Marcos Aurélio - Deceased

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Clan Tremere
Position Deceased
Status 5+2
Domain Curitiba, Brazil
Coterie Ab Flaidd
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Marcos Aurélio


Marcos Aurélio, 2010

"War, children... is just a shout away. Love, sister... is just a kiss away." (Mick Jagger, 1969)

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Adrian of Jerusalem
  • Cherished by Hans Grunnin of the Tremere, for the help with the Camarilla and Clan Tremere in Florianópolis, SC - 2010.
  • Invaluable by Elissa Maxwell of the Tremere, for the help dealing with hunters and with the via humanitas in the domain of Santa Rosa, CA - 2011.
  • Well Conected by William McClister of the Tremere, for the help preventing a war with the Anarchs in Londrina, PR - 2012.
  • Loyal by Elijah Binyamin of the Ventrue, for the help and counsel in the Camarilla of Curitiba, PR - 2013.
  • Cherished and Esteemed as Seneschal Primogen of Curitiba

Character Information

Concept: Diplomat and Bon Vivant

Known History

Arrived at Florianópolis in early 2010.

Became Harpy of Grande Florianópolis in early 2011.

Appointed Servire of Archon Falcone in early 2011.

Was Blood Hunted and had it removed both in 2011.

Became Harpy of Grande Florianópolis again in early 2012.

Was appointed Harpy of Curitiba, Litoral e Campos Gerais do Paraná in mid 2012.

Called to be Servire to Archon Karfax in mid 2012.

Left the position of Harpy and became Primogen in Curitiba, late 2012.

Started as Seneschal of Curitiba in mid 2013.

Returned to his position of Primogen in Curitiba in mid 2014.

Assumed the position of Seneschal again in early 2015.

Died in mid 2015 by the Brujah Justicariate for unknown reasons.


  • Very humane, is a deep researcher of the via humanitas.
  • Participates in a secret society inside the Tremere.
  • When Blood Hunted by Prince Luis Eduardo, forced him to remove the Hunt and leave the Praxis.
  • Had sex with many members, including Harpy, Primogen, Seneschal, Prince and Archon. And an Anarch Baron.
  • Was Harpy three times in two different domains, and Servire of two different Archons.
  • Seen both as a genius and a fool.
  • Quotes

  • "You are.. intriguing, mr. Aurélio." Adan Vasconcellos
  • "A true ministrel." Archon Karfax
  • "Your methods are unconventional, at least. But they may work." Tremere Lord Perseus Geryon
  • Allies

    You mean friends.


    As his Humanity rises, the concept of "Enemy" begins to fade.

    Via Humanitas

  • Marcos Aurélio was once very inhuman and cold, but now tries to be as close as he can to his human side.
  • M.A. uses sex to feel human, and it has saved him from becoming a monster. However, he is now addicted to it.
  • At the first two years in Brazil, he organized parties to mortals and kindred, to drink, dance and have sex.
  • Five of his allies betrayed him, tried to kill him, stripped all his status and had him Blood Hunted. Less than a year later, he forgave them from their actions, even though they do not belive and still fear him.
  • He feeds only on his herd, a group of mortals who enjoy the Kiss while having sex with each other.
  • M.A. always tries to influence Princes to be less monstrous.
  • Three of his former enemies (who betrayed him) were saved by M.A. from final death by the hands of an Elder.
  • Marcos convinced the Prince of Curitiba not to kill another one of his betrayers for his crimes.
  • An Apprentice was made by Marcos Aurélio to choose between to be more humane while being the Sheriff or to leave his position.
  • The Tremere of Curitiba had a huge blood farm, with many sedated mortals and virtually infinite blood supply. The first action of M.A. while being Regent was to fully deactivate it and reinsert all mortals to a decent life.
  • A Demon of Death appeared in Curitiba and made an old Ventrue to choose between his life or his beloved mortal's. M.A. convinced the Ventrue to offer his life, showing the Demon that there was love and self-denial among the vampires, and thus preventing the Demon to kill everyone.

  • Soundtrack

    (in order:)

  • ZZ Top - La Grange -
  • Culture Club - Karma Chamaleon -
  • Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick -