Rafael Vila Real Tudor

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Clan Ventrue
Position Primogen
Status 7
Domain Phoenix Civitas, Brazil
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Eddy Tosetto


Rafael Tudor.jpg

Rafael Tudor

Real Name: Rafael Vila Real Tudor / Rafael Vila Real Trevor

Apparent Age: 30

Concept: Royal Knight

Physical description: Short black hair, blue eyes, fair skin, athletic build, 6'06", 85 Kg, dresses in elegant suits.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Marshal Rolands, Prince of Manchester, England

Confiable by Erdota Urmen de Corazon, ex-Prince of São Paulo, Brazil

Well-Connected by Calton Kalmir, Prince of São José dos Campos, Brazil

Respected by Dom Caio de Moura, Primogen of Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil

Influential by Hill de Avis, Primogen of Brasília, Brazil

Loyal by Bellatrix van Hooves, Primogen of São Paulo, Brazil

Revered by position in the Phoenix Civitas

Known History

  • Descendant from Henry VIII of England.
  • Born in 1938, in a cold and rainy London night.
  • Son of the Englishman William Tudor and the Brazilian Elisa Vila Real.
  • Lived part of his childhood in Brazil.
  • Incorporated at 21 years old in the Scotland Yard. Afterwards he was transferred to the CO19 (Scotland Yard’s Specialist Crime and Operations).
  • At 30 years old he was rescued and embraced by Sir Alex Bittencourt, after Tudor witnessed the death of his parents to the hands of the Sabbat and being mortally wounded.
  • In 2011 moved to São Paulo by Alex Bittencourt request.




Erdota Urmen de Corazon, ex-Prince of São Paulo

Cecília M. Stills, Archon Ventrue

Heinrich von Breidenstein, Prince of Porto Alegre

Wise Hannibal Sahar (In Memorian)

van Hooves Dinasty


Lucas Lockwood


Sir Alex Bittencourt


Victoria Tudor


None known

Character Inspirations

Henry VIII - The Tudors (TV Series)


The Tudors Main Title Theme by Trevor Morris [[1]]

E.S. Posthumus - Nara [[2]]

Henry Marries Jane Seymour - The Tudors Season 3 Soundtrack [[3]]

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim OST - Watch the Skies [[4]]

Game of Thrones - Main Theme [[5]]


"The bone of lies doesn't work, Marcellus. How many people lied holding it? Your magic is flawed"

"Combat can be fatal for those who don't have the Shield of Kings"

"He's a loyal kindred, but too unstable" about Major Christopher Winters


  • He is old and noble enough to be a king
  • He is Marcellus Renano's toy. Always being used as a Bank.
  • Rumor has it that Tudor is a Lasombra among Ventrues.
  • He never assumes a debt
  • He owes money to a friend.
  • The Prince, the Sheriff and Seneschal form a Triumvirate in São Paulo.
  • He is looking for other members of the Tudor family.
  • He has a growing ambition that may lead to final death.
  • He can't help being kidnapped.
  • He gave his heart to a Setite to pay ransom.
  • He is the newest lover of Mahara, a Setite elder bloodhunted within the domain he is Prince.
  • He is Setite.
  • He is bloodbonded with Archon Cecília Stills.
  • His life boons are worth so little that he offered 50 just to spend one night with Archon Cecília Stills.