Eliza Rutherford

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Clan Tremere
Position Archon
Status 6+3+2
Domain Boston, MA
Coterie None
Society E-Division
Path Humanity 00
Player Player Name


Upload Primogen of Boston

Name: Eliza V. Rutherford

Apparent Age: mid twenties

Concept: Cryptography expert

Physical description: Small in stature with brown hair and pale blue eyes. She speaks with a slight British accent. Very traditional in her dress, she is never seen with out a jacket or covering for her upper arms and back.

Detailed Status:

Personal Status:

  • Acknowledge - By Prince Marshal Rolands in Manchester
  • Insightful Granted by then Primogen Ora Primrose, now (Archon Primrose) 11/2017
  • Courageous Granted by Former Prince Calvin of Stamford, 5/2018
  • Well Connected Granted by Justicar Lucinde, 10/2022
  • Brave Granted by Former Prince Rufus Castor of Stamford 9/2018
  • Distinguished by Former Prince Angelize Valez of Hartford in January 2021

Honorary Status:

  • Insightful as a Member of Edivision. Been a member of E-division since 2018- know areas of focus are Kuejin, True Mages, and Wraiths
  • Dignified as a Dignitary of Camarilla

Made Archon to Manuela Cardoso August 2022

  • Feared as Archon to Justicar Manuela Cardoso
  • Empowered as Archon to Justicar Manuela Cardoso
  • Loyal as Archon to Justicar Manuela Cardoso

Character Information

Eliza arrived to the domain of Hartford just a month a head of the 2017 Conclave. Eliza is originally from Hong Kong when is it was a British Colony and has a degree in Mathematics from the University of London.

At one point she served as Harpy of Hartford before resigning in late 2019.

In 2021, she worked along side the domain of Hartford in taking the city of Boston from the Sabbat and returning it to the control of the tower. Since then she has been Primogen of clan Tremere under Prince Vanderbuilts regin. In addition she has been working as a consultant for concerns regarding the Kuejin.

edivision since 2018

Known History

Northeast gathering, August 2018


  • Granted Hospitality and Residency for the Domain of Hartford in October 2017
  • In attendance at the Hartford Conclave in November 2017


  • Became Harpy of Hartford for 2018 and maintained position through the merger of domains with Stamford with Hartford. Resigned in Spring of 2019
  • Became an Agent of Edivision


  • January of 2019 reported Edivision findings to Archon Valente regarding the presence of a cult of Infernalist along with a Nephandi in the amazon
  • Resigned as Harpy of Hartford
  • December of 2020 became Tremere Primogen of Hartford


  • October of 2020 provided resources and troops to Josain activities against the Ebon Legion
  • Worked with Edivision to provide information and research on the demons found with the Ebon legion


  • Attended the Prince Bhatai event in New Delhi as an aid to Archon Charlotte Fitzwilliam. Was one of the many guests who where horrified by the entertainment.
  • Aided both in surveillance and physical attacks on the ground in the Camarilla retaking the domain of Boston for the tower.


  • Became Primogen of Boston in March
  • Working with the court of Philadelphia on the threat of peach bottom.
  • Made Archon to Manuela Cardosa in August of 2022





William Harkness




Character Inspirations

A Deliberate Comment?
  • Joan Clarke from The Imitation Game
  • Robert Langdon From Angels and Demon
  • CJ Craig From the West Wing


  • Head Above Water- Avril
  • Scars To Know your Beautiful- Alessia Cara
  • Building a Mystery- Sarah McLachlan
  • It's a Mans world - Post Modern Jukebox
  • World on Fire- Sarah McLachlan




  • "You need to start seeing all the players on the board and not just the obvious one"
  • "Not all infernalist are Bali but all Bali are infernal"
  • "Not Nerd... Intellectual Badass.. sounds better"


  • Is rumored to be a poker shark after “fleecing” boons off of former Archon Malcom Durrett at Glitter in Baltimore. And spends many Camerilla events at the poker tables.
  • Is a known Buddhist