Luigi Falcone

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Clan Toreador
Position Harpy
Status 6+3+2
Domain Piriápolis, Uruguay
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Gabriel


Luigi Falcone

Luigi Falcone, Falcone, Falcão

Real Name:

Apparent Age:

painter who portrays the faces of death

Physical description:
Tall, slim and light skin. Had long or short brown hair, short beard or no beard. Usually dressed in formal black clothes and a silver ring shaped like a skull.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Thomas Gianelli, Prince of Milan;
Influential by Giovanni de Masi, former Prince of Itajaí and region (2002);
Influential by André Sampaio, former Prince of Florianópolis (in memoriam) (2009);
Respected by Erdota Urmen de Corazon, former Prince of São Paulo (2010);
Audacious by Lord Jaroslav Pascek, former Justicar of Brujah (2011);
Well Conected by Lucas Bonfim, Prince of Ouro Preto (2015);

Influential as Harpy of Piriápolis;
Well Conected as Harpy of Piriápolis;

Dignified as Dignatary of the Camarilla (2006);
August as Luminary of the Camarilla (2011);
Respected as Scion of the Camarilla (2013);

Toreador Only:
Loyal, Talented, Proeminent, Extraordinary, Indispensable, Vital.

Character Information

Merit: Reputation, Dignatary, Luminary.

Known History

Luigi Falcone

- came from Italy to the Valley of Itajaí (Brazil) in 2001 to look for his missing Sire;
- in 2002 became the Primogen of the Valley of Itajaí, assuming the same year the position of Harpy in the domain;
- was the moderator for the Brazilian Camarilla forum 2002 to 2007, returning the position of moderator in 2009 and remaining until 2016;
- was Prince of the Valley of Itajaí 2003 to 2005;
- in 2007 was attacked after a meeting of the Camarilla, remaining in torpor until 2008;
- was Harpy of the Valley of Itajaí 2002 to 2003, 2007 and returning to office 2009 to 2010;
- was appointed in 2010 as Archon of His Halcyon Excellency, Art Morgan Justicar Gangrel, remaining in this position until 2014, when he was released from the position in good standing.
- in 2014 assumed the position of Prince of the Valley of Itajaí domain.
- in 2015, after resumption of Florianópolis domains from the hands of Sabbat, there was the unification of the domains of Vale do Itajaí and Florianópolis, with Falcone be the prince of both, now called domains of Litoral Catarinense.
- in 2016 he was attacked by the Sabbat and captured, a few nights later he was found and rescued by local Camarilla, with the help of kindreds from outside and the Toreador Office.
- since their rescue until 2020, he is in Rome with the Toreador Office, going to reside in the domains of Piriapolis/Maldonado in 2020.
- in the year 2022 Falcone returned to the Camarilla halls fully recovered.
- in 2023 assumed as Harpy of the domains of Piriapolis/Maldonado.

Toreador Only:
-He took over as Guild Master in the southern region of Brazil from 2002 to 2005.
-Took over as Assistant to the Guild Lord from 2009 to 2013.
-In 2011 he was named Knight of the Order of the White Lily by its founder Maria Eduarda, being one of the first Knights named in the Order.
-He was named as Guild Lord of South America in 2014, remaining until the year 2016, when he was deposed after suffering a Sabbat ambush and needing to step aside in order to recover.


Who knows...


- Amanda Desrosiers, Toreador, Harpy of Ouro Preto;
- Castro, Brujah, former Primogen/Prince of Valley of Itajaí;
- Gabriel Lawrence Yves Wesson, Malkavian, former Harpy of Sorocaba;
- Giovanni de Masi, Brujah, former Prince of Valley of Itajaí;
- Iracema Yawara, Gangrel, former Primogen of Valley of Itajaí;
- Jan Dvorak, Malkavian, Archon of Justicar Maris Streck;
- João Caneca, Brujah, former Archon of Justicar Manuela Cardozo;
- Kaiser, Gargoyle, Independent;
- Karfax, Lasombra AT, former Prince of Litoral Catarinense;
- Luiz Eduardo, Gangrel, former Primogen of Florianópolis;
- Lucas Bonfim, Ventrue, Prince of Ouro Preto;
- Marcos Aurélio, Tremere, former Seneschal of Curitiba;
- Dominique/Minerva, Toreador, Archon of Justicar Titus Petronius Niger;
- Quilla, Gangrel, independent;
- Raquel, Gangrel, Anarch;

