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Clan Ravnos
Position Prince
Status 3+4
Domain Middle Georgia
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Spook


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Spook, Mrs. Burnham, and many other names.

Real Name: Whose askin?

Apparent Age: 20....ish

Concept: Cat burglar.

Physical description: A slim woman with dark hair, and tanned skin in her early 20s.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Sovereign Prince McMillan of Atlanta, GA
Exalted (as Prince of Middle Georgia)
Famous (as Prince of Middle Georgia)
Well Known (as Prince of Middle Georgia)
Distinguished (as Prince of Middle Georgia)

Character Information

Spook will politely decline to shake hands in 99.99% of situations.

Known History

Spook received acknowledgement from Sovereign Prince Charles McMillan. There are very few she holds in as high regard as she does him. The last time she was asked to state her 'real' name, she proudly stated that she was Acknowledged as 'Spook', by the Sovereign Prince of Atlanta. She knows full well that he and her partner had a volatile relationship at one point. They both held him in high esteem when he was called on attempts at her mate's life, and was honest about them.

The death of her partner rocked her world, causing a frenzy. She spent a great deal of time rediscovering herself to cope and understand what had happened. After her long trip to reconnect to her family, she sought out Sovereign Prince McMillan again to confide in. Whenever her partner is brought up, she takes few issues, unless one is claiming to be a long lost friend, or someone attempting to invoke his name to manipulate an reaction.

Travelling along other planes of existence has given her a greater sense of wanderlust. These nights she keeps one eye on the road of her destiny, and one in the physical world. She has lost some of her natural gifts, but has been embraced by others.

She has often been seen whispering words of advice into the ears of young kindred and trusted elders, the few who have listened have come out for the best each time.

Late 2018 Spook has pulled off her most daring heist yet, she's re-appropriated the Praxis of Middle Georgia. It has been suggested that many have spoken up with the desire to back her Praxis while the young Prince herself seems to be stunned that she has survived this long. Rumor has it she is preparing for her death at the hands of her predecessor, or at least the boot squad he's allegedly hired out against her. Whether or not this tricky Ravnos intends to survive is anyone's guess.


Hannah Martin

Rory Wallace

Djordji Phuri'Dae


Simon Random-deceased

Leroy Isaacs

Olivia Reed Brannon


Blue River




Character Inspirations

A stray cat.


  • Our Lady Of The Underground-Anais Mitchell, Ani Difanco
  • Traveling On-KONGOS
  • Mr. Boneman-Megan Jean and the KFB
  • 19-2000-Gorillaz
  • Ain't No Rest For The Wicked-Cage the Elephant
  • Be My monster-Sleeper Agent
  • Biting Down-Lorde
  • Come With Me Now-KONGOS
  • Stray Cat Strut-Stray Cats
  • Live and Let Die-Paul McCartney
  • Royals-Lorde
  • Paper Planes-MIA
  • Short Change Hero-The Heavy
  • The Walker-Fitz and the Tantrums
  • Trip Like I Do-Crystal Method


  • "Soooo....I'm...gonna go....I left my Diablo Three game on pause...."
  • "As to why either of you would help, I can only speak of myself, but I suspect it is a benevolent selfishness and a desire to see that the Clan does not go quietly into the night."
  • "I know WHAT they can do, I need ta know HOW it works. I got resources that can work on it, then.
    • "Through Magic...Duh."
  • "Wait....I thought you were-"
    • "I've seen a lot of shit...."
  • "Sorry I can't make it out, I'm Gangrel-sitting."
  • "I was in his armpit and it was uncomfortably warm!"
  • "I don't worship The Baron, but it'd be pretty rude not to believe in someone you've met."
  • "What is your REAL name?"
    • (fiercely)"I was Acknowledged as Spook by Sovereign Prince MacMillian of Atlanta Georgia."
  • "I am now, the only Ghost Rider."
  • (after jumping from the kitchen counter to tackle her sire) "I launched a counter attack."
  • "I hate her more than Bing."
  • "Thanks for never going easy on me, the last thing I wanna do is being seen as riding my sire's coat tails like some kindred do."
  • "WHOA! Lets not use the Necromancy word! That ain't what I am, and it is not something I do! Thats all Simon's schtick!"
  • He's done been ate up by the dumb ass.
    • "I hate you."
    • "No you don't."
    • "I know and it pisses me off."
    • "No it doesn't."
  • (whispered) "Hey...I think that Malkavian is his own roommate..."
  • "If you ever embrace someone stupid I will kill it."
  • "You are a xenomorph!"


  • Is preparing for her death at the hands of Marzio Rosselli, or at least the hands of those he's hired to do what he would not.
  • Has a better knowledge of her kindred lineage than most others.
  • Has never been wrong in her card readings.
  • Used to not talk at all.
  • Talks too much.
  • Fell into the River Styx.
  • Has been seen getting high with Ali Marwan.
  • Has been to hell and back. Literally. She isn't in too much of a hurry to get back.
  • Got her partner into a world of trouble when she refused to give up her game tokens to a Toreador. They still haven't quite forgiven him for that.
  • Her sire taught her everything he knows.
  • Is the childer of Valeria.
  • Spook and Olivia Reed Brannon became best buddies in five minutes and plan to make bad/great choices, together.