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The Glasswalkers (who look down on the glass ceiling) include the best and brightest of society's kindred women. Skilled in politics, socially connected, intelligent, courageous, and wise, they are instrumental in shaping and protecting kindred society around them.



  • The coterie was just an in-joke until one member's family came under brutal attack from the Sabbat. Murder tends to bring people together.
  • The phrase "Girl, hold my earrings," usually precedes episodes of trouble.
  • When sitting together at a gather, there is a strong probability that snark is flying.
  • They throw the best parties.
  • Included in this coterie is a 3lb black and brown chihuahua who exhibits no supernatural capability whatsoever. Do not touch her, your hands are not worthy.
  • They are not silently judging you. They will say it out loud.
  • It's not a coterie. It's a fraternity.
  • They are recruiting.



  • "Do we like him?"
  • "Does he matter?"
  • "Do you want me to be nice?"

Do we like this guy.gif