Victoria DeLaNoche

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Clan Daughters of Cacophony
Position Seneschal
Status 6+3
Domain Baltimore, MD
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Kristen L.


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Alias(es): Sebine Aderyn, Victoria Kellis

Real Name: No one knows...

Apparent Age: 23

Concept: Tortured Artist meets Diamond in the rough but over the years has morphed into more of a Caregiver for various kindred

Physical description: Stands approximately 5'3" tall with wavy chestnut hair that falls down to her ankles when it's not cut to a more manageable length and honey colored eyes. She has no visible scars and she has a relatively curvy build but couldn't weigh more than 130lbs soaking wet.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Victoria came to Baltimore in the winter of 2008 fresh off the boat from France hoping to spread her wings and make a name for herself. The idea of being able to stand on her own and take care of herself was almost to the point of obsession. However she has learned the hard way that although she may want to be fiercely independent, there are always those who will have a tendency to coddle her. She's learned to just roll with it, for the most part.

There are only a few people that know anything about Victoria's life prior to coming to Baltimore and she tends to prefer it that way. Her 'career' in the Camarilla is that of public record and she's never attempted to hide her bloodline. It's something that she has always been quite proud of. But she does make allusions to several situations that she found herself in during her 'formative' years including that she was a ghoul for quite a long time but that she was poached from her regnant by her sire.

The first person that she came into contact with upon entering Baltimore's borders was the Scourge at the time, Brian Kalo. He kept a close eye on her, brought her to gathering sites and generally made sure she stayed out of trouble. Unless of course he decided to bring her with him to find trouble. Since Kalo's death, Victoria can still be found palling around with Gangrel more than any other clan.

Victoria has managed to at least conceal any nervousness she may feel when around specific clans of kindred. Although her closest friends and allies can probably still see the telltale signs if they look hard enough. If left to her own devices, she has a propensity to get "lost in her own head" quite a bit. But then again, who wouldn't when you have such beautiful music flowing through there all the time.




Brian Kalo (Deceased), Evelyn Landrake, Eve (Deceased), Chantel Rousseau, Harrow, C.J. Holmes, Johnny "Spades" Malone (MIA), Luther Rommel, Madeline Shepherd ((NPC)), Silhouette, Hannah Martin, Dicky Redman, Julius Cole, Mattias Roman, Zackary Cole, Morrighan Sinclair, Kaylee McGuiness, Cygnet, Emma McKerns, Red, Theo Kellis, Gary Kowaleski, Luni, Sheniver du Bois, Maxwell Bennington III


None that she's willing to name but I'm told she has a list...


La Senora DeLaNoche / Felecia Delegrasse (clan Toreador alias)




Not aware of any.

Character Inspirations

Morraine Damodred (Wheel of Time Series), Rhapsody (series by Elizabeth Hayden)


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Victoria receives bad news- *she vibrates in place*

  • Face Palm*


  • No really, Victoria is an honest to goodness Disney Princess
  • Victoria is actually a member of clan Toreador.
  • Victoria is actually a member of clan Gangrel.
  • Victoria was married to Brian Kalo.
  • Males of clan Assamite for some reason have dubbed her "Harpy De La Hottie" during her tenure as Harpy of Baltimore
  • She combats lupines on a regular basis.
  • The Gangrel of the Mid-Atlantic refer to her as the "Gangrel Soccer Mom" and even gifted her with a mini-van on Mother's Day.
  • Victoria has been secretly involved with Theo Kellis for quite some time...