Rani Massoud

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Clan Assamite
Position Deceased
Status 3 + 1
Domain Stamford, CT
Coterie Unknown
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Ash B


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Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Maybe 20 or 21, Rani is cursed with always getting carded.

Concept: Seer and family counselor.

Physical description: Rani carries herself well. Her Spanish heritage and Jordanian blood mix to create a girl with almond-shaped dark eyes and full lips, but her skin is pale, despite this ethnic heritage and the tendencies of her clan. Her hair is either left loose and straight or caught up with an ink pen, and she can usually be found with bangles on her wrist, long dangling earrings, and a small belled anklet of silver. Her clothing tends toward the loose and flowing, with long skirts and comfortable tunic tops being her preferred fashion, though she's tried to Americanize herself and wear jeans. She has shown herself capable of dressing well for formal events, though she tends not to. She claims her duties during such things do not lend themselves well to wearing fancy dresses.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Mustafa of Istanbul
  • Intrepid by Prince Tara O'Brien, for duties pertaining to her role as Keeper of the Arcanum.

(Stripped in 2015 by the Harpy of Stamford.)

  • Feared by Prince Jasper Abbott, for actions taken in the Siege of Hartford against the Sabbat.

(Stripped in 2015 by the Harpy of Stamford.)

  • Respected by Prince Leif Swann, for aid in taking the city of Stamford, CT, from the Sabbat.

(Stripped in 2015 by the Seneschal of Stamford.)

  • Feared by Prince Marissa Haverly, for actions taken against the Sabbat over time.
  • Cherished by Prince Che Valiente, for actions taken safeguarding the lives of hundreds of mortals against the Sabbat.

Known History

Little is really known about her within the Ivory Tower. The quiet Childe of Haqim was brought by her sire to Istanbul sometime in 2001, trained in the ways of the Camarilla, and was Acknowledged. In 2011, she was sent to the Americas from Istanbul, where she studied with a small group of fellow Children after her Acknowledgement. For many nights she stayed in Westchester, New York, with her sire Reva. Her visions of the tumult of the Year of Fire unnerved her greatly, and she came back to her sire's side as a result, to offer what aid she could. The initial adjustment period wasn't easy on her, and the scholar's unflappable calm was visibly flapped. She never strayed far from Reva, and she never seemed able to relax without being near her sire or others of her blood.

In 2012, she resurfaced in Hartford to help with the problems of the domain, accepting a temporary position as Prince Pyotrevna's Keeper of the Arcanum to help deal with the Orphic Circle and various nasties as they cropped up. After the Northeast Event of that year, she gladly gave up her position to avoid confusion with Jasper Abbot, another Assamite sorcerer who had recently been promoted to Sheriff of Hartford. Rani withdrew again - this time to just outside of Hartford, where her friend, the recently deceased Jack Sawyer, had made his home.

In July 2013, she made a customary appearance in Westchester, NY, to simply "check on the domain and see how things are going" - what she saw troubled her greatly. She stayed in order to help handle the Sabbat presence and the spirit world's upheaval, but it seemed like a matter of time until politics drove her back to her quiet mountain. To aid in efforts, she accepted a post as Keeper of the Arcanum under Tara O'Brien. Around that time, she befriended most of the Ventrue in southern New England, including Henry Brackenbury, at that time the Ventrue Primogen of Hartford, and the two are known to be close allies in combat.

Rani moved with the domain of Westchester, NY, to take residency in Stamford, CT. She has become a Primogen in the court of Prince Che Valiente, and seems to be dealing with her more public role as best she can. Most of her time during gatherings is spent in meetings or in open court, and she has taken on the role of occult teacher for some of the less-experienced Kindred in the domain. She has recently been embroiled in scandal, but has maintained silence whenever questioned about it.

She is known to see the future, and to have the ability to communicate with the dead. Rani has quietly mentioned on a couple occasions that she was targeted for the Embrace by a Malkavian of the Sabbat, and that Reva saved her.


Rani has no established coterie, and if not in the company of her clanmates, can either be found sitting alone somewhere with lovely scenery, or in the company of members of clan Ventrue. She is known to be close with three members of that clan in particular: the Ventrue Primogen of Stamford, Tara O'Brien, the Harpy of Hartford, Kingston Lennox, and the Seneschal of Hartford, Henry Brackenbury.



More than a few, but less than everyone.




Character Inspirations


Led Zeppelin - "Kashmir"

Placebo - "Running Up That Hill"

The Heavy - "Short Change Hero"

Neil Young - "The Needle and the Damage Done"

Death Cab for Cutie - "Someday You Will Be Loved"


  • "Why couldn't you see it? It went up his veins like poison... into his heart and his eyes. When he looked at me... he wasn't there. It was just hatred."

Rani: "Hey, don't kill them, we need to focus on the mission here."

Bonnie: "I thought killing them was the mission."

Rani: "Well, uh... good job focusing on the mission, then."

- Talking Bonnie, the former Baron of the Anarchs, out of her frenzy while they were raiding the Sabbat.


  • She isn't just as mad as the hatter, she's worse.
  • Rani spends so little time at gatherings because she has philosophical differences with the rest of her clan.
  • Rani has mastered the art of making items of great power, but is notoriously picky about who she chooses to present with such gifts. Those looking to befriend her simply to receive magical items will never get them.
  • For all that she seems to shy away from the Malkavians, they usually seem to be on the same page.
  • During the Siege of Hartford in September of 2013, Rani played an instrumental role in the fight by magically subduing an elder Gangrel antitribu and, later, by fearlessly attacking a group of Sabbat engaged in pinning down her allies. That time, she didn't use magic. She used gasoline.
  • Certain Kindred have been manipulating Rani into speaking scandalously of the Prince of Dubai. She has denied all of this and stated that her words were twisted and purposefully misunderstood.
  • During the Northeast Event of 2013, Rani spent a great deal of time talking with Prince Alexander P. Keefe. He seemed very attentive to her...