Ladslaw Marjorie

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Clan Malkavian
Position Seneschal
Status 11: 5+3+3
Domain Fortaleza, Brazil
Coterie None
Society E-Division
Path Humanity 00000
Player Mário Aguiar


(Mr. Ladslaw Marjorie)


Mister Ladslaw

Real Name:

It's not a public knowledge

Apparent Age:




Physical description:

Ladslaw looks like 34 ~ 38 years, 1.86m with broad shoulders. A very handsome man. Rigid and sculptural body. Lads has attractive and remarkable features. He behaves very distinguished and honored. He is an extremely polite and kind man. The way he walks is fascinating and confident. The blue eyes have a serene look, but at the same time seductive. He has a mild, slightly sweet smell that whets the appetite, yet his scent is only perceptible to those who come near him. Normally dresses socially. He prefers clothing that were made before the industrial revolution. His presentation is impeccable except for his unruly, touseled hair and his blue eyes constantly seem to shift focus and analyzing everything.

Detailed Status:

  • Insightful as a member of E Division (Honorary Status);
  • Dignified as a Dignitary member of the Camarilla;
  • August as a Luminary member of the Camarilla;
  • Cherished, Esteemed, and Trusted as Seneschal of Fortaleza.

Character Information

Ladslaw is quite patient and peaceful, always observant and with his serene gaze. Lads usually greets everyone with a beautiful smile being gentleman and honored. Always look into the eyes of those who are talking with. When people begin to raise their tone of voice, he prefers to remain silent as if he already knew this would happen. Moments of discussion and inconvenience among people, he would hardly enter into a discussion even if someone offends him.

Ladslaw follows a logical thought difficult for others to understand, but those who disagree with him, he respects and tries to understand each particular point of view. The idea of a conflict for him is always discarded by the experience of life and by having a great control of his emotions. He never lets himself be dominated by his instincts, but by what he believes.

Ladslaw believes that every member of the Camarilla has a potential to be exploited. Even members with low status have much to offer the Camarilla in his point of view.

His work as a investigator is not common. That is why he does not accept every case. Usually the best cases solved by him were those he himself took liberty to initiate. In his free time, he likes to spend his time helping the poor people on the streets. He does not do this to impress anyone and also it is not to receive something in return. He helps people because he believes them. Even when people does not believe in themselves, but he does.

Known History

(Mr. Ladslaw Marjorie)

A few years later Rafael de Corazon acknowledged Mr. Ladslaw as a Camarilla's member in France, Ladslaw returns for his peregrination. Ladslaw lived most of his life traveling from city to city in order to help the domains in some way, but in the beginning, in the early 15th century, he devoted himself more to mortal society, trying to understand people's behavior and help them as He could in less important cases. Getting to know people's behavior, helped him in future cases for the camarilla as counselor and investigator. Ladslaw's methods are old, antique, but efficient.

Ladslaw had a few houses along France and one of his house was on an island called Mont Saint-Michel and he lived among humans as if he were one of them. Among the mortal population, he had the reputation of being a well-educated young man. Whenever he was available to help the sick and wounded people, he kept a torch lit outside his home. The way Ladslaw heal people begins by healing their souls, then their minds and ends healing the body.

There were some historical milestones in his life that were very important. The publicly known landmarks were the Industrial Revolution. He testified with his own eyes humanity to destroy itself and where they lived. It is not known exactly what he went through in that period, but certainly, something very difficult, because he was never the same.

The late 17th century was a very difficult and troubled time. The abolition of slavery was a time of great adaptation that made Mr. Ladslaw be constantly challenged. Especially when Elvira da Lua invited Ladslaw to help her. Several revolutions began in some country areas of Sao Paulo. Revolutions that were harming the Camarilla because those revolutions were led by sabbat. Sabbat were taking advantage of the end of the slavery to try to overturn the dominions of the Camarilla in some cities of Brazil. Mr. Ladslaw began to craft life-saving tactics. Throughout the year, Ladslaw worked together with other Camarilla members that so the Camarilla did not lose her background and territories.

Ladslaw was honored invited to help in the foundation of the then capital of Brazil by his Sire Jan Andre Van Eyck. The challenge was difficult was to build Brasilia in an organized and structured way. At that same time, many immigrants from other states came to the Federal District in search of opportunities. Along with the immigrants came anarchists. This made the realization of the dream even more difficult.

