Cassandra Swan

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Clan Tremere
Position N/A
Status 2
Domain Annapolis, MD
Coterie House Blakk
Society N/A
Path Humanity 0000
Player Dora Jay
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Real Name:
Cassandra Swan

Cas, Cassie, Mia Piccola Assassina

Apparent Age:
Late Teens, Early 20s

Relevant merits and flerits:
Baby Face, Infamous Sire

Physical description:
Cassie stands roughly 5'7 when she stands upright and when her long brown burned-with-a-ceramic-straightener hair with the multicolor underdye (currently an electric blue) doesn't fall into her face, it's easy to see her bright blue eyes nervously peering out from behind thick black plastic framed glasses. On a normal night, she seems a fan of the mid to late 2000s fashion trend that a Hot Topic probably enabled with some Spencers flare to top off the look. In general, the 'classic' scene/emo aesthetic is clearly her greatest ward against evil.

Her choice of footwear is either a pair of ankle or knee converse or vans, depending on the day. Formal wear would be doc martens. There are no other types of shoes.

Color wise, Cassie typically wears black with hints of electric blue but if duty calls so to speak, she's likely to be dressed in exclusively black (but still matching the scene / emo aesthetic).

Cassie is never seen without one or more of her friends. These range from standard 'cute' stuffed animals to disturbing patchwork creations only their creator could love.

Cassie Twirl 2000s.png
Personality Description:
Cassie is extremely shy and often gives off the vibe she is nervous to exist, let alone communicate with anyone around her. She is usually very visibly awkward in her movements and speech (eye contact is th devil) yet Cassie herself when she feels safe is a genuinely friendly sort of girl who is always eager to help and seems very eager to please and prove herself. With glasses that are constantly slumping and a typical attire comprising of a teenager's hot topic closet from the mid to late 2000s, she really does not in any way shape or form give off the vibe of someone who has her stuff together but her genuine desire to help does tend to come through more often than not. To those with an eye to see such things, it does seem as though Cassie is the type of girl with stitches along her seams.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by the Prince of Springfield, Circa 2004

Cherished by Sovereign Prince Rook




  • Cassie was born a clarvoiant seer who taught herself a small bit of hedge magic on the side as a child to ease off the lonliness.
  • Her home life was chaotic.
  • When she was 17, she was pulled out of her home environment by a Tremere named Joshua Swan who had come across one of the supernatural incidents that happened in her home
  • He took her on as a helper, then later as an acolyte.
  • Josh was on assignment outside the traditional pyramid structure but Cassie was still taught what it meant to be tremere
  • When the former Tremere Justicar Anastasz di Zagreb ordered Cassie's embrace, she was embraced outside the cup and brought in as an Apprentice
  • Cassie was inducted into House Blakk about a year into her embrace
  • Cassie was known for being a scalpel to Joshua's hammer. Her methods of Torture were particularly renowned at getting others to break all on their own and pop information
  • When Josh was tribunaled by Selene Lazarion, Cassie turned herself into Dallas and faced her own tribunal board


  • Cassie was detained in the Dallas Chantry for a period of nearly 20 years in length.
  • While inside, Cassie was heavily dominated and had most of her magical powers stripped from her
  • Cassie was conditioned to be compliant and in line with House and Clan and then sent out with a single order
  • Bring honor to House and Clan, or these four walls will be your permenant home.

a note from inside

Dear Me,
How are you, me? Are you used to these four walls yet? I think you are, given that you know that there are exactly 483 tiles that make up the brick hidden under the tapestries and that there are 36.5 wooden floor boards under the red fuzzy rug. It takes seven steps to get from the bed to the door, three if you jump or take big steps. The desk and bed frames are both made of wood, but it’s a dark walnut and it’s been sealed somehow, probably with a ward, so I can’t rip it apart and use it to put myself out of my own misery, should I feel such an end to my misery is required. The chair at my desk, which is five and a half steps from my bed, is a plush red executive chair. It squeaks a little when you sit in it, more if you shift to the side. It’s around a G, but it’s around a quarter step flat.
The book case on the other side of the room, at the foot of the bed, which you can reach if you really lean or take a single step off the bed, has eighteen books on its shelves. The closet in the corner, 6 steps from the bed, has all my clothing in it, including his vest.
I never take the pendant off, from around my neck. I never will. Nobody needs to know that the metal bars of the bird cage are infused with his ashes. It’s all I have left of him. It’s all I have. It’s all I need anymore in this world to keep waking up every night and pushing forward.
How did this begin, self? How did we get to where we are? Do you remember? I don’t want to forget, and I might be forced to forget, so I’m writing this now and placing it beyond the mirrors, like he taught me. They gave me a mirror, I could’ve just left, because they gave me a god damn mirror and placed it in my room, but that in itself was also part of the test. A test to see if I’m really dedicated to this notion that we weren’t the evil they said we were. If we’re really loyal to House and Clan like we always claimed, even at the end.
These memories, of us, I don’t ever want them lost forever.


