C.J. Holmes

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Clan Gangrel
Position Primogen
Status 6+1
Domain Annapolis, MD
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Alison



Cassandra J Holmes

Real Name: She prefers "CJ"

Apparent Age: mid-twenties

Concept: Investigator with her own agenda

Physical description: About 5'8" with an athletic build. She has long auburn hair that gets tamed in braids or ponytails and frequently wears tinted glasses. She is rarely seen without her green knapsack and always wears a necklace with a silver Celtic knot.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Prince Virgil Deems in San Francisco

Valiant by Primogen TJ Blackthorne in Annapolis

Honorable by Prince Jed Adams in Annapolis

Conscientious by Primogen Mattias Roman of Northern Virginia

Efficient by Prince Rook of Annapolis

Resourceful by Primogen Luther Rommell of Philly

Character Information

Known History

CJ showed up in Indianapolis sometime around 2005, an Independent gangrel hunting a kindred named Mack the Knife. While Mack eventually left (current whereabouts unknown), CJ remained and earned a reputation as an investigator while on her own and a bit of a laid-back slacker when she showed up at Cam gatherings. In 2007, she fell off the radar following a rather eventful summer gathering in Indianapolis during which a pack of rogue gangrel led by Angus the Mad were defeated by a group of gangrel led by the Justicar Xaviar. CJ had aligned herself with the latter group, but she returned to the gathering deeply upset by something and was not seen again until a year later, when she arrived in Annapolis, MD. Though she considers Annapolis her home, she has wandered across the Mid-Atlantic and spent a significant amount of time in Northern Virginia.

Still a fierce Independent with the occasional armchair quarterback's interest in Cam politics, CJ earned tolerance in many domains by acting as a scout and sabbat fighter. In late 2010, she abruptly joined the Cam. Few understand why. She was made deputy Sheriff of Northern Virginia by Grim and continued in the position under George Hill, but stepped down to become Sheriff of Annapolis in 2011.

Throughout her rather violent existence, she has struggled to maintain her Humanity.

She considers the relatively few Camarilla deaths at the battle against the infernal on the Potomac (Nonclave 2011, during which she was acting Sheriff) one of her proudest memories.


Nothing official. She prefers the company of more humane individuals and her clanmates, and often joins up with a group of Toreador - including Harrow - and Malkavian women to scout.


Mordekai MacPherson
Deirdre Cassidy
Virgil Deems
Vincent North
TJ Blackthorne
Mattias Roman
Hope Lilly
Ed the Gangrel
Evelyn Landrake
Luther Rommell
Various others.


Jorge (More of a disagreement over principles than enmity)
Sam Clarke (maybe)
Various others.




None known


None known

Character Inspirations

MacGyver, Sherlock Holmes, Batman


"The Moth" by Aimee Mann
"Liability" by Juliana Theory
"The Game" by Disturbed


"Why the hell would anybody listen to me, anyway? I'm just an Independent! My word means nothing." "That is NOT the case, and you know it."

"Piss me off and I'll Acknowledge you!" - Prince Florent

"What's C.J. stand for?" "Calamity Jane" - Mattias Roman

"That, at least, I did not expect." - Virgil Deems


CJ used to date a Tremere

Her reason for joining the Cam ("It was time") doesn't quite work

She had to be de-wormed after being bitten by frogs

She doesn't like being called Cassandra

She tried to stake Corvid with a plunger once.

CJ's looking for a reason to not quit the Cam and go back to her Independent existence.

For a Gangrel, she's not much of a fighter, but she's a good scout and has managed not to die, despite frequent visits to Northern Virginia.