- Ana Paula, Malkavian, former Archon of the Justicar Lotharius (deceased - 2011);
- Artemis, Gangrel, former Prince of Brasilia (deceased - 2010);
- Caliban, Tremere, former Archon of Justicar Lotharius (deceased - 2009);
- Cecília M. Stills, Ventrue, former Archon of Justicar Lucinde (deceased - 2014);
- Dom Carlos Alejandro de Compostella y Castillo, Toreador, former Seneschal of Valley of Itajaí (deceased - 2011);
- Gaetano Aeminium, Tremere, former Prince of Brasilia (deceased - 2010);
- Hans Grunnin Von Hunsrück, Tremere, former Prince of Florianópolis (deceased - 2013);
- Hyde Hercovitch, Gangrel, former Archon of Justicar Lotharius (deceased - 2012);
- Jadiel Correa Uchoa, Toreador, former Prince of Fortaleza (deceased - 2006);
- Jean Rockëmbat, Gangrel, former Primogen of Valley of Itajaí (deceased - 2003);
- Maria Eduarda de Alcântara Vieira, Toreador, Seneschal of Parahyba (deceased - 2013);
- Mia Scarlatti, Toreador, former Prince of Brasilia (deceased - 2009);
- Omar Adil Aydin Haad, Child of Haquim, former servire of Gangrel Office (deceased - 2011);
- Portus, Gangrel, former Archon of Justicar Art Morgan (destroyed as a traitor - september/2013);
- Sarah Harald Westfold, Ventrue, former Prince of Valley of Itajaí (missing - 2008);


- Alexey Dimitrov, Malkavian (hunted Malk elder);
- Amilcal, Brujah (crazy former Sabbat elder);
- Leviathan, Baali (child of Moloch);
- Stolas, Demon;
- The Gangrel infernalist of Caxias do Sul that impaled him on the cross of the church roof;
- Nuchenko, Tzimisce elder;
- Morvelios, Nosferatu (deceased - 2013);
- Carolina Lopez, Ventrue AT;
- Dr. Jeremias, Tzimisce (missing - 2008);
- Henrrieta, Lasombra (deceased - 2009);


- Annabelle Camponelli


- Kimera (deceased - 2003);
- Lizandra (deceased - 2005);
- Fillipo Salvatore (deceased - 2013);
- Nathan White.


- Jasmin Montray (deceased - 2008);
- Javier del Olviedo (deceased - 2004).

Character Inspirations


- "Time" by Pink Floyd


"Don't worry, Mr. Palmer, I don't do the work of Death... I just get inspired by her services. And as I said earlier, I do not limit myself to strict physical death."


- There were rumors that he would be part of an alleged Coterie formed in 2009 by harpies;
- Coincidentally, most of those Harpies of said alleged Coterie are now Archons (or ex-Archons, "Archon-in-training", Voice-of-Some-Justicar, etc);
- They say that the influence of his Sire is so strong about he, that was capable of betraying his closest ally just for stealing your more important ghoul, because his Sire ordered.
- The Baron Samedi tried to convince him to be his "Archon" but was unsuccessful.
- He had his skull's pendant enchanted by Baron Samedi, trapping his soul within him.
- He helped in the rescue of Lucas Belfort de Corazon (child of Raphael de Corazon);
- He was the first in Brazil to refute the words of Maharbal about a new Carthage.
- Was one of the kindred that went to New York to kill Zio!´s murderer.
- They say he has free passage to into and out of Prague.
- They say more than once, in the halls of the Camarilla, he could talk freely with the Justicar Titus Petronius Niger.
- He was on the battlefield in Caxias do Sul, along with many distinguished members of the Camarilla in Brazil, besides the Justicar Jaroslav Pascek and Archon Theo Bell, to destroy the powerful elder Brujah corrupted by Infernal, Patric de Laman.
- He was almost destroyed and one of the few survivors of the second battle in Caxias do Sul, against the Baali who corrupted Patric de Laman. This Baali is known as Leviathan, child of Moloch.
- They say he owes his life to a Nosferatu, having been rescued from certain death in a combat against infernalists in Caxias do Sul.
- Most people related to him, family, allies or something like that, die. Most of them die while doing works for Falcone.
- They say their relationship with the Clan Gangrel goes beyond the services provided as a Archon.