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Northern Virginia, formally referred to as the Old Dominion, is one of the oldest Camarilla Domains in North America. Students of history know that many of her neighboring Domains were formed from her territory as mortal and Kindred populations expanded -- much as the territories of several other states were carved from what was originally the British Colony of Virginia.

Since the fall of Fredericksburg to her south years ago, the Old Dominion has been the southern frontier of the Camarilla in the Mid-Atlantic. In addition to Sabbat incursion from the south, there are notable populations of lupines in both "normal" (Great Falls) and "evil" (not far from Manassas) flavors. There are angels, demons, true mages, cults, occasional water dragons, cranky elders, Anarch bikers, weird elder things living underground, zombie cows, and an auction house on Route 28 heading north from Manassas which is reputed to be some sort of evil ley line nexus. Arlington National Cemetery has a noted necropolis and isn't a fun place to visit the Shadowlands. The scrutiny upon numerous high-security mortal government locations (the Pentagon, Quantico, FBI and CIA headquarters, Reagan and Dulles International Airports) is intense ... and those are just the government facilities most people know about.

The indefatigable residents of the Old Dominion hold firm against all of the above, protecting the soft underbelly of the rest of the Mid-Atlantic from things that go bump in the night ... or worse, during the day.

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