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Clan Gangrel
Position Primogen
Status 6
Domain Columbus, OH
Coterie None
Society Ivory Legion
Path Humanity ???
Player Luke Philippi


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Alias(es): Irish

Real Name:

Apparent Age: Late 20's Early 30's

Concept: Fratboy

Physical description: Bearded man in a low lying baseball cap. Irish accent. Broad Shoulders

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Prince Erik Kein of Columbus OH; Loyal by Prince Erik Kein of Columbus OH; Resourceful by former Sovereign Prince Luther Rommel of Baltimore MD; Fierce by Prince Remi Pompeii Magnus of Griffin GA; Loyal by Prince Ruth Stivaldi of Springfield IL; Courageous by Sovereign Prince Gold of Hartford CT; Valorous in Service of the Ivory Legion

Character Information

Known History

Savvy traveler, gambler, hook up, alcoholic



Petra Grunwald-Cole Jennica Sparrow Quinn Lionsigh



Erik Pense


Keely Edana Rhoswen, Jinxy, Isabelle Rosalinni, Samson, Jack, Trace, Morgana Jameoon, Padraig, and others


William Loft

Character Inspirations

"I'm not the rope totin' Johnny Bronson wanna be who's getting us lost!"


Crown - Run the Jewels

Cool and Calm - Dumbfounddead

War Pigs - Cake

Skin and Bones - Foo Fighters

Lights On - Big Grams

S.O.B - Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats

Long Live the Chief - Jidenna

Short Change Hero - The Heavy

Giant - Banks and Steelz

Rap God - Eminem

Handlebars - Flobots

People C'mon - Delta Spirit

No Comprende - Low

Gold - Chet Faker

Reptilia - The Strokes

Too Close - Alex Clare


"Fan-fucking-tastic!. Oh please. Do share with the rest of the class. I for one have to wonder how when some random thing happens, half the fucking clan from Brazil go into a simultaneous fucking trance and starts seeing random shit. Tell us something we don't know. Tell us how you come here with a song that seems so real, and yet sits about as right as Terry Schiavo at a MENSA meeting."


  • He's an Anarch.
  • He's great for a fun time, playing cards and getting drunk with a special brew for Kindred he has.
  • Irish suffered Final Death.
  • Irish got killed by Anarchs in 2018 in Milwaukee.
  • Irish got killed by Blue River in 2018 in Milwaukee.
  • Irish got killed by fellow Gangrel in 2018 in Milwaukee.
  • He’s not dead. He’s done this before.