Rue Massoud

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Clan Assamite
Position None
Status 5
Domain Lehigh Valley, PA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Kaela


Rue looks vaguely like this. Vaguely.


Real Name: She doesn't share this, but some that knew her before the embrace know her real name.

Apparent Age: 17ish

Concept: Scrappy Girl DJ that keeps finding trouble... or does it find her?

Physical description: Rue finds that looking like a seventeen-year-old is often a blessing and a curse, especially considering that her physical description is merely an illusion. She alternates between dressing the part, and trying to make herself look older with liberal uses of make-up. The girl has skin the color of toffee, and large, grey eyes reflecting the Cuban part of her mortal heritage. Her long brown hair curls just past the shoulders, framing her youthful face. She dresses in either skinny jeans or short skirts, preferring to look stylish in public. A pair of headphones constantly hang around her neck, often blasting an eclectic mix of music. When she speaks, she does so with conviction and often can't resist witty remarks about her situation. She will exuberantly discuss many topics, including Kindred society, music, and philosophy. Sometimes she sings to herself, and while her voice is not diva material, she can hold a tune. When not at court she can be found in Buffalo clubs, sometimes working part-time as a DJ.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged
  • Cherished
  • Trustworthy
  • Valiant per Prince Solomon of Buffalo (2/13)
  • Courageous per Prince Tao of Lacrosse

(CoH only: Associate Sister of Dragons)

Character Information

Known History

  • Received Acknowledgement in Istanbul
  • Traveled around Europe for the past several years along with Lazul Haroukin and Pietra Corvalus.
  • Only recently came to the United States
  • DJs under the moniker DJ Sunshine
  • Acted as Lesser Harpy under Moira O'Neil in Buffalo's court.
  • March 2012, she accepted the role of Primogen for the Children of Haqim in the Buffalo Domain
  • Helped stopped He Who Is Coming from entering our world through the Western Door in April 2012.
  • Chosen for the position of Harpy by Buffalo's primogen council in August of 2012
  • Removed from the position of Harpy shortly after, currently doing odd jobs around the east coast
  • Named deputy to Sheriff Sachin of Clan Tremere in December of 2012.
  • Shortly after assumed the role of Sheriff for the domain of Buffalo
  • Named Primogen of the Children of Haqim after Prince Solomon dissolved the last Primogen council.
  • Accepted position as Prince Solomon's seneschal in March of 2013.
  • She was last seen in the stampede of Children of Haqim (and Saul Good) rushing to fight Elias Beecher at Glitter and Gloom 2013.
  • Left the domain of Buffalo after Prince Huf removed all his court officers from their position without the courtesy of informing them.
  • Moved to Lehigh Valley after receiving hospitality from Prince Kelly in November 2013
  • Hasn't been seen outside of the domain since
  • Recently re-emerged in 2017, visiting the domain of Atlanta, GA. Her broodmate was not in attendance.





  • Robert D'Ashton (Deceased)
  • Edward II
  • Most Setites
  • Seems to dislike something called the Technocracy
  • Colonel Greene


Rishi Massoud




Character Inspirations

  • Veronica Mars
  • Molly Carpenter from the Dresden Files
  • Rika Furude from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Granuaile from the Iron Druid Chronicles
  • Olivia Pope from Scandal
  • Tony Stark from Iron Man
  • Annie Edison from Community
  • Shilo Wallace from Repo! The Genetic Opera


  • Badass Adorable/Little Miss Badass
  • Guile Hero
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Occult Detective
  • Constantly Curious
  • Cloud Cuckoolander


Florence and the Machine- Shake it Out
Damone- Now is the Time
DJ Ross vs DY- Beat Goes On
Bob Dylan- All Along the Watchtower
Talain Rayne- Dear Sister, Your Brother
Lenka- Trouble is a Friend
Rise Against- Make it Stop (September's Children)
Versaemerge- Fixed at Zero
Of Monsters and Men- Little Talks
Metric- Gimme Sympathy


Gotye- I Feel Better
Pink- Raise Your Glass
Pink- Try
Macklemore - Can't Hold Us
Fun - Some nights
Breaking Benjamin - Dance with the Devil
Emilie Autumn - One Foot in Front of the Other
Sweet Thing - Change of Seasons
Janelle Monae - Tightrope
Sara Bareilles - Brave


The Decemberists - This is Why We Fight
Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
Evans Blue - A Cross and a Girl Named Blessed
Delta Rae - Is There Anyone Out There?


