy.
  • Razi was a "cleaner" for the Assamites of the Twin Cities. She did the wet-work Morgan couldn't do himself.
  • Considers herself a continual failure, which is why she's so forgiving to everyone around her.
  • Is being scouted for a different religion.
  • Turned down the position of Keeper because she didn't want to be exiled from the domain.
  • Is purposefully attempting to undermine her own advancement in the Camarilla.
  • Managed to offend Alexei Semago during a memorial service for the dead and was involved in a blood feud with him. She's still alive.
  • Has a lot of potential if she can manage to get out of Howell's Shadow.
  • Betrayed former Prince Sylphain Delille in a fight with now-Prince Alexei Semago.
  • Is a tiny hippo.
  • Hasn't been seen recently... maybe Howell came back to finish the job.
  • Got kicked out of the Twin Cities for reminding Prince Semago that the Children of Haqim were assassins before the Russians thought it was cool.