  • In 2001, Ladslaw heard rumors and began to investigate there were two sabbat packs in route to the state of São Paulo. They were coming from Rio de Janeiro and had an interest in attacking the dominion of São Paulo. The idea of Ladslaw was to make a coordinated attack eliminating the forces of these two packs. Through alliances, Ladslaw gained valuable information from the refuge and route that would be used by packs. Ladslaw used a strategy first to separate the packs and then attack one of them. The main pack was eliminated and the second returned to Rio de Janeiro. A few months later, in contact with the Rio domain, Ladslaw and one other ally passed information from the second pack to the Camarilla, and the second pack was equally destroyed.
  • In 2002, Ladslaw noticed something very strange and scary, cults of humans who admired the devil. This made him very intrigued and Mr. Ladslaw started an investigation. A few months later this investigation revealed these humans had contacts with corrupted werewolves. Ladslaw handed Prince Sir Edward Iron Will, all the evidence of his investigations, which according to the prince, helped the Camarilla to take very promising initiatives against this enemy.
  • In 2003, Ladslaw discovers a Creature named Herrera which was kidnapping and killing some Camarilla members. Ladslaw begins to hunt Herrera.
  • In 2004, Alongside some allies, Ladslaw defeat Herrera. In the same year, anarchists begin to threaten to attack an Elysium, Ladslaw expels them from the city before they could do it.
  • In 2005, Something happens in the world and manifestations of spirit begin to scare people and members in Fortaleza, João Pessoa, Recife and other cities in Brazil. Ladslaw met several allies to find out what's going on and figure out what to do.
  • In 2006, Leopoldo Society appears in Natal and exterminates several members of the Camarilla. Ladslaw works side by side with the Sheriff to resolve such situation.
  • In 2007, Working with the collaboration of several members of the camarilla, among them, Joulitta Kleine, Demetrius, Don Alejandro and Ladslaw, they managed to save some primogens who were being attacked by the technocracy. Ladslaw took the enemy away from the capital, taking the enemy to smaller cities, without technology, where he managed after some time to end threat. Ladslaw had to isolate himself from his family and allies, but during this time he met new Camarilla members who helped him and this also was the time when Ladslaw began to specialize and focus in certain subjects.
  • In 2008, Ladslaw begins to hunt Moebius (Vasantasena's Childer).
  • In 2009, Many problems occur in Joao Pessoa, but amid the chaos and working with the Brujah Office, more specifically with former archon Cristovão Gilberto, they worked together to find and expose Moebius. They defeat Moebius who had a prestigious position on the Sabbat.
  • In 2010, More precisely on September 5 in Joao Pessoa, Ladslaw and Lorraine get married and as Officiant they had Maris Streck in person, such as, so many other allies of the couple. A very beautiful marriage that marked their lives forever. In the same year, Ladslaw went to Florianopolis and save the Camarilla court from a surprise attack.
  • In 2011, Infernalists were appearing in Fortaleza and everywhere and rumors of demons in various cities. It really seemed like the end of the world, it seemed that the first fallen angel himself had come to Earth. An Age of Chaos and Storm. Ladslaw in conciliation with several members, such as, Peregrino de Carvalho and Vinicius Vettra, orchestrated strategies to eliminate the infernalists in Brazil.
  • In 2012, Ladslaw returns to Sao Paulo and discovers sabbat members infiltrated in the Camarilla in the capital and also discovers a few Camarilla member allowing this. It took some time, but through alliances with some renowned members, such as, Bellatrix van Hooves, Erdota, Marcellus, Raphael Tudor and other allies, Ladslaw began to pluck those weeds from Sao Paulo. After the Camarilla was structured once more, Ladslaw had no difficulty in overthrowing the influences of the sabbat in the city.
  • In 2013, Ladslaw discreetly manages various resources and members to defend the Imperial City. Consequently his influence, contacts and strategy through well coordinated actions, the city became much stronger. Making the city of Sao Paulo once again inhabited by the Camarilla.
  • In 2014, He has helped several Offices and Domains in discretion.
  • In 2016, Ladslaw returns to Fortaleza and feels a heavy atmosphere in the city. People on the streests where afraid of something they do not understand. Former allies missing, so he begins to investigate what is happening in Fortaleza.
  • In 2017, Ladslaw was appointed to be the member that would disarticulate the company CORUS and also cure the state of Ceará from Gimli's disease. That same year there were threats from ancient creatures called Fog Creatures or The forgotten ones.
  • In 2018, Ladslaw, Cassandra Montenegro, Cockroft, Gabrielle, Erdota, Faruk, Sarna and Vinicius, all of them have hunted down the forgotten creatures. Hunting has not been easy at all and they've seen it all in these endeavors.
  • In Natal, Demitri Armorieri's domain, Ladslaw and his allies faced a powerful forgotten creature, but together, they were able to exterminate it. Because of those terrible creatures, many other problems have arisen - they have been trying to help circumvent situations efficiently.
  • In 2019 The Forgotten Ones and the Feared Ones finally seem to have stayed in the past. The latest hunt against the latest Feared One resulted in the death of an esteemed member and this left everyone in mourning.
  • After months of investigation, it was discovered that a pack of corrupted werewolves practiced rituals to achieve more powers from their past lives. Fortunately, they were all killed after a long and arduous battle.
  • In 2020 The Pandemic crisis has truly affected the world and how we live. Now is the time to settle down, but mortals are less human. The crisis has left consequences for many families. The time has come to help these people to believe, to live and not just survive.


Camarilla is his Coterie.


In alphabetic order


Who knows


  • Jan Andre Van Eyck


  • Taulin Siegebreaker (Ladslaw's childer)
      Melissa (Taulin's childer)
      Dice    (Taulin's childer)  
  • Dementador (Ladslaw's childer)
      Uriel (Dementador's childer)
  • Granito (Ladslaw's childer)
      Winter (Granito's childer)
  • Brenno (Ladslaw's childer)
      (Brenno had no childer public known)
  • Conde da Lua (Ladslaw's childer)
      Jesus da Lua (Conde da Lua's childer)
      Joana        (Conde da Lua's childer)


Character Inspirations

  • Oskar Schindler
  • Ablon



Respect to be Respected

I will not always know the right way. I may fall, but know that I will always persist.


Is an Inconnu?

Is an Angel?

If you are a loyal member of the Camarilla and are suffering some kind of injustice and need help, he will be your best choice.

Some say he's a Loremaster.

He has trained several members to become an archon.