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Jennica Wiki Header.png
Kimberly playing Jennica

Aliases: (Gangrel Only: Calamity Jane)

Real Name: Unknown

Clan: Gangrel

Apparent Age: early 30s

Physical Description: Jennica is a thin, pale woman of average height and formal bearing. Her features are fine-carved, almost sharp, appearing more ethereal than seductive. (Gorgeous x5, Magnetic x3) She has dark blue eyes and long, curly red hair, left loose around her shoulders. Her voice is even and low, seeming to always hold a few words in reserve. At court, she tends toward semi-formal clothing in dark colors, be it a well-tailored suit or an understated cocktail dress, always with heels. Outside of court, especially when travelling, she prefers dark, simple, utilitarian clothing.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Patrick Reval, then Prince of Athens, Georgia
  • Just by word of Jordan Drake, then Prince of Athens, Georgia
  • Wise by word of Jan van Rheinlander, then Prince of Griffin, Georgia
  • Inspiring by word of Rook, Prince of Annapolis
  • Efficient by word of Charlotte Cartwright, Prince of St. Augustine
  • Loyal by word of Ezekiel, Prince of Griffin, Georgia
  • Revered as Gangrel Primogen of St. Augustine
  • Dignified as a Dignitary of the Camarilla
  • Valorous as a Decanus of the Ivory Legion


Kimberly as Jennica with Ash Williams

She is the resplendent other,
the glorious dark horizon.
To be in her arms is to be in her confidence,
and in her heart there is a vast plain
where dead men sleep.

Very little is known of Jennica's past, which she prefers not to discuss; bits and pieces are best gleaned from those who have known her a while.

It is supposed that she wandered the country for many years before making her formal debut into Camarilla society, being a natural loner and uncomfortable with relinquishing her anonymity. The years that followed, however, made her allegiance clear, culminating in her decision to remain with the Camarilla when the majority of her clan tore itself away. She never publicly regretted the decision, and developed a reputation for strict adherence to the Traditions and the practice of prestation. Armed with this knowledge and conviction, Jennica served as the Harpy of Athens, Georgia for several years under the Malkavian Prince Jordan Drake. Subsequent changes in the administration saw Jennica also serve as Sheriff of Athens, before she took praxis in the spring of 2010.

Ousted from praxis by an ambush later that year, Jennica roamed the continent for a while--then disappeared into torpor. Awakening around 2018, she traveled frequently between Georgia domains--fighting alongside friends, losing her humanity, and beginning the long struggle to regain it.

Beginning in late 2020, she orchestrated a series of popular soirees, establishing a reputation as a masterful socialite, and moved her formal residence to St. Augustine, Florida. Still travelling frequently, her attitude seems changed--driven less by wanderlust than commitment to an untold plan.

Lineage & Others

  • Sire: Not mentioned
  • Broodmatees: None
  • Childer: Possibly?
  • Distant Relation: Jeice Kincaid
  • Coteries
    • Glasswalkers
    • GGM


From Jennica:

  • Closing all her letters: Fiat justitia
  • "Legends have lives, too."
  • "Strength without discipline is wild, destructive. But discipline without strength is vulnerable."
  • "The older we become, the more we lose what made us human. Some of us lose it, entirely. And so we struggle to put words to feelings, to ideas, and even if we are successful, even if we frame our hearts perfectly...sometimes there is no audience."
  • "It is easy to feel that one lacks the proper words to express what is inside. Words, like anything else, are tools. Sometimes the tools we are given are inadequate to perform the task we desire."

Concerning Jennica:

  • "You have suffered much to make yourself a great leader; in a most imperfect world, you strove to be a defender of your people and an arbiter of justice. These things were always written on your face and on your bearing and hands." - Wei Mu Tian
  • "Wild, untamed, beautiful. All of a woman's strengths, with none of a woman's frailties." - Jon-Apolo de Soult
  • "She's beauty. She's grace. She'll definitely eat your face." - Corkie Pelligrino
  • "Classic sexy, mixed with that look of 'I will cut your balls off for my own amusement' feyish charm." - Jeice Kincaid
  • "I thought that you were haunting beautiful, and also a complete mystery. You guard yourself very strongly in court, and never truly show emotion. I never really blamed the game with you..." - Justin Lazarion
  • "For saying that you would not understand what I have experienced, you seem to comprehend it better then even I do." - Elias Beecher
  • "You’re a legend. Literally. How does one approach someone that only rumors or hearsay has been spread of? Even in silence your presence reverberates is if it were thunder without sound." - Irish
  • "Your eloquence is unrivaled." - Al
  • "She pressed her face against mine to mark me with her scent. That's legally binding in Gangrel." - Corkie Pelligrino
  • "As the world passes by in a blur, speeding ahead to the unknown, you're always in focus." - J. Jackson Bannister
  • "You are quite the formidable Lady." - Lot Fratelli
  • "You're a better person than me." - Sam Price
  • "You've bloomed so bright in St. Augustine." - Cameron Clark
  • In a discusion regarding status and respect: "There are certainly different ways to get authority. Prince, Archon, Justicar, sure. But, for instance, Jennica Sparrow is known and respected throughout the Camarilla through her words and deeds, not solely on her position. That reputation that she's built for herself is valuable." - Adrian Waters
  • After Jennica claims to be too mundane for magic. "Tell me how you could possibly be mundane..." - Incisus


  • She was the inspiration for "As The Sparrow," a poem written by Charles Bukowski.
  • Jennica once lived in the Kuei-Jin territory of San Francisco.
  • She is possibly the only Gangrel from Georgia who hasn't been possessed by a spirit, struck secret deals with Lupines, or openly stated her greatest allegiance is not to the Camarilla. If she has done any of these things, she at least has the decorum to keep them behind closed doors.
  • Despite her intense social reserve, which lends the appearance of a wholly serious personality, Jennica does possess a sense of humor.
    • Said sense of humor may include collecting cannon to point at other kindred's havens.
  • She isn't actually angry. She just has resting bitch face.
  • She has resting bitch face, but she's angry, too.
  • Protocol and propriety are so important to Jennica because she can't read body language or facial expressions.
  • She carries a journal because she can't remember anything without writing it down.
  • For all her civility, Jennica will break into gruesome violence toward those who abuse others...colorfully illustrated by the moment she clawed a man's face off for assaulting a friend's daughter.
  • Jennica is not allowed on the kitchen counter.
    • Gets on the counter, anyway.
  • A sociopath Tremere once tried to engineer Jennica's death. She got better. He didn't.
  • Jennica has a teacher's yardstick with BMF carved into it.
  • She has an entourage of "strapping young men" that frequently join her on social ventures. Brant Eldrusson prides himself on being the ringleader.
  • Her skill in botany and crafting perfumes found ardent admirers in the courts of France.
  • Speaking of "ardent admirers in France," Jennica's date to the Assamite/Tremere party in Dubai was none other than Prince Villon.
    • Their conversations about gardening gave some onlookers the vapors.






Clan Gangrel
Position Primogen
Status 6+1+2
Domain St. Augustine, FL
Coterie Glasswalkers
Society Ivory Legion
Path Humanity 000
Player Kimberly