Thomas Heard

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Clan Toreador
Position None
Status 2
Domain Middle Georgia
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Drew S.


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Real Name:
Thomas Heard


Apparent Age: 26

The degenerate of a fallen political family, who intends to enjoy himself until the end of time

Physical description:
Thomas appears to be a white male in his middle 20s. His hair is a sandy brown with the first hints of gray at the temples, while his beard is auburn. He has blue eyes, walled behind thick glasses. When attending gather, he generally dresses in quality clothing; black pants, a red shirt, and black blazer. He is especially noted for always having a rose tucked into his jacket's vest pocket, and for his silver rose necklace.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Charles McMillan, Prince of Atlanta
Praised by Warren Oak, then Primogen in Atlanta

Character Information

Known History

Thomas was the second son of a once-great political family, based out of Rome, Georgia. His family has fallen on hard times in the last several years- while still prosperous and well-known, their star has passed, as a series of scandals and tragedies in the mortal world rocked them- unbeknownst, consequences of the Rebellion's activity in Georgia, disrupting the control of elders whom had more than once used the Heard family as their cats-paw. Thomas himself drifted through these tragedies, content with an easy life of living off a trust fund and his connections- culminating in a fateful meeting with Angelica Fishbourne-Rose, who Embraced Thomas, giving him an eternity to dedicate to find himself.

He has only recently returned from touring the courts of France, where he has been for the last five years. And he is totally not insufferable about name-dropping this fact.


Allies is such a strong word. Thomas gets along well with many Kindred, but isn't sure he would call any allies- especially not so recently after his long absence.
Lilyanna Salvatore has at least expressed some admiration towards some of his poetry. Is that alliance? Seems a slender thread.


Enemies is likewise, a tremendously strong word. Who could be bothered to find enemity with such a fop?


Angelica Fishbourne-Rose (NPC) - A Toreador political machinist




He's never asked, and Angelica's never told him.

Character Inspirations

  • Oscar Wilde
  • Lady Lys (from the Lucifer comic series)
  • "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams..."
  • The definition of degenerate


And, Playlist!


"What do I do? I seek to entertain myself- it can be most trying."

"Oh god, not the 'What is Art' discussion again. Lily, you have my sincerest apologies."


  • Thomas is actually a Toreador antitribu, in league with the Rebellion.
    • He did return on the heels of a spike of Rebellion activity.
    • And on his first night back in Middle Georgia, he did lead the bulk of the domain to an art showing that was set up by the Rebellion.
  • Thomas is actually a Venture infiltrator.
    • He's often mistaken for one, probably thanks to the jacket.
    • Also, his Sire is married to Marcus Fishbourne, a powerful Venture, who advised his Accounting.
  • Thomas can't actually write poetry to save his life
    • He once tried to rhyme 'back' with 'soon'.
    • He has a ghouled poet, and presents said work as his own.
    • He lost a poetry contest against a Gangrel.
  • Thomas has been spreading some nasty rumors about the ineptitude of the Toreador of Savannah. That his claims are accurate only make them more appealing to the ear.


Some of the poetry written by Thomas, which he is more than happy to share.

And poems written by others, which Thomas especially likes.