John Ragner

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Clan Lasombra Anti
Position None
Status 6+1
Domain None
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Chad Carlson


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Real Name:

Apparent Age: 30


Physical description: 5'10", dark hair, blue eyes, goatee, and an average build.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Leopoldo Rollas, Master of the domain of Mallorca.
  • Loyal by word of Prince Isaiah of Iowa City.
  • Respected by Prince Jordan Restax of the Twin Cities.
  • Revered by Zenobia Krzyzewski, Prince of Cedar Rapids.
  • Praised by Nichole Dela Poe, Prince of the Quad Cities.
  • Eloquent by Thaddeus Jameson, Primogen.
  • Perceived as Loyal by the Camarilla by virtue of clan.

Character Information

Known History

John Ragner entered the public eye in the Twin Cities. After a few months there, he managed to get a Primogen seat. However, ambition kept him from staying still. After a visit to the Iowa City domain where he was immediately placed under house arrest for being Lasombra, he decided to make waves in the area. He managed to get added to the Primogen council of Iowa City as well as Sheriff while still holding the position of Primogen in the Twin Cities.

He left the Twin Cities to continue his rise in Iowa City to the role of Seneschal under then Prince Isaiah. He maintained that role under the whirlwind praxis of Philip Michael Kennedy, and eventually positioned himself to take the domain - which came to pass May 25th, 2006. He has held the domain uncontested ever since.

During his tenure as Prince, he did not sat content with only his domain. He regularly aided other domains in the region, and participated in the siege on New York during the time Black Mariah was Dux Bellorum. He tends to be outspoken on many issues, including the Obtenebration registration list, the role of Princes, the Promise of 1528, and how Anarchs relate to the Camarilla.


None officially, but see rumors for another possibility.




Markus Knight. This is something he kept hidden for many years, wanting to make a name for himself independent of his sire. Now he doesn't really care who knows, since he feels his reputation speaks for itself.


Calvin Abaddon(deceased)



Character Inspirations

Lasombra clan book and the character Markus Knight.



"If the Sabbat produced Lasombra such as this one, we'd have far fewer Camarilla domains in this country." -Augustine St. Just


  • Blood bound to Sara Durward
  • Prince of all of Iowa
  • On Path of Night
  • Thinks that due to his lack of a reflection means he has evolved beyond "fashion"
  • Has dictated the Princes of other domains
  • In a shadow coterie with Isaiah, William Richardson, Alex Rhoades, and Pavel Nadolski
  • Sara Durward is only thing keeping John in check from spiraling into wassail
  • Died in a praxis seizure.