  • Cassie moves to Annapolis
  • Cassie is assigned to Morgan Trevani as an A1 under his control
  • Their relationship is extremely rocky because of cultural differences
  • Eventually, Morgan gives her an assignment to make friends
  • Cassie struggles to make friends so she instead chooses to make friends via Thaumaturgy
  • This demonstration is what moves Rook to give her the standing of Cherished
  • Morgan notices Cassie's hard work and promotes her to A2
  • Cassie makes a significant mistake in social etiquitte with Quinn Lionsigh but makes it up to him by making him a friend.


  • 2022 is a hard year for Cassie.
  • Cassie was driven out of her home in Annapolis by a group of birds
  • She is assigned to Lane Nichols but doesn't actually meet him until October of 2022
  • After a short adjustment period, Lane promotes her to A3
  • At Grand Tribunal, Cassie is assigned to help with a Tribunal and after that tribunal, directly asks Lord Tremere for the right to re-try the trial of Joshua Swan
  • Shortly after, Cassie frenzies infront of Lord Tremere and is demoted back down to A2


  • Cassie attended Blood and Ice for the retrial, which threw out the old trial and set Joshua Swan free.
  • Cassie is now adjusting to life without that driving goal.


  • At Glitter and Gloom, Cassie had a very rough go of it but was supported by members of House and Clan
  • Cassie was briefly puppeted by a Goratrix Clone
  • Cassie escaped on the edge of death from a mishap with a Setite in Duluth


  • A Goratrix Shard appeared in Philly
  • Cassie got herself a white paneled free candy van.
  • Cassie discovered Wonderland.

house blakk


house blakk

...can make something out of nothing.
...doesn't need to be at full health or blood to make you regret your poor life choices
...doesn't believe in traitors to house and clan
...has no time for bullshit
...will not show mercy if mercy is not in the 5 year plan for house and clan.
...takes the hit for House and Clan so that House and Clan doesn't have to.

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Morgan Trevani
Quinn Lionsigh
Lane Nichols
Ora Primrose
Joshua Swan
Seraphina Charfour
Sonya Nowagowski
Jesse Clayborne
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Evelyn Landrake
Eliza Rutherford
Warren DeMontegue
Che Valiente
Chasyn Gentry
Angelize Valez

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Literary Inspirations Video Game Inspirations TV and Movie Inspirations
  • Yellow - Pokemon Special Manga Adventures
  • Mikan Sakura - Gakuen Alice
  • Maria Ushiromiya from Umineko no Naku Koro Ni
  • Bernkastel from Umineko no Naku Koro Ni
  • Furude Rika from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
  • Ryuuguu Rena from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
  • Henrietta from Gunslinger Girl
  • Yulie Ahtreide - Wild Arms 4
  • Arietta the Wild - Tales of the Abyss
  • Alice - American McGee's Alice
  • Bendy and the Ink Machine Series
  • Alice Margatroid from the Touhou Project
  • River - Firefly
  • Jean Grey - XMen
  • Scarlet Witch - MCU
  • Raven - Teen Titans
  • Spinel - Steven Universe
  • Madoka Kaname - Puella Magi Madoka Magica


  • “If you upset Uncle Morgan, you’re going to have a very very bad day.”
  • "So, Cassie, tell us about yourself." "Um. Well. I see things. i also make friends. And. I do magic. So I can do oracle magic. brief pause ...And I can drown people who annoy or hurt my friends."


  • Is apparently one of the graduates of Morgan Trevani's school of Thaumaturgic Assassination. Which is, of course, a secret.
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  • Rumor