Kate Kennedy McKenna

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Clan Ventrue
Position Deceased
Status 4+1
Domain Milwaukee, WI
Coterie First Family (disbanded)
Society ???
Path Humanity 00000
Player Ridgely Dunn


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Kate McKenna

Real Name: Katherine Kennedy

Apparent Age: 27

Concept: Enigmatic visionary and reality deviant

Physical description:

Detailed Status:

Acknowleged, Respected, Cherished, Esteemed, Honorable as Keeper of Elysium

Character Information

Known History

Embraced less than 20 years ago, Katherine Kennedy-McKenna makes her home in the Midwest. She is the acting VP of Mercurial Towers, and spends a great deal of her time devoted to helping the human population through charitable and business endeavors. The stories she tells about her mortal days vary, but she insists they are all true. The daughter of an Australian anthropologist and Charles "Chance" Kennedy, chemical engineer and distant relation to the famous Kennedy clan, Kate was raised by family in the US after the disappearance of both of her parents. She was just 7 years old.

No stranger to politics, Kate was embraced into a family as powerful as her mortal relatives. Her sire, cousin Patrick Kennedy, controlled the reigns of Gem of the Camarilla. Though Kate herself remained in the background, she spent most of her time around the formidable First Family as well as once-mortal members of her human family, including her uncle Peter and even the “Butcher” himself. She felt it was her duty to keep them human, and for a time she accomplished this goal. However, when the Family lost control of the Midwest, many left town or just disappeared. Disturbed by the Camarilla's lack of interest in developing a democratic approach, Kate took a break from the Kindred world and occupied herself with more human concerns. Maintaining a strong mortal identity, Kate married a mortal philanthropist, Wilhelm McKenna-Rahl, whose international business interests she now controls in his absence.

After helping to orchestrate more than one Praxis following her own sire’s disappearance, Kate eventually assumed the position of Seneschal in the now-defunct domain of Champaign-Urbana. The domain, as well as Kate’s political intentions, were rife with controversy. Constantly shedding and regaining status for her unpopular beliefs, Kate disappeared from the domain shortly before its destruction.

Resurfacing occasionally in the Kindred world, Kate returned to Chicago to continue her work at the mortal-run Mercurial Towers, but kept a low profile up until recently. She currently occupies the position of Keeper in Milwaukee, where she plans to open a satellite office of her husband’s biotechnology firm.

Kate has yet to turn down anyone who has come to her for aid. Perhaps this, and her apparently genuine desire to help others, is what leads her to have allies in the strangest places. Though she professes to be a devout Catholic, much of her personal philosophy is riddled with animism and other shamanistic ideas unfamiliar to most Westerners. She places the highest regard on human life, and believes that vampires are nothing more than people who have forgotten their connection to humanity. She has taken it upon herself to remind them, in ways that are sometimes gentle and other times outright confrontational. The “Mother Theresa” of vampires, Katherine Kennedy is out to save the human world, and God be damned if other Kindred get in her way.


(Formerly) First Family
An unnamed "humanitarian" group in the Illinois area


Elias Beecher
Victoria Hunter


Vanessa Leeds (deceased)


Patrick Kennedy




Adrian Florent

Character Inspirations

Claire, from Until the End of the World
The classic femme fatale ala O’Shaunessy in Maltese Falcon
Melinda Gordon, from Ghost Whisperer
Rose Dugdale


Psychobabble - Frou Frou
Stay - Shakespear's Sister
Heal it Up - Concrete Blonde


“Everyone is a part of something, but I am a part of something that will change all of the other somethings eventually.”


  • Kate was once an IRA terrorist. It’s her guilt over the deaths she caused that make her so nice.
  • Mercurial Towers is actually a division of the Technocracy
  • Before her embrace, Kate was a career criminal and professional cat burglar. She escaped custody while being held on remand during the Strangeways prison riot.
  • Kate murdered her philanthropist husband and occasionally poses as him to keep the company running smoothly.
  • Kate's Sire is now a werewolf in Ireland.
  • Kate never graduated high school.
  • People have a bad habit of disappearing around Kate. Her mortal parents, her sire, a husband, even a few lovers. Cold fusion generators make great disposal units, especially since almost no one believes they exist…
  • It seems to most that Kate is completely politically bulletproof -- she has survived the implosion of coteries, the DMH, and every malady that has plagued the Midwest. Many would pay dearly to know how she has manged to survive everything.
  • Kate died tragically in the fight against Moloch, having sacrificed a portion of her humanity to forge the sword that brought about his demise, and wielded it herself during the first part of the battle.