Theo Kellis

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Clan Toreador
Position None
Status 4+1
Domain Peoria, IL
Coterie None
Society MUTE
Path Humanity 000
Player Amanda E.


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Alias(es): None

Real Name: No one knows...

Apparent Age: 25

Concept: Architect who breaks the family mold

Physical description: Theo Kellis stands 6’1 with a statuesque build and a roguish but kind smile ever present on his beautiful baby face. If one didn’t know better, they’d swear he was still living and breathing. He is always soft spoken, polite, and very humane. His clothing is always crafts x3, crisp, clean, and perfectly fitted. He has the looks of a top level fashion model (App x6) but the hands of a builder. Theo is usually a wallflower, but always seems to be ready with a glass of wine and good conversation. He is a famous architect (fame 6) through his architectural firm TanosTru Industries.

Detailed Status:


Victoria DeLaNoche, Jessica Moore, Maxwell Bennington III, Sheniver du Bois, Rook, Harrow, Prince Beneficent Prium, Cameron Clark, Giles Brydges-Pindling



Lyra Boreal




Character Inspirations



"I would rather be remembered by someone who chose humanity and kindness than someone who left a trail of ash and tears behind them."


  • Mr. Steal Your Girl.
  • Is always under the watchful eye of elders who have taken a keen interest.
  • Nephew of Lady Jessica Moore.

Character Information

Known History

Lyra Boreal was the employer of Theo's birth mother, and upon her death took Theo in as her own son. She raised him from the age of 14 on, along with his then thought best friend, later to be found out half-brother Maxwell. Theo was devoutly loyal to the Boreal family as a devoted son and grandson. He earned his acknowledgment in Rome under Prince Serpervine, as well as his first status there for all his hard work. The building the Prince currently holds meetings in was designed and constructed by Theo and his company TanosTrue Industries (fame 6), which became a globally known architectural and construction company. TanosTru is also known globally for their philanthropic endeavors such as building schools, houses for habitat for humanity, centers for arts and sciences, and even several theatres world wide. They also give out scholarships to promising youths who encompass the love for the arts and for building a better tomorrow.

Theo served as Primogen in Santa Rosa for a time also as Keeper of Elysium in the Domain of Madison and St. Claire Counties in Illinois. He stepped up when Morton, Illinois was attacked and helped rebuild and secure connections with the mortal populace to ensure the future of the city and officers within under Prince Prium would be forever successful. Theo currently is known to reside in Morton but is frequently seen on the West Coast in Santa Rosa, sometimes San Fransisco, and on the East Coast in Annapolis, Baltimore, and Northern Virginia where he helps blossoming artists thrive. He build a wonderful center for the arts in Springfield, IL and is currently working on a project building one with Seneschal Victoria DeLeNoche of Baltimore.