Marcellus Renano

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Clan Tremere
Status 6+1
Domain Fortaleza, Brazil
Coterie None
Society ???
Path 00
Player Michel Sorci


Marcellus Renano


Real Name: Maximus

Apparent Age: 35

Concept: Sorcerer Warrior

Physical description: Tall and brawny. Dark short hair, brown eyes, short beard, prescription glasses.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Lady Valerie de Lamare

Incansable by Prince Erdota Urmen de Corazon

Efficient by Prince Calton Kalmir

Wise by Primus Setimus

Honored by Prince Ramon Dell Mont

Valorous by Prince Trevour Marshall


Character Information

Known History

Participated in the attack known as Zona Cero.

Participated in the killing of Zymboo.

Dux Bellorum of São Paulo since 2012.

Participated in the killing of Aurella Vykos.

Participated in the battle against the demon Cega in the "Year of Fire".




Erdota Urmen de Corazon

Prince Calton Kalmir (The Crazy Mage)

Prince Demitre Armorieri

Dmitri de Castela

Renné De'Mollay

Alanna Carter

Hagnar Faur



Portus, betrayer of Camarilla

Christian Wolfgang (defeated)

João Carniça




Igor Spinace



Character Inspirations



"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, Dmitri"

"Release him, Assamite!!! (to a Child of Haqim Elder)"

"You can always trust in a tremere, Tudor, my friend"

"I did not know you were versed in the occult world, Seneschal." (To Rafael Tudor, ventrue)

"My what? You sick weirdo..." (to Timothy Bassaloth)


  • Not good with Bone of Lies
  • He has already hunted himself.
  • Controls the elder setite Mahara through a powerfull artifact.
  • Some say that Nathanael Van Hooves' spear only hit Aurella Vykos because of Marcellus' mystical abilities
  • Maximus is said to be paranoic and was never seen patrolling the street's of São Paulo.
  • Rumor has it that Maximus is the fourth most wanted target on a Sabbath list in the State of São Paulo, only after three princes.
  • The Prince, the Sheriff and Seneschal form a Triumvirate in São Paulo.
  • Defeated Portus and made him cry in combat.
  • The shadows dance around him
  • Destroyed a three eyes demon in Campinas, Brasil
  • He lost his mind in a dark night
  • He single-handedly destroyed a 6th generation infernal Salubri in Fortaleza.