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Former Princes

Known Elysia

  • The Hay House, Macon
  • The Douglass Theatre, Macon
  • St. Joseph's Cathedral, Macon
  • Rose Hill Cemetery, Macon
  • Washington Memorial Library, Macon
  • Grand Opera House
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Milledgeville
  • The Campus Theatre, Milledgeville
  • The Old Governor's Mansion, Milledgeville
  • Memory Hill Cemetery, Milledgeville
  • Andalusia Farm

Prince's Edicts

The Primogen of Middle Georgia are able to grant and remove Status from Clanmates. The Prince has not assigned any other jurisdiction at this time.

Magic Items
By right of the second tradition, Prince Marzio Rosselli issues this edict prohibiting the following at Gather:

  • Any magical items known as a "fetish", regardless of the type of magic used to create it
  • Any other object that fetters, binds, or otherwise ties a spirit, wraith, or similar entity to it
  • Magical items created by those not of the blood
  • Magical items of unknown origin

This edict does not apply to items a Kindred chooses to carry outside of the official Gather location for the evening. In addition to whatever punishment the Court chooses to levy for the violation of Domain, the Keeper and Primogen of Clan Tremere have the authority to confiscate prohibited items they discover. They may extend this right to their assistants if they choose.

Kindred who believe they have a compelling case may petition the Prince for exceptions to this edict.

OWbN Middle Georgia Setting

  • Note that "Middle Georgia" is a term used for this area in real life; it was not invented for game purposes.
  • OWbN Macon has a higher population than its real world counterpart. Like most WoD cities, the urban center is tighter, with less sprawl.
  • The IC city has a considerably more active nightlife than in real world Macon.
  • Middle Georgia, especially Macon, has a very active street theater community.
  • Macon has a great deal of public art, particularly sculptures and murals.
  • Kindred with the Awareness ability often getting the feeling of being watched when travelling through Macon.
  • The Georgia Music Hall of Fame is still open.
  • The Harriet Tubman museum was destroyed in July 2008. It has been rebuilt and now has a memorial sculpture with a small garden.
  • The Georgia Power's Plant Harllee Branch on Lake Sinclair is still operational.

Quotes about Middle Georgia

"Come to Middle Georgia, a Domain of opportunities!"
"Our problems do have a tendency to be...Lovecraftian."
"Welcome to our Domain! Did you get the list of places to avoid?"
"No, no. You're thinking of Atlanta. We get that a lot."
"No, that's Griffin. We get confused for that one often."
"No, that's Savannah. We are, in fact, a separate Domain."
"OK, so there's more than one Domain in Georgia..."

City Rumors

  • A Lovecraftian squid monster lives in Lake Sinclair, just outside of Milledgeville.
    • The Domain has adopted it as their official mascot.
  • Jones county is full of Lupines.
  • Catholic Churches in Milledgeville are very dangerous places.
  • The Shadowlands of Macon are much more hostile than in other cities.
    • All the wraiths have been destroyed or driven into hiding by entities dubbed "harvesters" by skin-land mediums.
    • Using Necromancy in Macon is quite dangerous.
    • Things may have changed sometime in 2015.
  • Ventrue who enter Middle Georgia are driven insane.
  • There are more magical trees in and around Macon than mundane ones.
  • An Independent Elder lives in Dublin, GA and has conditioned everyone in the city to be happy.
  • Former Prince Faulkner made a "peace treaty" with the Sabbat. The exact terms of said treaty were never made public to the Camarilla. The Sabbat seemed to think that the terms included an agreement to hunt down troublesome elders together.
  • The Sabbat have taken over Warner Robbins, the city just south of Macon.
  • Prince Marzio Rosselli has now officially dissolved the treaty and declared war on Warner Robbins.
  • The smoke monsters/Forgotten Ones/Daeva/Secret Masters/etc. plaguing the Camarilla in 2016 made no appearance whatsoever in Middle Georgia. Some suspect it is the lack of Venture, while others wonder if something about the city scares them.
  • A mysterious man of great power and questionable intentions know only as "The Maker" has a habit of leaving cursed items for Kindred and other supernaturals to find.
  • An independent Tzimice lives in Middle Georgia. While he is extremely reclusive, his group of Revenent ghouls are regularly seen in and around Macon. They wear a symbol to identify themselves to the local Camarilla, as a concession to the Prince.

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