  • To her, "Mmmm, you smell like Rishi Massoud"
  • "DRINK!" - To all the Buffalo Toreador upon their first meeting as she passes out shots
  • "Everyone and their mother knows Alabastor Haroukin?! We've only been looking for him for fifteen years!" - To Moira O'Neil
  • "I am not adorable! I may be cuddly, but I'm NOT adorable!" - Everyone else promptly disagreed.
  • "An Assamite that gives hugs? That's creepy-cute!" - A gangrel in Annapolis
  • "But Mr. Dorne, good porn is meant to be shared!" - When Dorne admitted he had no good porn, she brought him some.
  • "All for you, Solomon. ALL FOR YOUUU!" - Said in the style of the Omen, to her Prince.


  • Has a fangirl in the Seneschal of Atlanta, Georgia.
She usually has her head in the clouds. Is she a seer or a madwoman?.
  • Her best friend is a lawn chair.
  • Was invited to a threesome with a Ventrue primogen and her friend Lazul on her first night in Buffalo
  • Her bodyguard believes her true love is a wall, and tried to promote a close relationship...often forcefully.
  • Is alleged to be a member of the Cirque des Ténèbres
  • (CoH only.) Is alleged not only to be a dragon, but also a dragonborn after yelling Fus Ro Dah to clear an exit through a horde of demonic forces.
  • The denizens of Buffalo aren't sure if she's a seer or a madwoman.
  • Is extremely capable of making very bad decisions. Even for a Massoud...
  • Is also a tiny hippo.
  • At Grand Elysium 2012, she nicknamed Donovan Carnage "Mimi" (or grandma) and lived
  • She was the only member of the Buffalo Primogen Council to stand up to Carlson when his praxis was contested. Prince Peace won out in the end, but Rue's days may be numbered.
  • May be haunted by an evil spirit.
  • She might be sufering from SGS (Shaken by Gangrel Syndrome)
  • Tends to follow Giovanni around like a lost kitten.
  • Rue has Nosferatu fever! What will daddy Rishi think?
  • Rue snubbed Aegis Cole's advances to be with the Nosferatu.
  • Anytime she needs, Rue can shout, "Help, help, I need a Nos!" and at least one Nosferatu will appear, but often more remain unseen...
  • Her sire secretly collects the blood of all who attempt to court her for a " rainy day. "
  • May have lost faith in the local Toreador
  • May be too close to some clans traditionally enemies with her own
  • Isn't paranoid, an invisible demon could really be staring her in the face. Honest.
  • Definitely rocking that jailbait look.
  • Now it's her turn to suck that throbbing Tremere Praxis. Yeah...Praxis, what did you think I was going to say?
  • Used to travel the midatlantic, but has stuck largely to Buffalo in recent months.
  • (CoH only) Seems to have largely withdrawn from clan as well, with the exception of her sire.
  • Wears too much bubblegum lip gloss.
  • The safe word is "Usurper."
  • Is the retard whisperer, given what she deals with on a regular basis from Buffalo.
  • In a collective dream, may have briefly been Prince of Buffalo
  • Wore black for a couple months after Rick Solomon died, until she traveled to Columbus. For a Child of Haqim, she took the death of a Tremere Prince very poorly.
  • Was accused of being in a former Prince's bed by one of Buffalo's denizens while at the gather at Grand Elysium.
  • Her removal from Seneschal position is a sign of the paranoid Prince Huf's descent in madness.